Homeopathy is rich in remedies for the reasons you are experiencing stomach symptoms. Let’s have a look at some of the most common remedies in homeopathy for stomach pain!

It can happen when we eat too much or eat certain foods that upset our stomachs. This is a common condition that we all experience at some point.

However, our digestive tract can also be under attack if we contract a viral infection, eat something past its expiration date, or have food poisoning.

Our digestive system can be disrupted because we have had a tummy bug or have been out eating or drinking too much. Especially around Christmas or holiday time, these are particular periods suited to these problems.

Indigestion is an occasional problem for some, but thanks to a few homeopathic remedies, relief can be easy to find.

You may find more remedies here if you are suffering from Acid Reflux and GERD.

homeopathy for stomach pain


It is s the #1 remedy for stomach problems after eating too rich and fatty food, pork, pastry and a mixture of foods.

You may feel as if the food is stuck under the sternum.

Feels as if the weight is from a stone in the stomach. The stomach feels heavy.

Inclination to burp, but they are ineffectual, and they do not occur.

Feeling as if you have taken too much food, which rises into the mouth as if you are going to vomit.

  • number one remedy for stomach problems after eating too rich and fatty food, ice cream, pork, pastry, and a mixture of foods
  • stomach pain or indigestion during pregnancy


A good remedy in homeopathy for overindulgence with indigestion and stomach pain.

Cramps in the stomach or abdomen and sour, bitter eructations.

You may feel like being sick, but you can’t. Feeling like “only if you could vomit, you would feel much better”.

  • It is also a general detoxifier and is indicated when medical drug overuse occurs
  • Stomach pain and cramping that accompany a cold, the flu and other viral infections
  • This is the number one remedy for hangovers or indigestion after drinking too much. alcohol

It is a great remedy for diarrhoea after eating any spoiled food. Dose this remedy every two hours in moderate conditions or every hour in severe conditions.

This is a great remedy for food poisoning after eating shellfish.

Vomiting and diarrhoea are often seen together.

Also a good remedy for

Stools are watery, bad-smelling and may look like rice water. They can be acrid so the passage area and around may look red and sore.

Irritation of the lining of the stomach. The stomach is sensitive and sore.

Vomiting as soon as the food or water touches the stomach.

Feeling like the stomach is raw. Feeling of burning like fire and you may feel better by having hot drinks or with warmth to the stomach.

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For diarrhoea:

  • Pulsatilla30 every two hours if this happens after eating rich food
  • Veratrum Album200+Cuprum 6c every 2 hours for general non-specific diarrhoea

For Abdominal pain with cramps:

  • Colocynthis200+Nux Vomica 30 one dose every 3 hours or twice daily

This is a remedy for continuous nausea. Take this remedy every 2-3 hours or 3 times per day.

Feeling of constant nausea that is not improved by vomiting. Copious vomiting.

You may feel nauseous from the smell of food.

You may feel like going to sleep after vomiting.


One of the best remedies in homeopathy for bloating of the stomach and pain, feeling of fullness after eating and flatulence. This is one of the top remedies for liver support and liver tonic.

Passing lots of loud long gass with balloon-like distension of the abdomen and needing to loosen the clothes around that area.

Feeling as a band around the waist area.

Belching makes you feel better and provides a short relief only.

Twice per day is a good dosing pace for this complaint.

A good remedy after drinking too much wine and eating too rich or spoiled food.

It is very helpful for excessive loud belching and bloating of the stomach.

Digestion is really slow; everything turns to gas. Very bad-smelling wind.

Feeling fullness and discomfort immediately after eating but not straight after as in Lycopodium.

It can be helpful after fatty foods if Pulsatilla has not helped. Take this remedy every 3 hours for acute complaints.

Have you read or been taught by someone that Carbo Veg is called the ” corpse reviver”? ” you give it to people that are in a state of collapse” “or when someone can not breathe and has air hunger”. Have you ever wondered why this is?

To understand why this could be the case, you need to understand the relationship between the source of the remedy and the symptoms you are treating.

Let’s have a look at that. Vegetable Carbon is produced by slowly heating wood in a LOW OXYGEN environment. So, this aspect of the source of the remedy is engrained into the remedy at all levels. This is why this remedy is specially indicated for sluggish digestion with lots of belching and gas with a foul smell ( slow combustion).

Now you know why this remedy is called the corpse reviver! Like Carbon, once exposed to oxygen, it lights fire again and brings life back!

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