If there is one thing I would teach everybody in homeopathy, it would be understanding homeopathic remedies that could be used as a liver tonic. Detoxing and strengthening that organ with homeopathic remedies that act as a liver tonic. Your liver is one of the most important organs in the body, and homeopathy is one of the gentlest and natural ways to support its function and strengthen the organ.

Problems with the digestive system and liver are very common these days, and homeopathy has much to offer in terms of detoxification and support.

Our lifestyles and the amount of toxicity we are surrounded with- and also ingest can make our liver and bowel sluggish, making it more difficult to digest and process food nutrients and becoming less efficient at removing toxicity.

The liver is one of your body’s most important organs; it helps detoxify chemicals, metabolises drugs, aids digestion, clears the blood of particles and infections, and breaks down and regulates hormones.

Many are unaware that good liver function is essential for activating Vitamin D to provide it to our body. In the liver, inactive Vitamin D taken from the sun and intestines is converted into the active form called 25-hydroxyvitamin D. Without this conversion, vitamin D is not useful in our body.

​No wonder why most of us are low in this vitamin these days! With so much toxicity around.

This is where homeopathy can play a very important part in strengthening our digestive system.

You may feel that this is something new as a result of our present lifestyle, but in fact, old homeopaths like Burnett did realize that in a lot of conditions, the liver was so sluggish and that this was often a very important part of the treatment for many diseases.

​In my practice, this is also true, and liver support remedies are quite important in hormonal and eczema cases, particularly those in childhood that have started after vaccinations or strong medication.

This is also when Bowel Nosodes become very useful, helping to restore the microbiota in the gut after helping the liver to be restored to its healthy functioning.


homeopathic liver tonic

One of my favourite remedies to help people who suffer nausea after taking strong medications is either

  •  Ipecac 30c If there is almost constant nausea.
  • Nux Vomica 30c If the nausea is accompanied by dyspepsia and cramps. With Nux vomica, strong smells can trigger nausea, and constipation may also be an issue.

If you are in the middle of an acute viral infection that is making you very nauseous with severe vomiting, then a 200c of the above remedies can also be helpful.

Another of my favourite remedies to support a sluggish liver is Chelidonium.

I used to use mother tincture but since starting to work with the Banerji Protocols, I use Chelidonium 6xpotency twice per day, which is in their opinion – and in my experience also- more effective and gentle.

This remedy can also help to stimulate bile and helps bowel movement and it is also a great remedy for stimulating appetite.


​Cheledonium 6x, Lycopodium 30, and Nux vomica 30 are some of the best remedies to help with Chronic Hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.

​Lycopodium is especially indicated for portal hypertension if there is cirrhosis of the liver.

The Banerjies add Thuja 30​ in cases of Hepatitis A, B, and C to help with the viral load daily. Carduus Marianus Tincture is also a fantastic tool for supporting the liver as it aids detoxification in homeopathy, helps to maintain healthy function and helps to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract.

​It is useful for those with a compromised liver, such as those suffering from chronic or acute hepatitis or alcohol damage.

The homeopathic dose of MT is 5 drops 2-3 times per day.

Lycopodium 30 and Chelidonium 6x should be taken twice per day.


Another of my favourites to work on the digestive system is 

  • Lycopodium 200.

I tend to prescribe this remedy if the patient is experiencing a lot of bloating (especially on the top part of the belly, just below the stomach) and suffering from long, loud gas.

Patients often complain of feeling full rather quickly after they start eating and feel uncomfortable below the stomach, so bloated that they often need to lose their clothing around that area.

If you are suffering from constant eructations and a feeling of fullness in your stomach and abdomen, then Carbo veg 30c can be more helpful.


Lycopodium is well known as a digestive homeopathic liver tonic remedy, but it also has another great use: its affinity to the portal system, hence its use on Hepatitis and Liver Cirrhosis especially with Portal Tension. In here the Banerjies use Lycocopidum 30 twice daily.

The Portal System is part of a systematic circulation in which blood from one organ’s capillary bed flows through larger vessels to supply blood for another organ before returning to the heart.


This has huge implications for why this remedy is the first-line remedy used by the Banerjies
anywhere when we find fluid retention, such as:
-fluid in the lungs
-pleural effusion
-cirrhosis of the liver with portal tension
-oedema in the brain


For lymphedema the Banerjies use:

Lycopodium 30 twice daily

Hamamelis200+Arnica 3c twice daily

The lymphatic system is a series of vessels and node that work together to move lymph fluid around your body before returning it to the venous circulation. The lymph fluid is formed when it leaves the capillary bed and travels through the capillary channels towards the vessels.

