Your skin is the largest human organ in your body! In homeopathy, we treat a skin rash as something that needs to be addressed with the whole system because the skin is an organ! Itchy skin is something that we all experience at some point in our lives, for instance, during a bout of hives or after a mosquito bite. Homeopathy for itchy skin has much to offer in our first aid kit.

Did you know that your skin was an organ? Well, I will give you a clue of what it does, and its importance-this organ acts as a protective barrier between the inside and outside of your body- quite important right?

This protective barrier will defend your body from any external intrusion. Your skin is like your coat, it protects you.

So your skin is the safest place where your body can dump any toxicity to keep it away from the main organs. I bet you are wondering, is this really true?

Your body is clever and will try to minimize any damage to the main parts by sending it to less important organs. Have a look here for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema with homeopathy!

Let’s be honest here if you have to choose between liver damage or skin rash- which one will you choose. I bet the skin! Me too!

I know what you are thinking. This sounds new to you.

Well, let me give you an example that you will quickly recognise.

How many times have you heard from a friend- I now suffer from asthma, but when I was little,  I used to suffer from eczema, and when I turned about 4-5, it disappeared! You heard it.

​Eczema disappeared from the skin but now manifests in another body organ.

One of my patients was a healthy Sulphur constitution, a writer(of course!) and he had a rash. After taking his case, he told me he has had some patches of mild psoriasis in his body for most of his life but had never put anything on it! He did not like taking medications or putting steroids on his skin.

This patient was very healthy, and his rash disappeared immediately after a remedy. His body was able to keep the original disease on the skin without interfering with any other internal working.

This is a very different picture from many children I see with eczema and recurrent chest problems. 

Some common skin conditions tend to respond quite quickly to homeopathic remedies, and others require a long treatment to improve. This is most true for chronic skin problems.

Let’s see how to manage the most common skin conditions with homeopathy.

If you want to get rid of warts with homeopathy, look at this blog.


homeopathy for itchy skin and hives

This is a rash or redness of the skin that is caused in response to contact with a specific substance. It causes the skin to become red, inflamed, and dry, and it can blister and crack.

The reaction usually starts a few hours or days after the exposure

​These are a list of the most common substances:

  • laundry detergents,
  • skin creams 
  • chlorine
  • medications
  • antibiotics 

The main aim of the remedies here is to antidote the offending substance and relieve the skin. What I have found most successful in these cases is the following Banerji Protocol for that.


  • Camphor 200 twice per day if this is caused by medications
  • Antimonium Crudum 6c every 3 hours

However, as you know, in homeopathy, flexibility is very important as this protocol may not suit everyone.

So these other remedies can be an alternative if things are not going in the right direction or you prefer to individualise your symptoms.


​APIS 30, 200
It is a great #1 remedy for rough eruptions or stinging-like spots. The skin is hot and rosy red, the patches look swollen, and it feels burning and itching. 

A clue: they look like a bee sting! 

​And, of course, this is the first remedy to think of if you have been stung by a bee or wasp. But you can use this remedy also for any insect bite that produces swelling and itching. This one is the most common use of this remedy.

So this remedy fits the eruptions of urticaria, hives and wheels very well, and it is my first choice when there are no clear indications for another remedy.

The itch is worse with touch and heat.

– is particular for urticaria or hives with a stinging and burning sensation with shiny redness and puffiness.
– tends to be relieved by cold applications to the area and is worse by any kind of heat ( getting warm in bed, bath, fire, hot weather)

Use this remedy every 2-3 hours for acute situations.

With this remedy, you can get relief from allergic rashes that are raised, itching, stinging and blotchy.
Your skin will feel burning hot and numb in those areas.

A clue: it may look like nettle rash!

The itch is better by rubbing it and lying down.

This remedy is useful for hives that appear after: 
a) after eating shellfish
b)after bathing
c) after violent exercise or getting warm
d) after rising in the morning

This is a good remedy also for prickly heat or heat rash. Use this remedy every 2-3 hours for acute situations.

This is not a remedy that is talked about much in acute skin rashes; nevertheless, it is important. 

Red spots as large as a pin’s head cover the whole body. Rash is present in groups all over and has a whitish appearance.

It looks like nettle rash all over the body with large red blotches that are very itchy.
The rash is worse by exertion and the heat of the sun.

Use this remedy two or 3 times per day.

Urticaria is large and prominent.
This is the # 1 remedy for Urticaria after eating shellfish.

Use this remedy every 2-3 hours for acute situations.

For acne or breakouts after the use of cosmetics. Use every other day for a few weeks to assess or twice daily on the day wearing the make-up.


