Unfortunately, in these present times, anxiety and depression are one of the main reasons people will visit their general medical practitioners. Homeopathic remedies can provide relief for the symptoms of anxiety. Homeopathic treatment for anxiety can produce excellent results to help people live more enjoyable life.

​The world we live in today is highly pressurised, with high-stress jobs, high living expenses, and the need to achieve and maintain our position. 

​No time to relax and enjoy life; these are too common themes in our lives, giving us very little breathing space.

Other times, life circumstances like a major loss of wealth or the death of a dear one can change how we perceive things by creating a loop that takes us back to the trauma over and over, and we just can’t let go.

We have all been there and can relate to it in some form. 


Feeling anxious about something from time to time is normal, for instance, starting a new job, changing schools, meeting someone new or making a big decision in your life.

These everyday things can make you feel apprehensive and disturb your sleep and digestive system!

From extra visits to the loo to biting your nails, these are all familiar symptoms can we have all experienced at different times in our lives.


However, living with anxiety and suffering from panic attacks on a daily basis is not normal and can be very debilitating; it is often linked to depression or low mood. 

This kind of anxiety is better suited to deep homeopathy treatment with an experienced practitioner to guide you through the process, which can be quite complex. Homeopathic remedies are aimed to treat the acute anxiety while working on reducing the susceptibility to triggers or exposures.

​It usually involves treating several layers to restore balance while working with therapeutic remedies to relieve the main symptoms.

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Homeopathy is very effective at dealing with both acute and chronic anxiety states.

Below are some homeopathic remedies for anxiety that can help reduce stress levels and give you some breathing space when you most need it!

ACONITE 30/200C 

This is one of the top homeopathic remedies for dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. This is for acute situations where fear and anxiety take hold of us.

The mind is affected by emotional aspects such as fright or shock, and fear or fright remains.

For instance, after witnessing a car crash, you keep waking up at night for weeks and are unable to get it out of your mind. Aconite 200 will help you to integrate the experience and move on.

Aconite is also a great remedy for people who are quite apprehensive and need to undergo something they fear, such as going to the dentist for a tooth extraction or having a blood test done.

It is my favourite remedy for fear of going to the dentist, and it goes a long way in our house!

The person may also have 

  • palpitations, 
  • tingling fingertips
  • numbness 
  • cold hands or feet and shortness of breath. 
  • nail biting
  • afraid to go out
  • feeling as if you are always on the edge of a “fright”

During anxiety attacks, the person may feel as if they are going to die.
There is a tremendous FEAR.

Dosing of this remedy does vary; for an acute panic episode, put in water and sip as needed. Otherwise, you can use it twice daily.

Check my other blog for PTSD and ailments from shock or fear.


Ignatia is one of the most important homeopathic remedies for anxiety brought on by grief or shock, or bad news. The anxiety of this remedy feels like ” if something terrible has happened”. You may feel nervous and apprehensive.

These symptoms are aggravated by drinking coffee.

Those are some of the easily distinguishable symptoms where this remedy can be helpful:
-very easily changeable moods-sighing frequently-feeling tearful often
-sleepless from grief and sadness
– inability to fall asleep from thinking about what is upsetting to them or waking up at night and thinking about it.

You can take this remedy twice daily


This is one of the most anxious remedies in homeopathy, anxiety about health and despair of recovery are some of the predominant feelings. Feeling very restless and needed to change places continually.  Trembling with cold sweat. The person may fear being alone and want someone to be with them all the time.

Looking pale and anxious. Feeling out of breath.

People needing this remedy, tend to be perfectionists and sensitive to disorder and need to be in control of everything.

This remedy would suit those who are going through medical tests and waiting for the outcomes. I am trying to describe that kind of anxiety- as if you are waiting on the phone to find out the results of your tests.

The restless feeling that goes with it is the main sensation here.

