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Cristina is super caring, generous and helpful, she answered endless questions and helped me a lot when my kid was sick, she reassured me multiple times when I was very anxious. She is also super knowledgeable and really good at what she does, I’m so happy I was able to work with her.


Cristina Villacorta is extraordinary. She responded quickly to an acute illness inquiry I sent regarding my child and followed through with us for one week, helping with a miserable sore throat, congestion and cough. A few other homeopaths that I contacted only offered a 15-minute consult with no follow-up. Cristina’s service was above and beyond and she is highly competent. She accurately assessed the illness and provided a remedy schedule that was effective and helped my child recover nicely. She was also very helpful in answering any questions I had along the way regarding the process or remedies. I feel much better treating my family using homeopathy. In my experience, homeopathy helps uproot the illness gently without side effects. I can leave the OTC or prescription drugs that have documented potentially injurious and unwanted side effects on the shelf. I feel very fortunate that I discovered Cristina Villacorta’s practice. She is the homeopath I’ve been hoping to find. She incorporates the Banerji protocols into her practice, which was very important to me given how successful their protocols have been for our family overall these past two years since I learned about them. 

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Cristina is the entire package. She can see the connections in a health issue and provide a very positive direction in the healing process. Moreover, her genuine caring is very evident in her interactions with the person consulting. She is a smart, compassionate health care provider. I was so impressed that I immediately booked an appointment for myself. After my initial meeting as her patient, I was again duly impressed with her insight and remedy recommendations. If you have chronic issues and are willing to have a little patience with yourself (you didn’t get sick in a day!), I recommend contacting Cristina. You could be feeling better sooner than you imagined.

Part 2


Dosing Mastery has taken my understanding of the Banerji Protocols and how to layer in other remedies for healing to a new level. I really appreciate the follow ups and how Cristina came to chose the remedies at this point in the cases. This is so challenging for me as a new homeopath. I feel like I will have so much more confidence in my prescribing and case follow up. Thank you!


Cristina is an absolutely lovely person. She is empathetic yet objective. She is kind and understanding. She is fierce in her determination to find the exact medicines you need to heal. Cristina has a solid foundation in classical homeopathy. However, she has an open mind and willingness to learn new and more effective methods that give her that many more tools in her arsenal to bring you to cure. Her education and experience put you in the most skilled hands. I highly recommend Cristina Villacorta as a homeopath. I trust my precious family with her, she has our best interests at heart.

J. h

Cristina is very professional, kind and intuitive. Her experience with the Banerji Doctors has given her knowledge of homeopathy above and beyond the classical approach and Cristina uses both when appropriate. After my first appointment Cristina’s prescribed remedies alleviated many ailments from dry eyes to allergies and other chronic conditions. I highly recommend Cristina.


Where 18 months of conventional medicine went nowhere, Cristina made a difference after one treatment.
Cristina works from the heart, using all her knowledge to create positive outcomes. Thank goodness Cristina’s work will continue to resolve deep-seated constitutional issues to ensure a return to full health. Thank you for your listening, understanding, compassion, communication and kindness.
I would highly recommend her to anyone.


I came across an article online written by Cristina and I immediately knew I needed her as my homeopath.
Her understanding about Homeopathy and The Banerji Protocols a along with her passion to share information with the general public is what captivated me. When I had my first consultation with her she definitely exceeded my expectations.
She is extremely talented at prescribing the most appropriate homeopathic remedies while being compassionate, patient, caring and fun. I saw tremendous improvement in my health and overall well-being since our first appointment. Homeopathy is a gift to this world and so is Cristina. I highly recommend her services.


I really recommend Cristina to anyone who needs help and has trust in homeopathy. Before I met her I didn’t know much about it, but because my little boy had chronic tonsillitis, I tried to find help elsewhere but through doctors. We spent almost a year to make everything better and finally, we have great results! I’ve become Cristina’s patient myself since August and will definitely carry on homeopathy with her. Cristina is a very caring, honest and competent homeopath. I can’t thank her enough for everything she does for her patients.


Cristina has been the answer to my prayers. Not only does she have a very good understanding of homeopathy and the Banerji Protocols she is kind, and patient and encourages me to learn and ask questions. She has prescribed the correct remedies for my gastric and emotional symptoms which is evident in my improved health and emotional well being. I am grateful to have found Cristina and encourage anyone reading this review to give homeopathy and Cristina a chance to help with your health challenges.


Cristina has been one of the luckiest finds of my life where my health is concerned. I had a number of concurrent issues, including near-intolerable acid reflux, anxiety, and an ongoing debilitating case of insomnia. All three health concerns are now under control and are giving me no cause for concern - something that would have been unimaginable just two months ago. I can not thank Cristina enough for her tireless commitment to my well-being, as nothing ever seems to be too much trouble for her. She has a caring and multi-faceted approach to healthcare.

Dosing Mastery The Advanced


Dosing Mastery The Foundations


Dosing Mastery The Complete Solution


Dosing Mastery Complies all essential foundations to learning how to dose accurately and effectively 

Dosing Mastery Foundations is a course geared to teach you homeopathy basics and grow as we advance with integrations of different methodologies

Dosing Mastery Advanced is an in-depth course to understand my methodology and the basics in wider concept 

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