Homeopathy can be very helpful in alleviating headaches. But the key to success is understanding your headache, and this homeopathic headache chart can be very useful to pinpoint which type of headache you are suffering from. Is your headache congestive, caused by a sinus infection or you suffer from tension headaches?

​Some of us experience a headache occasionally; most of us will have suffered from a headache sometimes in our lives. Headaches are one of the most common complaints.

Although they are felt in the head, neither the brain tissue nor the skull is responsible for that pain because they do not have nerves that register the pain. However, the blood vessels located in the neck and head, together with the surrounding tissue and the nerves running around the spinal cord, can produce pain that activates a headache.

They can be caused by a series of factors, and understanding why we are experiencing the headache is the key to getting the best results with homeopathic remedies.

This headache chart has some of the most commonly indicated headache remedies at a glance.


homeopathic headache chart

​​In homeopathy, we have remedies for inflammation, circulatory problems, hormones, etc. Understanding what system in your body is causing the head pain is essential to find a homeopathic remedy for headache or a combination that will help clear it.

I often get enquiries from my patients asking for a suggestion for homeopathic remedies for headaches, and my answer is always the same-where is your headache coming from? What is the reason why you are experiencing this headache?

​Let me give you an example to help you understand this.

​A not long time ago, my youngest daughter complained of a headache.

​She was just coming down with a viral infection, and she was feeling a bit under the weather. I asked her what the headache felt like, and she described it as bursting or pressure inside of the head in the frontal area. Not really understanding what was causing this headache and not having much information, I asked her to take a few remedies with no relief.

After a few hours, the headache continued to increase, and at that point, I could hear her talking slightly nasal, although she reported no congestion in that area at all.

I thought this may be a possibility for her headache as other remedies were not providing relief, so I asked her to take Sanguiaria 200+Bell3c as per the Banerji Protocol, which took the headache away.

This confirmed that the headache was coming from sinus inflammation as this remedy has an affinity to the vasomotor of the mucous membranes.

​So as you can see, understanding what is driving your headache will help you to choose a more specific remedy for your headache.


​These are the most common types of headaches. These headaches are usually produced by stress or being in a specific position that makes our muscles feel tight. This may also be due to an area of injury in our spine that is producing inflammation and creating tension in that area.

MAG PHOS 200 This is a remedy for neuralgic pain and spasmodic symptoms in muscles. Stiffness may be felt in the neck. 
Mag Phos headache can feel “as if a cap on the head” although this is only one of the sensations! You may feel relief from hot applications to the area or warmth, like taking a hot bath. 

Use this remedy for 

  • headaches that started after  have been working at the computer a bit too much, and your shoulder muscles are stiff, 
  • or maybe you have been worrying too much, and your muscles are all tense, and it has gone into spasm
  • headaches with tension on the neck or shoulder
homeopathic remedy for headache

SPIGELIA 200 The pain in this remedy is neuralgia. It starts at one point and radiates in different directions. Semilateral headaches that settle into the left eye.  Your scalp may feel sore and sensitive to touch.

Use this remedy for 

  • headaches that begin at sunrise and decline at sunset
  • headaches that start or get worse with stormy weather
  • headaches that centre in, around or above the eyes, especially the left eye.


  • The Banerjies use for headaches relief: Picricum Acidum 200+Belladonna 3c every 30 minutes
  • For sinus headaches or headaches above the forehead, Sanguinaria200+Belladonna3c is repeated in the same way and spacing the dosing further apart as the diminishes.
  • Headaches around your menses and hormonal migraines Sepia 200 every 3rd day


SANGUINARIA 200 This is a great remedy for headaches located in the forehead or starting at the back of the head and settling over the eyes, especially the right eye.

Sick headache that is better by vomiting.

A headache so severe that you may not tolerate any noise and you may end up vomiting. Bursting, throbbing and nausea.

This remedy has a specific affinity to the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, making it a great remedy for headaches or congestion in that area. A great remedy for sinus headaches!

