Many trees and grasses are flowering early and for longer due to the warmer winters that we have experienced in the last years- therefore, more pollen is around for a longer period. Homeopathy provides a good natural solution for allergic rhinitis relief that is effective and without side effects- they work as a natural antihistamine.

The typical symptoms of hay fever are 

  • nose and eye watery discharges
  • bouts of sneezing, nose congestion
  • For some people, it may even trigger difficulties in breathing.

​However, every person’s hay fever symptoms will be different, and this difference in symptoms from one person to another will point to a different homeopathic remedy for every patient.

In my clinic, several patients suffer from allergic rhinitis, and their symptoms are managed with homeopathy. Some children tend to have seasonal allergies and eczema, and seasonal allergies tend to aggravate the skin.

​They find relief with remedies which are safe, natural and, unlike conventional treatments, which can have side effects and may not be recommended for all age groups or pregnant women, can be used by all.

Below are some of the traditional homeopathic remedies used for hay fever relief- many think of these remedies like homeopathic antihistamines for allergies.

These remedies are also useful for people suffering from any type of allergies that affect the nose or eyes with similar symptoms.


Look through the remedies listed below to see which one matches your symptoms.

If there is no improvement after a couple of days, just reassess your symptoms and choose a different remedy that matches your symptoms more closely.

You can take them 2-3 times per day for a few days or every few hours if the symptoms are very severe. GIVE THE REMEDIES 2-3 DAYS BEFORE YOU CHANGE TO ANOTHER REMEDY!

For instance, on a bout of sneezing, you can take the remedy every 15 minutes for an hour to stop it and then you can spread it to every few hours.

​For maintenance, a morning and evening dose is sufficient.


Remember that for the Banerji Protocols you do not need to differentiate remedies, use the remedies that are written down and use those specific potencies.

For a more classical approach to choosing the remedy, you may find that the remedy that suits you may not cover all of the symptoms you are experiencing.

​Some of the symptoms could be slightly different, but overall, you feel that that remedy as a whole is suited to you. 

Don’t worry if this happens! I have never found a patient that displays ALL symptoms of a remedy. Try that remedy and change to another one if it does not produce the results you want.


The Banerjies favourite remedies in homeopathy for allergic rhinitis for seasonal allergies or any other type of allergy:

  • Arsenicum album 6c or Allium Cepa 30c twice daily or SOS if symptoms are very intense
  • They also like to give Calcarea Carbonica 1M weekly to boost immunity
  • For blocked nose, add Sanguinaria 200 twice daily


  • Hepar200+Sanguinaria 200 twice daily

If this does not work, try

  • Kali Bich 30 twice daily for chronic infections and every 3 hours for acute ones


A combination of a variety of pollens from plants, trees and various types of grass can be used alone or in combination with another indicated remedy.

I use this remedy as a way to desensitize the patient to the pollens over the spring season with a deeper treatment to reduce the susceptibility.

Take twice daily during the season and can be added to any other combination.


Strong burning sensation on the nose and eyes. Eyes watery, often red and irritated, although the lacrimation is bland. Burning and acrid watery nose discharges, nose and eyes are red. Violent sneezing.

 Hay fever in Spring.

Symptoms are better by being outside and worse if the person is in a warm room.

Homeopathy for allergic rhinitis


Very watery eyes (as if swimming in tears) with acrid hot tears, which are better in the open air. On the contrary, the nasal discharge is bland.

The sunlight aggravates symptoms.

Euphrasia is one of these small therapeutic remedies that we may forget during hay fever, and it can be very helpful. It can look similar to Allium Cepa in the sense of copious lacrimation.

These are some of the characteristics that could be found in this remedy:
– Euphrasia has an affinity to the mucus membranes of the eyes and nose
-It produces watery eyes like swimming in tears
-it is helpful for inflammation of the eye, your eyelids can look swollen, or your eyes look red
– you may feel like often blinking as if something in the eye
-you may feel a burning sensation in the eye

But please remember! Those are characteristics that could be present or not! Don’t discharge the remedy just because you read “acrid discharges” in your Materia Medica or you have learned it as a Keynote of the remedy. You think about your symptoms and realise your eyes are very watery, but you do not have “acrid secretions that burn”, so you feel this remedy “is not a good fit” for your hayfever symptoms. I hear this big source of confusion from many people who have taken homeopathic courses or are studying homeopathy.

Remedies can be helpful on different levels; in my experience, those symptoms are not always present in the patient. We are lucky if one patient describes their eye symptoms like this! But most will say “watery eyes,” and the remedy also covers that because what is most important is that its primary affinity is the mucus membranes of the eyes, and the nose as the primary target of this remedy.


Violent or abortive sneezing, even looking at the flowers or thinking about them, will provoke an attack of sneezing or increase the discharge.

Sensitive to the smell of flowers. Itching of the nose.


Symptoms are better by being inside of the house, keeping warm and starting again fast after going out. Thin, watery, burning discharge from the nose and eyes.

Sometimes, you may feel short of breath and use an inhaler during the hay fever season.


Nasal discharge that is thick, bland, and yellowish-greenish.

The nose is obstructed, and there may be a loss of smell; discharge is more fluid in the open air.

Symptoms are worse by being in a warm room and better by going outside.


The most characteristic symptom of this remedy is the fact that the discharges are thick and white looking like the white of an egg. There is also a loss of taste and smell.

However, this remedy is also indicated for thick clear discharges of the nose. There is a sense of congestion on the nose’s top part, which is worst in the early morning.

The mouth and nose may feel dry.  

The person may also experience headaches with the symptoms and may even get a cold sore around the lips.

The person feels better alone and may be quite touchy and irritable.


This remedy is indicated for people that feel very irritable with their symptoms. People needing this remedy can feel very cross while having hayfever symptoms.

The nose is blocked but runs water on one side. Eyes look red, and bloodshot. There is a lot of unsatisfied urge to sneeze, feeling like about to sneeze but not getting there.

The person is very sensitive to odours or the smell of pollen.

Symptoms are worse in the early morning by drug prescriptions and stimulants such as coffee or alcohol and are better by naps or resting.

Homeopathy for  allergic rhinitis

And remember to get deeper treatment to reduce the susceptibility to pollen and allergies! Meanwhile, use these homeopathic remedies for allergy relief!

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