The summer season is a time for relaxation when many people look forward to going to the beach to swim and soak up the sun. However, it also presents challenges with increased temperatures, and sunburn is a common occurrence during this period. Homeopathic remedies can help to alleviate symptoms of sunburn.

I’ve discovered that the specific challenges of summer can vary depending on geographical location, as temperatures differ from place to place. This is my experience working with patients from diverse countries over the years.

If you are travelling from one place to another, and you struggle with motion sickness or jetlag, you can help yourself to remedies car, sea or plane to help you on your way.

In the UK, we eagerly welcome the summer season as our winters tend to be quite lengthy. Sunburn is a common issue for us, as we try to soak up every bit of sunshine as soon as it arrives. But in other countries, heat and its effect on the body can bring other challenges.

As you all know by now, I love the Banerji Protocols! So, we are going to start learning about one of the protocols or remedies that they use for ailments caused by hot weather.


  • Aconite 200 every 15-20 minutes

You will know Aconite for ailments from cold weather and you have seen it often on my blogs for colds and flu. But this remedy is often forgotten for ailments from very hot weather, hence a summer remedy also.

But how can we understand why this remedy is used in this protocol and why is it indicated? By studying the physiology of the effects of heat in the human body and looking at the affinities of the remedy.

Firstly, let’s look at some affinities of Aconite: nerves [medulla, Sympathetic vagus, Respiratory centre] and Heart [arterial, circulation]. This tells us that the remedy has a big sphere of action in the nervous and circulatory systems.

The temperature receptors in the hypothalamus detect fluctuations in body temperature. Once the sensory input reaches the brain, it is transmitted through a connector neuron and sent to an effector via a motor neuron, which then transmits signals to effectors like sweat glands or muscle cells to regulate it.

When we experience extreme heat, blood vessels near the skin dilate, allowing more blood to flow to the surface of the skin where it is cooler and release heat. This occurs as the heart works harder to pump blood through the dilated vessels to help cool the body.

Vasodilation, Sweating and increased respiration are the primary mechanisms for cooling down the body.

As the body heats up and the blood vessels dilate, the blood pressure lowers, and you may feel dizzy.

You will find this remedy along with the different complaints for summer, and it will help you understand why it is one of the main remedies for their protocol.



Sunburn is characterized by skin damage caused by UV rays. In the first stages, the skin tends to get red, sore, itchy, and sensitive.

During first-degree burns, only the first outer layer of the skin is affected, creating redness and heat in the area.

ACONITE 200 This is a homeopathic remedy that can be helpful for sunburn in the summer months. It is a remedy for Erythema from the sun’s rays– Erythema just means redness of the skin caused by irritation and dilation of the superficial capillaries.

The skin feels hot, dry, and burning, and as the inflammation sets in, it may look a bit shiny.


This is one of the best-known homeopathic remedies for sunburn in the summer months. It is also a remedy for violent inflammations with a characteristic bright, glowing redness of the skin. This is another remedy for Erythema.

The skin is red, hot and burning, and it is very sensitive to touch. Exposure to the sun makes it worse and aggravates the sensations on the skin.

The skin feels very hot and also feels very hot to the touch of the hand. As if radiating heat.

APIS 200

This homeopathic remedy is helpful for sunburn that looks as if the skin is swollen or puffed up, rosy red and shiny.

The skin feels stinging, burning, or prickling, and it may resemble urticaria. The itching feels better when cold water is applied, but it feels worse when heat is applied to the area.


During this stage, the middle section of the skin is damaged, and blisters will develop in the area that has been sunburned.


This is a good remedy for Erythema caused by sunburn, which causes blistering. Watery blisters develop on the skin, and there is a burning and itching sensation. But this is also a good remedy for burning before the blisters are formed on the surface if the remedies in the first stage are not helping.



Causticum becomes helpful for burning of the skin that seems to last longer than expected from sunburn. This remedy can also be helpful for burnt skin that tends to heal slowly and is often a remedy indicated in third-degree burns.

Take the remedy 3 times daily for a few days or until better.

SOL 200

This is a good all-around homeopathic remedy for ailments from sunburn with red, itchy skin after having been in the sun. This is a very helpful remedy for those who sunburn easily in the summer months.

It can be used acutely after sunburn with the same dosing as the remedies above or as a preventive on the days of exposure, and I suggest taking it 2-3 times daily then.


Calendula is a top homeopathic remedy for skin regeneration in general. This remedy aids in the regeneration of the outermost layer of the skin following sunburn. It is recommended to take this remedy 2-3 times daily.


  • Cantharis 200+Arsenicum 200 every 3 hours


Although this does not tend to be a big problem, it can be bothersome to some. Some people are extremely sensitive and end up with big bumps on the skin.

Insect bites typically appear as raised, itchy red bumps on the skin. They may also be accompanied by swelling, redness, and pain. In some cases, mosquito bites can cause more severe reactions, such as large welts.