  • during menopause or perimenopause
  • with sinus infections
  • with hay fever
  • migraines
  • headaches that are mainly on the right side
  • headaches that extend to the cheekbones

​BELLADONNA 200 This is a very often indicated remedy for headaches. The characteristic symptom of this remedy is a “throbbing sensation”, a sense of fullness or swelling and headaches that are sudden by nature.

This is an inflammation remedy and you may experience these kinds of headaches when you are running a fever or at the beginning of a viral infection. 

​Think of this remedy for any acute inflammation that accompanies a headache.

This remedy can also be helpful for headaches that are congestive by nature due to circulatory irregularities in your body. For instance, during your menses,  or if you suffer from high blood pressure.

 Use this remedy if your headache started after

  •  getting your head wet  
  • after having your head washed or cut
  • after having a draft straight into your hair, like for instance a blow of air conditioning straight to your head.
  • you are coming down with a viral infection and are feeling under the weather with a headache
  • ​ you have a fever with an acute viral infection
  • heat stroke

​GLONOINUM 200 Great remedy for congestive headaches produced by an excess of blood in the brain due to excess heat or cold, making this remedy a must-have for people who enjoy outdoor activities in nature.

The main characteristic of this remedy is a headache that feels as if the head is going to burst and as if the head is enormously large.

This remedy has feelings of “bursting and expansion”. Waves of bursting, pounding headaches and pulsating sensations on the arteries of the head with pulsations that can be felt in the body.

Use this remedy for 

  • sun headaches that increase or decrease with the sun
  • headaches that arise after being out in very cold weather
  • headaches that have started after sitting outdoors in the evening
  •  headaches after overheating
  • headaches that come after missing your periods  or instead of the periods
  • headaches in eclampsia during pregnancy
  • headaches in albuminuria
  • headaches related to high blood pressure

KALI BICH 30 is a great remedy for congestive headaches of the sinus that are affected by barometric pressure changes.

BRYONIA 200+RHUS TOX 30  This remedy is very helpful for tension caused by inflammation around the vertebra that puts pressure on the surrounding nerves and tissues. 

This combination can help to bring down inflammation and reduce headaches. You may feel worse by any movement and feel like laying down or sitting still, as this helps to contain the headache. 

This combination can be helpful for headaches that come after 

  • doing physical exercise such as running, the gym
  • or manual overwork such as gardening, lifting heavy items, 
  • bad posture
Homeopathy for tension headache and chart


NUX VOMICA 200 These types of headaches tend to arise from overburden on the liver and tend to be related to congestion in that area.  Sensation as if “the head had been beaten with an axe” “all over the head”  accompanied by a bruised sensation. You may feel nauseous with the headache.

The headaches tend to worsen on waking in the morning and will often disappear a few hours later.

This remedy is also indicated for people that are doing excessive mental work and who may be handling a bit too much at the same time. For excessive mental strain, the person enjoys the challenge but it is excessive.

This is an everyday headache remedy for

  • excessive use of alcohol, making it a top remedy for “hangover”
  • excessive use of tobacco or coffee
  • use of drugs medical or recreative
  • excessive use of laxatives
  • overeating of any kind 
  •  from strong odours
  • oversensitivity of the senses such as from strong light,  noise or touch
  • children that are overstudying for an exam
  • overwork in the office from businessmen


 Homeopathy for migrane

NATRUM MURIATICUM 200c- headaches of school children that have felt hurt and grieve silently about it. Anaemic children.

CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA 200c– headaches of school children about puberty, from growing too fast. Dull headache when returning from school.

PHOSPHORIC ACID 200c– headaches from overuse of the eyes due to overstudy and fatigue. Headaches from mental exertion with tiredness. Children that are overtaxed from growing and studying.

  • You can give any of these remedies to school children twice weekly for at least 5 weeks and asses then if the tendency to headaches has decreased. 

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