Many of my patients are active people who enjoy physical exercise. They all know the benefit of using Arnica or Bryonia, homeopathic remedies for pain and inflammation from injury and swelling. I want to show you the many homeopathic uses of Arnica 30 and 200 in everyday life! As you may know, one of the most well-known uses of Arnica is for bruises. It only takes a few doses to see the changes, and repeated use will help to clear them!

​Having treated many players in a professional Futsal team, I have gathered considerable experience in treating sports injuries and athletes, so I have decided to write this small blog to assist with self-help in choosing the most basic homeopathic remedies for any sprains and strains, whether caused by accident, contact sports or even gardening! 

In my experience, there is usually a sequence of remedies. Symptoms may quickly change from the first day of the injury, even in a matter of days only.

Sometimes, a remedy will work one day to alleviate a set of symptoms but will stop working the next day even if the potency is raised. At that time, a complementary or related remedy will continue and progress with recovery where the other had left off.

I guess all of these homeopathic remedies are needed to provide relief because a different set of systems are involved in an injury: ligaments, muscles, periosteum, nerve pain, shock, swelling, inflammation, etc


Arnica 30: this is the most effective way to help fatigue in strenuous or endurance events such as running a marathon or playing a tournament.

The remedy has no side effects and does not contravene any rules for the use of drugs in sports. If the remedy is taken just before an event, it will help to maintain stamina through the demanding times for the duration of it.

Dosage: take 1 dose of Arnica 30 just before the start of the event, and it can be taken every 1 hour after again if needed and repeated for a few doses.

​For those whose time would not allow them to stop, one pill can be put in half a small bottle of water, and a sip can be taken on the go. If the event is all day long with breaks, take one pill three times per day spaced out.


Arnica 30/200c taken 3 times per day or every 3 hours for 2-3 days, depending on the severity of the symptoms.


The first remedy to think of is always Arnica!

Arnica 200: Trauma of all varieties, mental or physical. First remedy after an injury.

​Give Arnica first, assess the reaction, and see if other remedies are needed. 

Arnica 200: will help with all kinds of bruises after an injury. Take every 3 hours if symptoms are very intense or 3 times per day for a few days or a week.

Bellis-Perennis 200: it can be useful if Arnica has not been able to help much or to follow after Arnica if there is still a lump in the area where there has been a blow.

This is also a great remedy for lumps that appear after injury or a blow to the breast and a great remedy for women.

Take this remedy twice daily for 7-10 days.

Natrum-sulph 200: headaches that remain after a head injury. Twice daily for long term effects or every 3 hours if this is after the injury.

Bryonia 200: pain after an injury that is worst for any movement. The person can not move the affected part because of the pain. 

Bryonia, combined with Rhus tox, is one of the most important remedies for inflammation of the joints.

Bryonia’s affinities make it one of the prime remedies for any injury to the knee that affects the synovial membranes ( the little padding inside of your knee).

-it has an affinity to the serous membranes of the joints
-it as an affinity to the motor apparatus, nerves and muscles
-it is especially indicated for synovial inflammation of the knee joints
-it is indicated for joints that are red, hot and swollen

Serous membranes are tissue layers that wrap around an organ or body cavity to protect them. The Synovial membranes line the cavities of the free-moving joints, and they secrete synovial fluid into the joint, which in turn lubricates the cartilage on the end of the bone so they can move without friction. Some of these joints include the knee, shoulder, hip or elbow.

Certain conditions, such as injury or arthritis, can cause inflammation of that membrane with the characteristic pain and swelling of the area. Bryonia is one of the first remedies for joint pain or inflammation that can be used alone or with other remedies in any skeletal protocol.​ Check my blog for the skeletal system and arthritis!

Bryonia200+ Rhus tox 30 twice daily or every 3 hours for injuries with swelling and inflammation.

This can be alternated with any other remedy and is one of the best homoeopathic remedies for pain and inflammation of the joints.

For Plantar Fasciitis, look at the following protocol.

Hypericum 200: pain from injuries to parts rich in nerves, especially fingers, toes or nails. Injuries to the spinal cord and coccyx.

Hypericum is also called ” THE ARNICA OF THE NERVES.”

Hypericum is a remedy with a strong affinity to the Spinal Nerves, and there is a special mention for the Coccyx! This is a remedy for injury to the nerves or areas rich in nerves. The nervous system is like a road map in our body, so you will find them everywhere.

Here are some good uses that you can put good service to HYPERICUM:
-smashed fingers
-injuries to the back
-Injuries to the coccyx
-shooting and burning pains along the nerves
-injuries to the fingertips
-neuralgic pain after a limb amputation
-pain in the back after labour
-puncture wounds ( as nerves are often involved)
-concussions on the brain or spine
-lacerated wounds
– pain after injury, natural or mechanical, like a fall or surgery

Check my blog for injuries to the eyes


Arnica 200: this is the first remedy to give

Rhus-tox 30/200: parts feel stiff, dislocated sensation, affects the fibrous tissue, ligaments, and joints. Tearing in ligaments, tendons, and fasciae.  Pain is worse at the beginning of the movement after rest, but after a while, it gets better.

The injury may feel better by hot applications or stretching the affected part.

Ruta 200: complaints from straining flexor tendons especially.  Lameness after sprains. Affects cartilage, periosteum, and tendons. Nodules in the tendons after sprains.

The pain feels as if bruised, sore and aching.

Ledum 200: affects the fibrous tissue, especially small joints (such as ankles), tendons and heels.

​The skin may look purple,  painful and puffy joints; discolouration of the skin remains after pain and inflammation subside. Shoulder pain as if rheumatic pain.


Symphytum 200+Rhus Tox 30 twice daily


Arnica 200: first remedy for any injury.

Causticum 200: “sensation as if the muscles and tendons were too short”. Tension and cramp-like pain in the legs.

Ruta 200: “thights feel broken”. The pain is worse when stretching.
Pain as if deep in the bone.

Rhus-tox 200: stiffness in the area and maybe a numbness feeling.


Arnica 200: after any trauma to the eye. First remedy to help with black eyes.

Ledum 200: when black eyes have a bluish tinged after a few days, and Arnica is not helping anymore.

Symphytum 200 twice daily: Injuries to the orbit of the eye 
​Use Ruta 200 if Symphytum is not helping.


Arnica 200 is always used first to address the trauma.

Bryonia 200: if unable to move the arm, any movement is extremely painful. The joint may feel dry.

Ferrum metallicum 200: specially suited for left-sided tears, although may also be used in right-side ones.

The pain extends to the deltoid region, and it feels better by moving the arm. Also suited for frozen shoulder.

Ferrum-Muriaticum 200: rheumatic lameness remains time after shoulder injuries, especially the right shoulder.

Tearing and stitching pains in the shoulder, clavicle, and muscle make it impossible to lift the arm.

Sanguinaria 200: right-sided deltoid and shoulder affected. Cutting pain and stiffness worsens by raising or turning the arm.

The pain worsens at night and is better by swinging the arms back and forth.

Also, think of Rhus-tox and Ruta as part of the recovery process.

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