On the other hand, this remedy will also suit the student that has a big overload and is finding it difficult to fit everything into the deadlines, and as a result, he is becoming anxious about things not being finished on time.

The super-organised student who likes to have everything under control.

This person may wake up around 3 am feeling very anxious with a hot feeling and nausea.

For chronic anxiety take the 200 every 3rd day for 8 weeks and reassess. For acute instances, such as a doctor’s appointment or acute anxiety, take a 30cor 200 every 2-3 hours for a day or two or a 30c in water and sip as needed.



Lots of fears creating anxiety, just thinking about what happened if he as in that situation will create an attack.

Fear is brought on by suspense.

For instance, you may have a fear of being in a crowd, so you may imagine all the worst scenarios as if you were there; this is like if the person gets stuck in thinking “WHAT IF…” and never lets go of the idea that something could happen, making it very hard to deal with everyday scenarios.


This is a general everyday anxiety remedy, and to be honest -who can say that they have not experienced that?

  • what if I do not pass the driving test?
  • what if I do not do well on my exam?
  • what if I mess up on the first day of my job?
  • what if I meet up with him and he does not like me?
  • what if there is something wrong with me?
  • what if I can not do it?

The anxiety may accompany many digestive disturbances such as belching, flatulence and diarrhoea.

In the second or chronic stage, this leads to lots of fears producing anxiety:
-Fear of the dark
-Fear of crowds
-Fear of walking under a ladder
-Fear of passing through a certain point
-Ritualistic behaviours to be able to cope with the fears

Argentum Nitriticum is complementary to Gelsemium, another remedy for anxiety and Bowel Nosode Dys-co.

You can use the 200c twice daily or the 30c three times per day


The anxiety of this remedy is mainly centred on the “fear that something will happen”.

This anxiety is usually worse in the dark or twilight and is also worse by being alone, their anxiety is better when they are in close contact with people.

The Phosphorus person is easily frightened but easily reassured. And having someone to talk to about it may give them relief.

The person needing this remedy may feel anxious for others. Their physical anxiety tends to start with a fluttering of the stomach. 

For instance, the person needing this remedy will often complain that their stomach hurts when they are nervous.

This remedy is suited to people who are very anxious and tend to worry a lot.

These are warm and caring people, very good-hearted, who embrace everything with welcome arms, but at the same time, they have few boundaries for separating their feeling from those of others and end up taking the worries from anyone around them.

Phosphorus baselines are very permeable, and their boundaries are very diffuse. They quickly absorb things around them and can not keep things contained easily. As a result, they are easily worried but also very easily reassured. Everything pours easily in and out!

So for instance, this will suit the anxiety of someone living with someone with an illness, and it feels very affected by it. You will feel their pain and can not stop worrying about them.

This remedy can also suit the child with parents going through a divorce. He sits in the middle and feels sorry for both sides and himself. 

People needing this remedy tend to worry a lot about others. And their anxiety may be related to theirs.

As a general note, physical contact seems to help them feel better and reassured. So for a child, holding hands or sitting on your lap can help to make them feel better.

Phosphorus and Arsenicum are complementary homeopathy remedies that work very well together and have a strong affinity to anxiety. A Phosphorus baseline will often need Arsenicum in acute episodes.

You can use the 200c twice daily or the 30c three times per day

homeopathic remedies for anxiety


People suffering from anxiety that need this remedy are affected by

  • lack of self-confidence,
  • anticipation and
  • undertaking new things.

There is a constant fear that they will break down under stress, but they tend to perform well in the middle of it.

This is a good remedy for people who have to make a presentation and feel very anxious about it. They tend to say that it all goes well once they start, but they get very nervous before starting, even as early as the day before.

Also, this is a good remedy for anxiety for someone starting a new job or working under someone that is a bit authoritarian and whose confidence is undermined. 

You may find that around this time of anxiety, you suffer from bloating and excessive wind, feeling as if a band around the waist and have the desire to eat sweets things.  