APIS 200, 1M is the top remedy for Bee stings, especially with swellings and oedema. There is swelling in the area and this is the number one remedy for bee or wasp stings. Put one pill in water sip it water and sip as often as needed.

VESPA 200 is the second remedy to think of, especially for wasp stings. Sensations of stinging and burning pains “as if pieced by hot needles”. Use in the same way as Apis for dosing.


HYPERICUM 200, 1M is a particularly good remedy for insect bites or stings that produce tingling and numbness in the area. Hence, it is one of the first remedies for Scorpion stings. Take every 2-3 hours.

ANDROCTONUS 200 [SCORPION 200] this is an specific remedy for Scorpion stings to either give alongside Hypericum or alone if the first remedy is not working well. Take every 2-3 hours.

LEDUM 200, 1M is specific for puncture wounds, hence helpful for those produced by insects that have stings, which produce swelling and a red spot. The spot may sting and burn and can look purplish. But this is a general remedy that can help with most insect stings regardless if there is discolouration of the skin or not.


URTICA URENS 200, 1M for jellyfish stings. They burn and sting intensively. Apis can also be helpful if there is a lot of swelling in these cases.


LEDUM 200 insects bites which produce swelling and a red spot.

APIS 200 insect bites that produce puffiness, swelling or oedema. For bites with an allergic reaction.

STAPHISAGRIA 200 for insect stings that become very itchy and can feel burning after scratching. For bites that will not heal or continue to have a watery discharging fluid.

Some other remedies that will be helpful for the summer months:


Heat stroke is considered a medical emergency, but if you are in a remote area far from medical services and it will take some time to reach them, you can begin using these remedies on the way to help with heat stroke.

ACONITE 200 for hea stroke that comes with rapid breathing and rapid heart rate. This is one of the top remedies for the Banerjies for disorders due to heat.

BELLADONNA 200 is especially helpful for heatstroke, which can accompany a pounding or throbbing headache. During heatstroke, you may feel very hot to the touch, and your skin and face may look very red.

GLONOIUM 200 for heatstroke that comes with a headache and feelings like the head is going to explode. The head feels large, as if the skull is too small for the brain. Waves or pounding headache. The headache feels better after vomiting.

Dosing: Place a pill in a glass of water and sip as needed.

Belladonna and Glonoium are both related remedies and work well one after the other.


Poison Ivy is a deciduous vine that contains resinous compounds called urushiols in all parts of the plant. These compounds can cause skin inflammation, blistering, and itching. The toxic compounds can be transmitted by smoke of burning the plant or direct contact.

Poison Ivy is more common in the spring or summer, when the leaves are more active, but the stems and roots are also toxic.

Dosing: take every 2-3 hours

RHUS TOX 200 this is the most helpful remedy for poison Ivy. You will have the typical crusty eruptions that exudate fluid and burning and itching of the skin.

ANACARDIUM 200 it is the second remedy to consider in Poison Ivy. The skin may feel insensible- or lacking in sensation and itching becomes much worse after scratching.

ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 200+ ARSENICUM 200 this combination will help with the itching and blisterind of the skin.

For more skin remedies for different ailments, have a look at my blog.


Here we will notice that the plant Poison Ivy belongs to the genus Toxicodendrons is the original source from which the remedy Rhus Tox is made or “potentised”. It is also a member of the Pistacho and Cashew family – the Anacardiaceae family.

So these plants are related in their original plant form and also in their homeopathic form. Both Rhus Tox and Anacardium are complementary remedies.

Both homeopathic remedies are helpful for characteristic skin eruptions with blisters and oozing liquid that crust over with a yellow tinge. These types of eruptions can be traced back to the original source of Poison Ivy and its resinous compounds, which are irritants to the skin.



Dehydration occurs during the summer when the body loses more water than it absorbs. This can happen due to factors such as being busy and forgetting to drink, excessive sweating in hot weather, or experiencing vomiting or diarrhea.

Dehydration can be mild, moderate, and severe; in some cases, it requires IV fluids for moderate or severe cases.

Some early symptoms of dehydration include:

  • less urination
  • feeling more thirsty
  • fatigue
  • dry mouth, skin or lips

As dehydration symptoms increase, other symptoms appear:

  • headaches
  • low blood pressure
  • light-headedness
  • muscles cramps

Dehydration in the summer is common, and drinking more water is usually the best solution. However, some homoeopathic remedies can help alleviate the symptoms associated with it.

CHINA 30,200 This is one of the best remedies for recovering from fluid loss, such as dehydration or excessive sweating. It is very helpful to address the fatigue that comes with it.

You can take this remedy every 3 hours for more severe symptoms or twice daily if you are recovering.

VERATRUM ALBUM 30, 200 is especially helpful for weakness and in situations of vomiting and cramps in the limbs. The person may experience sweating on the forehead. This is also helpful for fainting while in the sun.


This combination helps with electrolyte imbalance.

  • Twelve Tissue Cell Salts Combination in 6x or 12x

If you are out in the sun or at the beach, you can put one pill of each in a small water bottle and drink sips throughout the day.

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