The vessels end up draining into the ducts which lead to emptying on the venours circulation at the subclavian veins. This means congestion on the exchange on the portal system and fluids can not be cleared properly.


Natrum Phos is a fantastic remedy (tissue cell salt) to help balance alkali and acid levels in your body. It is called the acid neutraliser tissue salt!

Natrum Phos is the remedy for conditions arising from excess lactic acid, often due to too much sugar. It is a remedy that helps to purify the liver.

When there is an imbalance from the excess of lactic acid in your body, this results in low pH in your bloodstream. 

These are some of the medicines and toxins that have been associated with lactic acidosis if consumed in excess:

  • Acetaminophen
  • Epinephrin
  • Metformin
  • Sugar
  • Valproic acid

Some of the indications for this remedy are stomach conditions with a lot of acidity, with sour and acid risings. To learn more about acidity and reflux, I have written a separate blog that helps you understand the different remedies and protocols.

If you are having symptoms of excess lactic acid in your body after taking any medication or from a high sugar diet consumption,

  • then the homeopathic remedy Nat Phos 6x or 30c twice per day can help to bring back balance into your system, acting as a liver tonic.


Arsenicum Album 3c helps with the lining of the stomach and digestive system, together with Lycopodium200, is their first line of treatment for digestive complaints like nausea and gastritis.

For constipation:

Lycopodium200+Plumbum Met 200 twice daily


homeopathic liver tonic

​There is no question and there is much written about the long-term problems and risks of using synthetic hormones in our bodies.

More and more women are using birth control pills to manage their cycles and symptoms associated with an imbalance. These are common uses of the pill, from treating acne to easing menstrual cramps or regulating their cycle.

On the other hand, the use of synthetic hormones is not only confined to this area but IVF and HRT are another big portion of the population where the use of synthetic hormones has increased. Problems at menopause can also highlight severe hormonal imbalances as a result of the use of synthetic hormones, I have written a blog dealing directly with these issues during menopause here.

The problem with synthetic hormones, apart from the side effects, is that they are synthesised in the liver because it has to break them down. So, in turn, an overloaded liver will be less likely to be able to detox Oestrogen properly, and it can end up in your bloodstream again in a more toxic form causing other health female problems.

In my practice, I have found some remedies to be most useful to help detoxify from the unbalance that these hormones leave behind and also to help manage the symptoms.

If you are suffering from severe period pains due to a hormonal imbalance, these remedies work complementary and will help to reduce the pain. They can be taken along with the main prescription.

This is the top and first remedy to think of for any hormonal imbalance, especially after having taken synthetic hormones or IVF treatment.

It has an affinity to the venous circulation of the portal system of the digestive tract and to the female pelvic organs.

It is a super remedy for detoxifying a sluggish liver from hormonal toxicity.

The keynote to look for in this remedy is the sluggishness of the organs and tiredness. This is a very drained picture, physical and emotional.


This is another great remedy to help mop up the damage from hormonal toxicity. 

The affinity of this remedy is veins and genito-urinary organs, so the picture fits many people with associated problems stemming from hormonal imbalance.

The picture of Pulsatilla is very different from Sepia.

Pulsatilla is very changeable in the mental or physical symptoms. So one minute you are happy and the other very sad. You may find yourself crying one minute and laughing the next.

Your cycle may be absent or all over the place.


This is a deeper remedy for when the system is thoroughly poisoned. It affects the nerves, circulation and vasomotor. 

The keynote of this remedy is congestion. There is a sense of suffocation in all areas.

Lachesis is complementary to Lycopodium and an acute of this remedy, and often, they work well alongside or follow each other well.

Let’s see how they are connected!

Did you know one of the main affinities of Lachesis? Circulation, blood, heart and vaso-motor nerves. And did not know one of the many symptoms of Lycopodium is numbness in the limbs ( which is related to circulatory disturbances)?​

Lachesis and Lycopodium are both complementary actions, meaning one continues the work of the other. Lycopodium is heavily a right-sided remedy, and Lachesis is a left-sided remedy. In practice, this will look something like this: everything used to be on my right side, and now, this problem is on my left side. You have a RIGHT TO LEFT movement on the case or LYCOPODIUM MOVING INTO LACHESIS.

Any of those remedies above taken twice per week for a couple of months, can help bring back balance in your hormonal system and reinforce your liver very gently.

They can be combined with Cardus Marianus MT or Chelidonium 6x as a way to facilitate detoxification.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above, you may benefit from some toning of digestive system. 


The Banerjies use Sepia 200 for hormonal imbalance every 3rd day

They also use Sepia6c+Conium3c for follicle and ovarian problems.

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