It does not matter which methodology you use; the essence of a remedy will permeate the symptoms you are treating. I love drawing parallels between the source and homeopathic remedy; they will teach you much about the remedy itself. For instance, let’s look at the material source of the remedy:

-Lycopodium was once a big tree in the Carboniferous era 410 million years ago and is now reduced to a moss- not really a moss- also called “ground or miniature pine”- Lycopodium is one of the best-known remedies for lack of confidence
– a compensatory state of Lycopodium that has been reduced from a tree to a ground pine is to try to look bigger as to establish its origins- Lycopodium is full of gas, inflated
-Club mosses are extremely slow-growing plants- use to treat deep chronic, long-standing issues
– It also goes for the name snakeroot- it is complementary to Lachesis
-the trees and mosses died and fossilised to become the coal we use today- it is complementary to Carbo Veg.

So this is also a remedy indicated in situations where the person has been reduced to feeling small and is made to feel too small to cope with certain situations. Situations that could lead to this state could be an abusive relationship, an authoritarian parent, colleague or even a friend and any situation that requires taking too much responsibility where the individual feels it is too much for them, but they need to “rise” to the occasion.

They compensate for this feeling of smallness by enlargement.

For chronic anxiety that stems from a lack of confidence, take the 200 every 3rd day for 8 weeks and reassess. For acute instances, such as an exam or a presentation, take a 30cor 200 every 2-3 hours for a day or two or a 30c in water and sip as needed.


Like with Lycopodium, people needing this remedy and those needing Gelsemium tend to suffer from performance anxiety.

Anxiety is brought on by the anticipation of any unusual ordeal and the nervous dread of appearing in public or doing something which can bring on diarrhoea.

You can feel worse by thinking about it, and this can accentuate your symptoms.

However, this type of anxiety comes with trembling or shaking of the limbs or the whole body, and you can feel muscle weakness, making you very tired. This is worse in the extremities, and your limbs may feel sore.

There is also this peculiar tiredness relating to this remedy; the tiredness can be felt in the eyelids, making them feel very heavy.

It is likely that you have diarrhoea together with anxiety.

Use this remedy three times per day or SOS in water sipped as needed.


This is a great remedy to take in situations that we find stressful, and we feel an adrenaline surge! This remedy in homeopathy is also a complementary remedy that can be taken alongside any other remedy for anxiety.

We have all heard about the “fight-or-flight response,” but how does it relate to this remedy, and in what situations can it be helpful? Let’s have a look.

But to understand why this remedy will be helpful in some of these situations, we need to understand the physiology of this hormone in the human body and the associated symptoms.
Adrenaline is a stress hormone. It causes the airways to dilate to provide more oxygen for the muscles and helps the blood vessels contract to redirect the blood to other organs. This is to prepare the body for a “fight or flight” situation, and your body makes it to prepare for a situation of stress. I am sure you all have felt an adrenaline rush and some point, and you may experience symptoms of:
– blood pumping through your body
-pounding heart

The problem is that although it was originally produced for this type of stressor in order to save your life, for instance, running from a lion, this hormone is now produced in situations of high stress where the body has the same coping mechanisms.
Now, you know what it does and how it feels. Which situations could benefit from this remedy?
-a driving test
-a break up
-an anxious situation
-a fight with a friend
-starting a new job
-a demanding boss
-a medical procedure
– an abusive relationship

I like to put this remedy in water and sip it as often as needed. This is the best way to provide acute relief for the situation.


I love this remedy to help regenerate a tired, nervous system. It is an excellent complement to other remedies, and taken as a cell salt; it acts as a nerve tonic.

Take twice daily for several months.

Kali Phos or -Potassium Phosphate- It is also a constituent of the muscles and, therefore, understandably complimentary to Cuprum, Mag Phos and Caustium.


Argentum Nitriticum 200+Arsen 30+ Gelsemium 30

Take this combination in water and sip as needed during the day.

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