Because the truth is we work in our own unique way. And we are very proud of the methodologies that we use and the results we are able to achieve. So when people asked about learning with us, we knew that we needed to find a way to teach people in our own way.

One of our most asked questions is 'how do you work’, and we love this question!

Homeopathy Courses Online

We believe in making homeopathy work for you, not the other way around.

To get a solid foundation of updated homeopathy

  • If you are looking for structure in teaching
  • If you love the Banerji Protocols
  • If you want to learn to prescribe remedies and assess the progress
  • If you want to learn homeopathy and use it with confidence
  • If you want a helping hand integrating the Banerji Protocols into the classical model

This is the place to be if you need:

Consider the Villacorta Academy your personalised learning school. Where you can shop for courses that resonate with you and learn homeopathy my way. Together let's let go of the fear and learn to approach homeopathy with confidence, common sense and with an open mind!

Personal Learning

Shop Cristina's courses made for people just like you, whether you are new to Homeopathy and looking to learn the basics or whether you are a practising homeopath looking to grow your knowledge. These courses are made by Cristina with her tried and tested methodology and personal teaching style to support you through your studies and to help you navigate the world of Homeopathy!

The Courses

Learn more

  • Master the premises that underpin prescribing including potency, frequency, Quantity and recording symptoms.
  • Learn dosing and using homeopathy without fear and see your confidence grow.
  • Learn about remedy relationships and open a new window of knowledge into a nuanced understanding of movement in the case and when to change remedies to aid progression.
  • Understand the wider context of prescribing including common myths and misconceptions. Including how myths are contributing to undermining your success in prescribing.
  • Gain understanding in what to do and how to asses the progress after each prescription and the different options at each stage.
  • Discover the key features of Cristina's dosing methodology, using her unique multi-layered and multi-methodology approach.
  • Upgrade your knowledge and learn how to integrate classical concepts into other methodologies such as the Banerji Protocols.
  • Cristina's personal case studies, bonuses, worksheets, tips and more.

Practical case studies to help convert theory into practice. And an exclusive look at Cristina's own Dosing Methodology that includes elements from the methodologies of Burnette, Eizayaga , classical prescribing and the Banerji Protocols all woven together.


Dosing Mastery The Complete Solution

A strategic Dosing System from start to finish. Unfolding the true meaning of Dosing

if you are familiar with homeopathy then this course will stand as a paradigm shift in your knowledge and understanding.

Just excellent! This course is especially powerful for understanding and dosing complex, chronic cases with multiple layers. Thorough and deep, yet taught in a concise way that is easy to understand, remember and apply. 

learn more

  • You will learn a complete foundation in the conceptualisation of remedies from scales, to dose to cell salts.
  • You will get the master plan for Cristina's approach to tracking layers and symptoms. 
  • You will get case studies to illustrate the Plan in action with remedies and analysis of each change. We will break down the different aspects of the change in each strategy. 
  • We will help you master the basis of all dosing: The different elements of recording symptoms and how to track them effectively.
  • We will teach you how to create a step by step plan from prescribing and, more importantly how to follow that prescription over time
  • We will cover what is important to know when making a prescription in order to set realistic expectations and maximise the success of that prescription
  • You will learn different techniques to anticipate where the case is moving and make the appropriate changes to those remedies
  • Learn to use the Banerji Protocols in a wider context basic understanding of remedy relationship 

This is your starting point and framework for Cristina's methodology. You will learn the premises on which dosing is based, with Cristina's unique multi-layered and multi-methodology approach.

Dosing Mastery foundations, is a course geared to teach you a framework in Dosing and grow as we advance with integrations of different methodologies 

Dosing Mastery The Foundations

This is a good fit for you if you are self prescribing or need a game plan in Dosing multiple remedies at one time

Grateful for your teaching! You teach with simplicity and clarity. Thank you!

learn more

  • Learn all about the so-called “ provings and aggravations” and what they really mean
  • Learn about remedy relationships, what they are and how they can help you in your Dosing strategy.
  • We will discuss some of the myths that are circulating and analyse them through logic and common sense
  • Learn about the muli-layered system and how it weaves into the classical model and other approaches. Learn to recognize disease in terms of layers.
  • Approach homeopathy by merging the classical approach and the     Banerji Protocols
  • Learn why the Banerji Protocols work in the way they do and learn how to dose in relation to the Banerji protocols. 
  • We will address myths that hold back your prescribing success
  • Grow your confidence by using logical analysis of homeopathic facts
  • Learn to use homeopathy from different angles by joining separate aspects to form a pattern

Through philosophical aspects of homoeopathy and through visionary homoeopaths just like me that set the foundations of what I do today. The course will tie in together the foundations and as a stand-alone for those that want to understand my philosophy of practice.

