The Banerji Protocols

I love working with the Banerji Protocols, but I find that in practice, it is such a misunderstood system of homeopathy.

A few weeks ago, I understood why sometimes patients come to see you a few times and then never come back. 

I put myself in their shoes!

You see, I am 47 years old and going through a transition period in my life in the form of perimenopause. As many will know, it can be much easier to gain weight and much more difficult to lose it once it’s there, this was a struggle for me as I was never used to this.

​I started to exercise more often and expected results a little faster than they would come. I was so focused on the scale that I did not see the other benefits to my health while exercising. Only one thing, the scale blinded me, and I forgot to look at all the positive changes to my health and wellbeing. 

It was not only about the weight, it was about raising my whole level of health and moving through a process that involved shaping my brain and adjusting elements that helped my metabolism to work smoothly. 

​By reducing my weight, my liver got a better chance of cleansing and dealing with the hormonal imbalance by helping flush things out; one of the reasons many women get digestive issues at menopause; the liver is struggling to cope as it is overworked. In time, it helped to improve the ability to metabolise fat and carbohydrates more efficiently, have better energy, reduce gas, bloating, and constipation, and improve digestion.

During menopause, the decrease in estrogen levels can make weight loss more challenging due to hormonal fluctuations that affect fat storage in the body. As estrogen is drawn from fat reserves as it becomes less available in the body, this leads to a shift in the body’s programming to store calories instead of burning them. This results in an increase in abdominal fat storage compared to hip fat storage.

Even with all of my tools and experience as a Homeopath, I am aware that remedies cannot alter human evolution or the process of aging. The difficulty in losing weight is a common occurrence during menopause and as one ages.

All of this while I was working and concentrating on losing weight- the only “symptom” I wanted to treat.

And I was not paying attention to all of the other benefits that would come as I lost some weight ( even though going back to my original weight and shape before menopause would never be feasible!)

This is what happens to my patients on many occasions. They come to see me a few times, and in their mind, their main symptoms “HAVE TO BE GONE or much improved” in a few appointments; otherwise -like me- they feel that there is no progress. 

I can sympathise with this as I know how hard it is to work for something without instant gratification, it is how we are mentally wired as humans, but we must be realistic. How long have we had these symptoms?

​Some people come to see me after experiencing their problems in the last 6-7 or even 20 years. Yet, they get disappointed that they are still there or only slowly improving after several appointments.

I have had many patients thinking that they could just be on a Banerji Protocol and that the symptoms would go away in a couple of months. Honestly, I don’t know where this idea is coming from, but if you look at Dr Banerji’s cases, most span from one to several years, depending on many factors and what type of problems you are treating. 

It is not as easy as just using one protocol to achieve healing. 

Dr Banerji used his knowledge of homeopathy and worked on parallel layers at the same time, and all of these remedies helped to move the case along. So, for instance, a person may suffer from Hashimoto’s, depression, sinus infections, low immunity, and allergies. 

​When you put the protocols together, you are working on multiple layers simultaneously, and the remedies are cutting through several issues that help balance your organism and raise your total level of health. 

Again, these protocols work in harmony to tackle different layers.

So initially, your symptoms may be slow to heal, and you may only see 5-10% improvement in the follow-ups, but in reality, your body is working hard in other areas you are unaware of. Only after that level of health is raised can you look back and see the other changes as well, not only to your presenting symptoms.

For example, you will realise that after a year, your hayfever symptoms are rare, and your Thyroid antibodies have decreased or are back to normal. Also, your mood has improved; you do not feel tired anymore and are getting fewer sinus infections. An all-around success!

Some protocols will help with a problem immediately, but others will work partially, and moving lines will be needed. Other times, the answers do not come easy; you need to work hard to understand where all of this is coming from if you are focusing on a health problem, but the protocols are not giving you results.

​ I always say that you are not looking in the right place when this happens! I find the journeys with my patients most rewarding, working it out together. But, of course, this may take time.

One of my patients came to see me for horrible daily headaches that had been around for the last 3 months. 

She had many tests, including brain scans, to try to find the reason why she was experiencing the headaches, but they all came clear, and doctors could not give her any concrete idea of why this was happening.

You may have thought that I would have gone straight to the Headache protocols, but on taking her case, I thought that several symptoms of this patient, along with the headaches, were pointing in some direction, her circulatory system and digestive systems. So she was put on protocols for those systems, and her headaches decreased gradually and disappeared in about 4-6 weeks.

Of course, if the patient has had this problem for years, the healing process would probably be much more lengthy! 

​Understanding a case where remedies are not producing the expected results takes time and skills, but these are the cases that you never forget. 

As I always say, when you give a remedy or protocol, and the patient quickly improves, this is not a reflection of your skills but a reflection of how easy that layer was to uncover. My practice is full of cases with heavy pathology, so I have to navigate through miasmatic, fundamental and lesional layers.

​I may be their fifth or sixth homeopath, and I know these are not easy cases to work with. The easy or obvious routes have already been explored with no results. 

​This is a case where using multiple methodologies and understanding what is causing the problem and the correct body system affected can make a difference, and with a little bit of patience from both sides, the patient and myself, beautiful results can be achieved.

Do you see what homeopathy and losing weight have in common? Patience and determination!!

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