I want to change the way that we view and practice homeopathy. Homeopathy is a gift with so much to offer, yet constantly the discipline is held back by rules and fear-based approaches that are based on ‘facts’ from over 200 years ago. It sounds to me like it's time for an upgrade! My mission is to revolutionise homoeopathy with a modern touch and evidence-based approach incorporating the scientific discipline and visionary understanding of homoeopathy's greatest thinkers.

Banerji Protocols Homeopathy Courses Online

it's time to revolutionise homeopathy!

Let's do this!

It’s time to revolutionise homeopathy!

The time is now

If you are prepared to work with me, you need to be on board with this methodology which includes taking more than one remedy at a time and a fast repetition. Yet from my side, I can assure you that this is the gentlest methodology that I have worked with. You will never look back.


Although called Protocols, these are magnificent sets of homeopathic remedies that we know work very well in different systems of the body yet, they have a very strong affinity as well to the patients individual case. These are remedies that target pathology making them very suitable for the type of complex cases that form my practice.

The protocols are a set of remedies given for different health problems but there are much more than that. It takes a lot of skill and a very good working knowledge of materia medica to work with them in a case but at the same time, because of the fixed nature of the protocols, they are also easy to teach at a basic level for self prescribing.

Having worked with them for years, they help me to navigate through the case with easy healing the different layers that form a case and in turn the symptoms you come to see me for. They are a map to your case and help giving me the coordinates to reach a final destination.

This is by far the methodology that produces the best results in my clinic. It is a system tried and tested by the Banerjies spanning 150 years and it has never let me down.

I am sure you know I work with the Banerji Protocols, you see I am passionate about it! 

Before we start our journey together it is important that you understand my unique multi-layered and Multi-methodology approach....

Some think it's about the right remedy, we think it about the right strategy

Your new best friend in homeopathy! I like simplicity, making complex patterns into accessible and most importantly teachable concepts that make learning homepathy a piece of cake.
I get you, I myself have been in your exact position, so take my hand and let me guide you into learning homeopathy fearlessly and confidently.

Hi I’m Cristina,

Before we start our                  together it is important that you understand my unique   
                               and approach


At the end of the day it does not matter how accomplished a teacher is individually or how clever they are, a true teacher is measured in how much they can help their students. Teaching is 50% knowledge and 50% coaching, rest assured that our methods provide both, if you are looking for a new and fresh approach to homeopathy delivered in a modern and accessible way then we are your next step in learning.
Sounds perfect to us!

You are someone who needs a logical and simple method to follow

No matter what methodology you decide to use or what approach you believe we provide structured teaching based on reshaping the way we approach learning using our analytical minds rather than fear based behaviour. We bring not only years of clinical experience and knowledge but also a fun and modern teaching techniques that work for you regardless of where you are on your homeopathic journey or your learning style. We meet you where you are at!

We are experts in teaching homeopathy that works!

Yes teach me!

I have learned to move away from many misconceptions because I learned through clinical experience that they did not hold a place. Mostly those concepts had a base but their understanding was very far off. I run a very busy practice with a minimum 6 months waiting list and I have first-hand experience with what I teach. I am not just giving you facts based on dogmas, I work with the Banerji Protocols in a multi-methodology system and I am teaching you a system that you can easily follow. These protocols stand more than 150 years of clinical experience with thousands of cases to back them up and I have cracked how they relate to the classical teachings and how they merge.

I want to teach you in a different way from the rest of the courses and materials around. I want you to learn without fear and I will teach you to think analytically about every aspect of homeopathy making it transferable to any direction of your homeopathic journey.

So regardless if you are totally new to homeopathy or you have some knowledge, my teaching and unique methodology will help you to learn homeopathy without fear and help you to become confident and comfortable in your own abilities.

I am known as someone that thinks outside of the box in homeopathy. I like to break down complex concepts into simple steps and make homeopathy simple and available to anyone regardless of where they are starting from. I once was a student of homeopathy like you and although I loved the simplicity of homeopathy, my learning was based on fear of what the remedies could do, limiting the true power of homeopathy and my own learning.

So What Makes Us Different?

“Cristina is the new Hahnemann"

"You are the 21st century Hahnemann and I love your blog and learning style so much in treating of day-to-day ailments"

Chose an option below and let’s get started!

+ Confidence in your own abilities
+ Knowledge to follow through and assess
+ A concrete method for approaching learning
+ Sound and updated homeopathic foundations
+ A deductive approach to learning homeopathy

Does that sound good to you?


With our expert guidance and a little commitment from you

Fully Supported Learning 

Need a little more of cristina on your learning JOURNEY?

We got you! 

Learning is not one size fits all, everybody is different, and everybody needs a helping hand sometimes. At the Villacorta Academy, we believe in fully supported learning from start to finish. This is why we offer one to one sessions with Cristina!

Support consultations are only for members of the Villacorta Academy (Cristina’s online course students) to discuss any questions or areas of Cristina’s courses which you would like further guidance on or any other homeopathy related questions you may have.

Teaching consultations are student led 1:1 sessions with Cristina, available to everyone with a working knowledge of Homeopathy. These are the perfect opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns that you find in your learning journey or in your own practice. 

members only support consultations 


 Teaching consultations


There are two types of teaching and learning consultations.

Which one is right for you?

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Book here

Where we teach you to open a toolbox filled with different tools to help you learn homeopathy fearlessly and confidently


We are well known for teaching with bite-sized information that makes it easy to find remedies you need at the moment for everyday health issues!

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Join my practice to work together on your personal healing journey. Become one of my patients!

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