If there is something I love about the Banerji Protocols is the simplicity of their system. One of the protocols that I use more frequently in my practice is the Banerji Protocol for eczema in adults or children. As you can see, eczema and Psoriasis protocols overlap, and there is a good reason for it!

Before working with the Banerji Protocols, working with skin issues was much more complex. Navigating through the different layers made the skin often flare up and make it uncomfortable for the patient and me.

I can only say that the Banerjies are into something good and very clever! Their skin protocols target the root of the problem while providing therapeutic relief simultaneously by working on two different layers simultaneously. Their results are very effective and very gentle.


​One of the patients where this was the case, was Emily.
Emily had developed Pustular Psoriasis in her hands, feet and leg, problems began to arise such as that she was told that it could not be 100% fully cured with traditional medicine.

And the second problem was that the medication she was going to be given was very strong, so she began to consider other options.
If I am being 100% honest, to say that the drug they were going to give her was strong is an understatement…  An immunosuppressant, normally a chemotherapy agent, and immune system suppressant…
One of the things that most scared Emily was that she was asked by the nurse if she wanted to have children. When she said that she did, the conversation that followed was difficult to hear and in short, stated that the properties of the medicine are not great to be taking if she wanted to conceive.

It saddens me to hear that so many people don’t even know if the other options available to treat conditions are, in fact, a natural treatment that is effective. In my practice, I welcome both patients who take conventional medication and those who don’t. Have a look at this blog to find homeopathic remedies for different skin conditions.

Without further ado, this was the case!

When she came to see me, her hands and the sole of her feet were covered in itchy psoriasis, for those of you who know what it’s like to have this type of psoriasis… you’ll know the struggle!

Imagine having constantly itchy skin, cracking yellow pustules, and painful blistering all the time; that is not only physically painful but also draining to constantly walk on cuts that itch and burn whenever you walk!

​ I know…. all the horrible symptoms of this type of psoriasis!


Hepar Sulph 200 every other day and Arsenicum album 200c twice daily or one dose every other day.

Graphites 200 every 3rd day to replace the Hepar Sulph 200 if the first one is first to improve.

You must wait 8 weeks to be able to reassess if the protocol is helping.

 Banerji protocol for eczema and psoriasis


So, where is she now? Why don’t I let Emily tell you “I have now been undergoing treatment for two years and I can solemnly say it was the right decision; I only have a small patch of psoriasis left on one foot I have managed it and will continue to manage it with only homeopathy.” 

You read that right! An incredibly complex condition like Pustular psoriasis was managed solely by homeopathic remedies, without any need for medication!), some of the remedies that she had received were part of this Banerji Protocol, and some others were added over the whole period she was under homeopathic care.

​ “I find the treatment very effective, and I feel good knowing that I do not have to use steroid cream or immune suppressants, which are both strong prescription drugs.”
This case shows that although sometimes-complex cases are difficult to treat, they are definitely treatable! But patience is required in the process.

​I will always be honest with my patients and let them know that everyone gets better at their own pace, and with such a deep chronic problem such as Psoriasis, unfortunately, it is not from one day to the next that you are going to see results.

​However, I assure my patients that if they give me their commitment, I will invest my time, care and expertise to help them live the best possible life.

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