For an acute attack of hives or urticaria:

  • Natrum mur 6x in alternation with Apis 6c one dose every 2 hours


​Boils are localised skin infections that start as a red, sore area. When it matures, it is filled with pus. These are painful and tender until they burst and the pus comes out. At that point, they are called abscesses.


  • Belladonna 3c or 30c if this is what you have in alternation with Hepar 6c every 2-3 hours.

If the abscess is suppurating, then use Hepar 6c and Arsenicum200+Hypericum200 in alternation every 3 hours.

​When using my own method, I like to alternate the Hepar Sulph in 30c and Belladonna 30. This combination targets infection and inflammation really well.

Unfortunately, not all skin infections respond to these remedies, and sometimes other remedies are needed. Other times, those remedies need to be followed by complementary remedies to finish the job!

However, my recommendation is that those are always the first remedies to try.

It is useful if the abscess has been lingering for a long time (less intense than Hep Sulph) and hasn’t come to a head alternatively, Silica is also indicated after the pus has discharged; it hastens the resolution of the abscess.

Worse by cold air and cold drinks and better by warmth. 

It is also useful after Hepar Sulph if the process is not completely finished. Silica is not a fast-acting remedy so steady repetition over a period of time is expected.

Take this remedy 3 times daily.

MERC SOL 30,200
This remedy is for an abscess that has already formed pus. The pus if visible, is yellow-greenish colour, and if it is suppurating, it can smell offensive.
This remedy will help with abscesses that are especially painful at night. You may wake up in a lot of pain in that area, and you can feel sweaty.

Boils or abscesses that form at menstrual times.

Merc Sol30 works very nicely alternately with Belladonna30 to reduce pain and inflammation.

In cases of fever with the abscess, give Pyrogen 30c every 3 hours or 200c twice daily.

This is a good drainage remedy that hastens suppuration and shortens its duration. It is a remedy of great antiseptic powers.

Often acts more powerfully than Hepar or Silica.
It has a specific action in panaritium or infection around the fingernails.

So if you tend to suffer from infected hangnails, this is an excellent remedy for you! Take this remedy 3 times per day.

For Impetigo, a bacterial infection of the skin very common in children, these remedies will treat the skin lesion and provide relief for itching.


homeopathy for cold sores

Herpes labialis or cold sores are a viral infection caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus that mainly affects your mouth or lips. It causes painful blisters that dry and crust over as they are healing. 
Cold sore flare-ups tend to occur when your immune system is under stress and reoccur once you get them.

The treatment of cold sores with homeopathic remedies is very efficient and can stop the outbreak or minimise the symptoms or healing time.

I advise starting the remedies every 3 hours to start with, and as the symptoms improve, decrease the frequency.


  • The Banerjies treat Herpes Simplex Virus with Antimonium Crudum 6c every 3 hours
  • Hypericum200 every 3 hours if there is a lot of pain.

This remedy is my favourite remedy to treat cold sores! It will help the majority of the cases, and it can act really fast. 

Crusty eruptions on the skin especially around the mouth and nose with itchy and burning sensations, homeopathy and this particular remedy act very well in all herpetic eruptions.

Start taking the remedy every 3 hours just as you start feeling the tingling sensation and you know that the cold sore is flaring up. You will be amazed at how fast it goes down!

This is often an under-looked remedy in acute cold sores, yet an excellent remedy!

You may have little vesicles, like pearls, on the lips. Your lips and corners of the mouth can be very dry and cracked, and you may have the characteristic “middle of the lip crack” that is a signature of this remedy.
Dryness with the blisters is an indication of this remedy.

Smarting pain, swelling of the lower lip and a violent burning feeling.

The cold sore may come up after an emotional trigger, such as an emotional upset. But this is also a good remedy for cold sores that come with a cold.

This is for cold sores that have developed yellow fluid like pus, are suppurating and are very painful. You may even have a blood-tinged discharge.

Burning and throbbing pains. The middle lip cracked.

This remedy is also helpful for herpes which follows the supraorbital nerve.

This remedy is indicated for cold sores that seem to be triggered by menses.


​Ringworm is a skin problem caused by a fungal infection. Ringworm is quite contagious and spreads easily.

I find that applying apple cider vinegar in cotton wool, taped to fungal lesions before going to bed, can quickly kill the fungus and stop proliferation.

Skin fungal conditions can be tedious to treat, but with homeopathy, you can speed up the process and get symptomatic relief for itchy skin. The Banerji Protocols are really good for that.


  • Graphites 200 every 3rd day
  • Kali Sulph 6x twice per day

Tellurium 200c twice per week can be used if the first remedies fail. 

Tellurium keynote is intersecting rings, so if your ringworm looks like the rings intersect, this remedy may help you.

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