Dosing Mastery Advance is an in-depth course to understand my methodology and the basics in a wider concept 

Dosing Mastery The Advanced

This is a good fit if you have done a few courses in homeopathy and would like to dive deeper into Cristina's methodology 

Love all your information, it is so straight forward and easy to comprehend

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Very knowledgeable and patient. She makes homeopathy easier to understand.

Learn what my students are saying about me

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It is so rare to find somebody that is both a talented homeopath and also a great teacher. Cristina makes the maze of information out there so simple to understand, as her patient I was fascinated by how she knew what remedies were doing what and how to know when to change them, increase them or stop them. And Dosing Mastery gave me all of the answers I needed. If you are like me and have always wanted to learn how Cristina puts together her prescriptions then this course is for you!


Dosing Mastery has taken my understanding of the Banerji Protocols and how to layer in other remedies for healing to a new level. I really appreciate the follow ups and how Cristina came to chose the remedies at this point in the cases. This is so challenging for me as a new homeopath. I feel like I will have so much more confidence in my prescribing and case follow up. Thank you!


Dosing Mastery Advanced is awesome! It really brought together everything that I have studied over the years. As a new homeopath, sometimes it is hard to know how to manage cases when you have so much information, this course really helped me to know what to look for and to have a plan of action. I wish this information had been included in my diploma! Thank you Cristina!

M-A. j

I wish I would have found this course sooner, it was exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to treat my family. Cristina's teaching style is so accessible and supportive, and most importantly what she teaches makes sense! As well as giving me the courage to prescribe and follow my families case by myself, it taught me how to discern facts from dogmas and how to look at new information analytically. The skills that Cristina has given me are invaluable, I am so grateful.


I thought Christina's course was informative, well laid out, easy to follow, and provided opportunities to quiz yourself along the way with the knowledge you acquired.


Honestly the only thing I can say about this course is that it is such a blessing. I have been waiting so long for Cristina to share a course with us and now its here it is everything I could have wanted and more! It's the perfect combination of simple to understand lessons with complex teachings to make you think. Cristina has perfectly covered all questions I had about dosing remedies, from her own perspective and unique take on homeopathy! I can't thank her enough for this blessing and I can't wait for more courses!


An amazing teacher, heaps of information, professional teaching materials and lots of support. I would give 6 stars if I could. Thanks Cristina!


I must have been one of the first people to buy dosing mastery, I have been following Cristina for years and when I learned that she was going to make a course a couldn't wait!!! This was the best course I have ever taken, it answers every dosing question I had and more and I love that there is further reading for us too . Cristina has set the standard for any other courses! I hope she makes more soon!!!


I was between a couple of different options for buying a course after finishing my degree, but I reached out to Cristina's team and I appreciated their honesty about what option would be best for me, Lucas took time to give me advice and explained that Cristina's methodology was probably different to what I had been taught and that I should consider what kind of things are important to me in a methodology to see if I was a good fit . I am so glad that I followed my gut and chose Cristina's course, this course has taught me things that were not even covered in my degree, but it also showed me how to incorporate my classical learning into her methodology. After seeing the thinking behind why Cristina's methodology is different I am even more in awe . I am filled with gratitude to Cristina!


If you are thinking about whether or not to invest in the Dosing Mastery I would recommend it without question. The self-confidence I feel when giving remedies for my daughters and husband is freeing! And I appreciate Cristina's no- nonsense approach to myths and other false teachings, sometimes you get so caught up in what you read in forums and facebook groups that it is difficult to find the truth and I ended up being too scared to give remedies without my homeopath. Dosing Mastery is an anti-dote to the fear and the only tool you will need to cut through the BS!


Cristina wants me to excel as a homeopath and freely gives her time and knowledge so that I can. She's re-lit the fire for my favourite approach to health care - a fire that'd gone out over the years. I'm grateful to her because I have tools to help my clients and myself. And, I know if at any time in the future I need her help again, she'll be there. She's a phenomenal practitioner with deep wisdom and experience. I trust her with my learning, my health, and my family's health. Thank you Cristina. Keep lighting the way for other homeopaths. And providing exceptional care for those of us without answers.

Fully Supported Learning 

Need a little more of cristina on your learning JOURNEY?

We got you! 

Learning is not one size fits all, everybody is different, and everybody needs a helping hand sometimes. At the Villacorta Academy, we believe in fully supported learning from start to finish. This is why we offer one to one sessions with Cristina!

Support consultations are only for members of the Villacorta Academy (Cristina’s online course students) to discuss any questions or areas of Cristina’s courses which you would like further guidance on or any other homeopathy related questions you may have.

Teaching consultations are student led 1:1 sessions with Cristina, available to everyone with a working knowledge of Homeopathy. These are the perfect opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns that you find in your learning journey or in your own practice. 

members only support consultations 


 Teaching consultations


There are two types of teaching and learning consultations.

Which one is right for you?

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We are well known for teaching with bite-sized information that makes it easy to find remedies you need at the moment for everyday health issues!

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