Because the truth is we work in our own unique way. And we are very proud of the methodologies that we use and the results we are able to achieve. So when people asked about learning with us, we knew that we needed to find a way to teach people in our own way.

One of our most asked questions is 'how do you work’, and we love this question!

Homeopathy Courses Online

We believe in making homeopathy work for you, not the other way around.

To get a solid foundation of updated homeopathy

  • If you are looking for structure in teaching
  • If you love the Banerji Protocols
  • If you want to learn to prescribe remedies and assess the progress
  • If you want to learn homeopathy and use it with confidence
  • If you want a helping hand integrating the Banerji Protocols into the classical model

This is the place to be if you need:

Consider the Villacorta Academy your personalised learning school. Where you can shop for courses that resonate with you and learn homeopathy my way. Together let's let go of the fear and learn to approach homeopathy with confidence, common sense and with an open mind!

Personal Learning

Shop Cristina's courses made for people just like you, whether you are new to Homeopathy and looking to learn the basics or whether you are a practising homeopath looking to grow your knowledge. These courses are made by Cristina with her tried and tested methodology and personal teaching style to support you through your studies and to help you navigate the world of Homeopathy!

The Courses

Learn more

  • Master the foundations of prescribing including potency, frequency and Quantity
  • Learn dosing and using homeopathy without fear and see your confidence grow
  • Learn about remedy relationships
  • Understand the wider context of prescribing including common myths and misconceptions.
  • Gain understanding in what to do and how to asses the progress after each prescription and the different options at each stage.
  • Discover the key features of Cristina's dosing methodology, using her unique multi-layered and multi-methodology approach.
  • Cristina's personal case studies, bonuses , worksheets, tips and more..

Practical case studies to help convert theory into practice. And an exclusive look at Cristina's own Dosing Methodology that includes elements from the methodologies of Burnette, Eizayaga , and the Banerji Protocols.


Dosing Mastery The Complete Solution

The complete dosing solution from beginner to advanced!

You are amazing, and the formulation of your sentences in your blog is so easy to understand, even for us that do not have English as our first language. Thank you for great work that makes a difference in more lives than you can think of

learn more

  • You will learn what counts as a dose and all about homeopathic remedies from how to take them to where to buy them
  • We will cover the different scales and those numbers that you see at the end, what do they mean and their differences
  • we will teach you how to create a step by step plan from prescribing and, more importantly how to follow that prescription over time.
  • we will cover what is important to know when making a prescription in order to set realistic expectations and maximise the success of that prescription
  • you will learn different techniques to anticipate where the case is moving and make the appropriate changes to those remedies.
  • Learn to use the Banerji Protocols in a wider context basic understanding of remedy relationship 

If you are a total beginner, this is your starting point and if you have been studying homeopathy, it will bring you a fresh perspective that will enrich your learning and confidence.

Dosing Mastery foundations, is a course geared to teach you homeopathy basics and grow as we advance with integrations of different methodologies 

Dosing Mastery The Foundations

This is a good fit for you if you are new to homeopathy or are trying out prescribing multiple remedies at one time

Grateful for your teaching! You teach with simplicity and clarity. Thank you!

learn more

  • Learn all about the so-called “ provings and aggravations” and what they really mean
  • Learn about remedy relationships
  • We will discuss some of the myths that are circulating and analyse them through logic and common sense
  • Different aspects of the different methodologies used will be discussed so you will have a clear view of the different aspects 
  • Approach homeopathy by merging the classical approach and the     Banerji Protocols
  • Learn why the Banerji Protocols work in the way they do
  • Grow your confidence by using logical analysis of homeopathic facts
  • Learn to use homeopathy from different angles by joining separate aspects to form a pattern

Through philosophical aspects of homoeopathy and through visionary homoeopaths just like me that set the foundations of what I do today. The course will tie in together the foundations and as a stand-alone for those that want to understand my philosophy of practice.

Dosing Mastery Advance is an in-depth course to understand my methodology and the basics in a wider concept 

Dosing Mastery The Advanced

This is a good fit if you have done a few courses in homeopathy and would like to dive deeper into my methodology 

Love all your information, it is so straight forward and easy to comprehend

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Very knowledgeable and patient. She makes homeopathy easier to understand.

Fully Supported Learning 

Need a little more of cristina on your learning JOURNEY?

We got you! 

Learning is not one size fits all, everybody is different, and everybody needs a helping hand sometimes. At the Villacorta Academy, we believe in fully supported learning from start to finish. This is why we offer one to one sessions with Cristina!

Support consultations are only for members of the Villacorta Academy (Cristina’s online course students) to discuss any questions or areas of Cristina’s courses which you would like further guidance on or any other homeopathy related questions you may have.

Teaching consultations are student led 1:1 sessions with Cristina, available to everyone with a working knowledge of Homeopathy. These are the perfect opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns that you find in your learning journey or in your own practice. 

members only support consultations 


 Teaching consultations


There are two types of teaching and learning consultations.

Which one is right for you?

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Book here

We are well known for teaching with bite-sized information that makes it easy to find remedies you need at the moment for everyday health issues!

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Where we can work together one to one to answer any questions you have and provide structure to your learning.

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