Have you been wondering how to tackle a stye with homeopathic remedies? Here is your answer! But we will also look at other remedies for the eye in general because styes are part of common eye problems but not the only ones.

A stye is an infection of the eyelid’s oil glands ( often Staphylococcus) that looks like a red and painful boil and can be filled in with pus. It can appear on the lower or upper eyelid; symptoms include eyelid swelling, feeling like sand on the eye, and pain.


Staphysagria 200– This is my #1 remedy for styes and also for recurring styes that tend to leave a hard nodule behind- Chalazion. The stye does not suppurate and becomes a hard nodule. They tend to be painful and feel as if burning or stinging. Take this remedy every 3rd day.

On an emotional note, these types of styes are often ( but not always) related to hurt or anger, which may precede the formation of the stye.

This remedy has an affinity to the fibrous tissue of the eyelids and the skin, which is why it is highly indicated for this condition.

Staphysagria is a remedy that belongs to the cancer miasm whose central theme is suppression of feelings and emotions. So the little indurations that Staphysagria leaves behind are a small reminder of those emotions that we find hard to process!

So, if you are having a stye after having had an angry outburst that made you feel vulnerable, Staphysagria can be of help!

Pulsatilla 30, 200– This is also a remedy for acute or recurrent styes.

They tend to produce yellow, thick, sticky secretions; you may wake up in the morning with eyelids stuck with a crust. The pain can feel “as if it is a hair in the eye.”

Hepar S 200 – if your stye has filled in with pus and the eyelid presents with much swelling.

This is a general remedy for infection and is one of the first ones to think of as it covers the pathology well; often, this covers the stye once pus is involved. You could add Belladonna 30 every 2-3 hours to help with the inflammation.

Silica 30– is for established styes that can suppurate, but there is always something remaining behind, and a small hard lump is formed.

It ripens the infection and promotes suppuration. Silica is complementary to Hepar Sulph, and it is the chronic Pulsatilla, so it works well to complete the action of these two remedies if needed.

Staphysagria and Silica are good remedies for hard indurations of the eyelids or cysts.

homeopathic remedies for stye


The term conjunctivitis ( pink eye) refers to an inflammation of the conjunctiva, a clear tissue that lines the inside of the eye. For an acute problem, you can take it every 3 hours or 3 times per day

Euphrasia 30– This is my # 1 remedy for eye irritation, producing very watery eyes. This is a remedy for conjunctivitis and chronic sore eyes. One of the main characteristics is the eyes water all of the time.

Use this remedy also for

-eye injuries to the conjunctival membrane

-after surgical operations

-eye inflammation during a cold or flu

-conjunctivitis on the first stage of measle

-allergic reaction with inflammation of the eyes producing watery discharge

Aconite 30– This is another great remedy for any acute eye inflammation, especially after a foreign object in the eye produces irritation of the conjunctiva, for instance:

-a mosquito

-a grain of sand

-after putting your lenses or a visit to the optician.

The eyes will feel dry and hot, and the sensation as if ” sand in them”. The lids will be swollen and red, and the eyeball will be bloodshot.

This is also a great remedy for eye inflammation that stems from cold weather, a draft in the face or getting cold wind on the face after a walk outside.

Pulsatilla 30- this is a very specific remedy for conjunctivitis from colds.

Have you ever had a cold that lingers, and after a few days, you suddenly realise that some inflammation is happening around your eyes? I am sure you or someone close to you have experienced this.

Pulsatilla has a particular characteristic: the discharges tend to be thick and yellow so that you may wake up in the morning with a yellow crust around your eyelids.

Silica 30- use this remedy every 3 hours to help eject a foreign body that is still lodged in the eye and producing inflammation.


The Banerjies use:

  • Argentum Nitriticum 200+Mercurius Sol 6c twice daily or every 3 hours.


Traumatic injuries to the eye can occur for several reasons:


-blows from a ball or object

-flying objects

-a fall

Arnica 200– this is your first remedy to think of in those instances.

In the first few hours, you may not see bruising around the eye or in the globe, but this may happen if the injury is a few days old. You may want to take this remedy with a fast repetition if symptoms are strong or you are on your way to the emergency services. If you are feeling okay and symptoms are only mild, you can take the remedy every 3 hours or three times per day for a few days.

If bruising around the eye has started, continue taking this remedy twice daily until it is gone.

Symphytum 200– This is very specific for injuries to the eye from blunt instruments, blows, and knocks.

It produces very painful symptoms in the orbit of the eye. It is helpful for bone pain around that area and tends to follow Arnica well when the action has stopped producing relief from pain in the eyeball or externally.

Ruta 200– is another remedy that can be helpful for injuries to the orbit of the eye from the soreness of the periosteum.

Ledum200– this remedy is helpful for bloodshot eyes or extravasation ( leaking of blood in the surrounding tissue) on the lids or around the eye socket, especially after a contusion.

For the black eye, follow the remedies in this order. If the previous failed after taking it three times daily for a few days and there is no obvious change at all, change the remedy. Remember not to be impatient! You need to give them time.

-Arnica 200

-Symphytum 200

-Ledum 200

If you are suffering from an injury or trauma, check these remedies.


Tired eyes are not a pathological symptom, but they can bring discomfort and stop you from enjoying things that you love, like reading. This is why I wanted to include this small section to help when we have overstrained our eyes for one reason or another, or you are experiencing a headache from eye strain.

These are some of the situations that could cause eye strain or overexertion:

-reading small print or for a long time

-sewing, knitting

-watching too much television

-playing electronic games

Ruta 6c,200c– this is a good remedy for general overstrain of the ocular muscle for any reason. You may feel pressure on the orbits, or your eyes can feel hot, itchy or painful.

You can take Ruta 6c twice daily if this is an ongoing issue or 200 twice daily for a few days if this is more acute in nature.


For eye floaters, the Banerjies use:

  • Hamamelis200+Arnica3c twice daily


This is an everyday problem that can arise from an acute infection or just from cold or seasonal allergies. It is always important to treat the underlying reason while you are using the remedies for symptomatic relief of the eyelid inflammation. For instance, if you are experiencing hayfever symptoms, you would need to use remedies to help with that, along with the remedy for the eyelid inflammation.

These remedies can be taken three times per day or every 3 hours if symptoms are very bothersome until better and then reduced to 3 times daily.

Apis 30c– is one of the best remedies for eyelids that are swollen and puffy, like water bags.

This can happen to the lower or top eyelid. This one is also a nice remedy to add for styes that produce this type of swellings- like water bags.

Euphrasia 30- for chronic or acute sore eyes with swollen eyelids with troublesome lacrimation. This can be caused by a cold or hay fever. Take 3 times per day.

Argentum Nitriticum 200– this is an excellent remedy for Blepharitis with swelling of the eyelids and a general remedy for eye affections. Take twice daily.



  • Graphites 200 every 3rd day


  • Calcarea Carbonica200+Belladonna3c daily for several months


  • Argentum Nitriticum200 twice daily
  • Euphrasia 30 twice daily


  • Ruta 6c twice daily for several months to help prevent progression, especially in children.


  • Syphilinum 30 twice daily


  • Antimomium Crudum 200+Hamamelis 200 twice daily

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