Warts are caused by an infection of the skin with one of the Human Papilloma Virus family, and Thuja 30 is one of the most indicated remedies for warts.

 Warts cause the skin to grow to make it hard and thick.

However bad they look they are harmless, but once we have a few, we can only notice them and want them gone as soon as possible.

​Warts can be located anywhere in the body and can differ in size and shape, some are large, some are small, thick or thin, raised or flat. 

Warts in children are common as their immune systems are not properly developed and in adults, multiple warts are an indication that the immune system is not working at its best.

Conventional treatments are not always successful at getting rid of warts, and if they do, they tend to appear and by default, they do not address the reason why they came up in the first place. 

Homeopathic treatment of the warts is simple and effective and addressed the problem from all angles so once warts are gone, they do not tend to come back.  

thuja 30 for warts


Here is one of the most common homeopathic remedies indicated for warts which will clear a large portion of the cases although other remedies may be also needed:

  • Thuja 30 twice per day for some weeks or months, if slowly reducing until the warts are gone.


In some cases where the warts are very stubborn, I recommend Thuja tincture painted on the wart 2-3 times per day, sometimes that alone is able to get rid of the wart! But it has to be done for at least a month to assess the results.

I remember a case where the patient had gone several times to see a chiropodist regarding a plantar wart but despite removing the wart, the root will always make it grow back.

​Thuja in homeopathic potency was not helping much so I advised painting the wart with Thuja tincture daily, and the wart was gone in a few weeks to the patient’s delight!

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