If you are new here welcome! We are here to revolutionise the way you see homeopathy. We are passionate about teaching you in a way that is logically deduced from years of clinical evidence and well established homeopathic philosophy (with a modern touch of course).

Hello I am Cristina! Your new secret weapon in Homeopathy.


Welcome to the new Homeopathy!

Homeopathy Teacher and Consultant 

I am a homeopath who loves working with people from all over the world and enjoy teaching people like you to feel confident using homeopathy. As I sit in my office on my computer, I can't wait to see my patients and assess their progress and if I have to be completely honest, to connect with them. I love connecting with people, a true Phosphorus at heart! Over the years, I have realised that many of you are curious to find out my personal strategy and methodology or secret formula when working with the Banerji Protocols in a multi layered approach.

 I enjoy teaching people

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Let's face it, homeopathy is a game of confidence once you have a little knowledge, and guess what? I am here to teach you the basics and understanding how to use most successfully the Banerji Protocols integrating them into classical homeopathy.


I believe homeopathy is teachable to anyone that is willing to study a bit in order to grasp the basics. You can use the remedies to treat yourself and your family, you may not be able to see the whole picture like me, it takes years of clinical experience but definitely you can help individual aspects of it.

Understanding the Banerji Protocols is like looking at a             each protocol charts a new part of your case and reveals a key to understanding the patterns that              your own case. 


My passion for health and homeopathy and eagerness to enhance my approach to my practice, led me to the Banerji protocols, having seen the incredible work and rates of success they achieved with many diseases.

After intensive study and having the privilege of meeting Dr Prasanta Banerji in London, I have been able to replicate such success rates within my practice. Dr Banerji was truly an inspiration to me.

My love for homeopathy is integrating the Banerji Protocols into the general understanding of homeopathy and showing how they weave together. I use a multilayer approach and I use the Banerji Protocols in alternation with any other existing layers to maximise success in my cases. This works incredibly well and produces amazing results in the most gentle way.

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I merge my understanding and experience of classical homeopathy with the Banerji Protocols. This is my secret weapon!

My present practice

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My practice is a mixture of complex cases. Most of my patients come to see me with several chronic pathologies and half of my patients have been using conventional medication for a while. They want to see what homeopathy can do for them and we both work alongside their medical team to improve their health. In my practice there is no place for ego, my patients health and well-being is always a priority. That is why if we can advance the understanding of the case with medical tests and the input from their medical team, I always welcome the collaboration. I like to work with a sound understanding of my patient's pathology, so where possible medical reports are encouraged.

I may be a bit busy at times and it can take a while to book a first appointment but I look forward to work on new cases together with my patients.

I use remedies that are proven by Dr Banerji to be successful for working on different systems
of the body and span over 150 years of solid and reliable experience in their clinics





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  • They are a set of remedies that target different systems of the body
  • They are the gentlest methodology I have worked with
  • The protocols help me to map the case
  • They teach me to expand my knowledge and make further connections
  • They allow me to teach homeopathy in small bite size, making it accessible to all

Learn more about my way of understanding the Banerji protocols and how I incorporate them in my practice and teaching.

I love working with the Banerji Protocols because:

Learn more about my way of understanding the Banerji Protocols and how I incorporate them in my practice and teaching below:

As some of you may be aware my way of working with the Banerji Protocols is very different to what is around and the Banerji Protocols are a staple in my own unique multilayer and multimethodology approach!

My way of working with the banerji Protocols

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