In my practice, I see children vaccinated and children who are not vaccinated, and a few are interesting- or, say, striking observations- that are obvious at first sight. Of course, I only see children in my practice who are experiencing problems; healthy children do not come to see me!

Some children struggle after vaccinations, and others sail. Most children do not have any issues, but a small number of children don’t do well.

Firstly, both groups of children get ill with acute affections, but the vaccinated children tend to see me for recurrent or chronic problems such as recurrent chest infections, eczema, chronic otitis media, recurrent tonsillitis, hives, allergies, recurrent fevers etc.

Secondly, the incidence of allergies is much higher among vaccinated children. I am not saying that non-vaccinated children do not suffer from allergies!! But the severity of the allergies and the number of triggers is higher in the vaccinated group.

Typical allergies that tend to occur together in those children are peanuts, nuts, eggs and sensitivity to chemicals that are either ingested, such as preservatives or applied on the skin, such as in soaps or creams.

Treatment for both children is the same, but unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children tend to react very well to remedies, and their health improves fairly quickly.


At the beginning of my practice, I used to take the case relying on the information the parents provided, but in time, it was obvious to me that many of the parents were missing crucial information.

They could not make the connection between cause and effect.

​Some parents would say that their child had a strong reaction to one particular set of the vaccine programme, but still, they could not make the link to the current complaints. While others could not think about any possible connection since it may have been a couple of months since their child got quite ill, so logically, they did not even think about it.


I do not use any fixed particular protocol or detox programme, I rather work with a different set of methods that fit the child without overwhelming the system but in a very gentle way.

​This may include remedies for incomplete expressed disease states, the use of nosodes, both miasmatic and vaccine nosodes, constitutional remedies, therapeutics to alleviate symptoms as I work on deeper layers and the Banerji Protocols.

​I approach any of these cases as I would do with any other case presented in my practice, but these children tend to have longer paths to regain health and need several remedies over a period of time to complete the process.

In here you will find my favourite remedies to gently detox your liver.


Baby with recurrent bronchiolitis and slow development.

​The baby had this recurrent complaint since the last set of vaccines.

​He had been in and out of the hospital several times with this complaint but could not clear it completely. 

Ant-tart 30, a few doses of this remedy for several days cleared his chest, and the baby became more alert and responsive.​ 

​​​​Baby with severe eczema:
Baby was getting worse progressively with every set of vaccines until, at 4 months, it extended to all of her body.

​Eczema is itchy and weepy, parents had used cortisone cream, but every time it goes away, it comes back worse than before; therefore, they started to look for another solution. 

Morgan Pure30, after a few doses of the remedy, the eczema is nearly gone, with only a few remaining patches.

​Over the course of a year, more remedies were needed to complete the process, and the remaining eczema at this point was a small patch on her body that it was occasionally itchy.

​The whole case took two years, but the child is now free from eczema and has remained like this until the present day.


For some of these children that I see, their gut microbiota or intestinal flora is badly affected. Some of these children will present with digestive symptoms such as constipation, unformed stools and passing more than average wind and colic.

​This may accompany allergies or intolerances or come on its own.

It is not surprising that many children with eczema have allergies as an associated symptom of gut microbiota, which profoundly influences many aspects of our physiology, including nutrient metabolism, resistance to infection, immune system and neurological development. 

​The composition and density of gut bacteria can influence inflammatory processes in our gut, drive autoimmunity, and prevent allergic responses. 

​This is why bowel nosodes
 have become indispensable with children in my practice, especially children who come to see me with eczema, allergies or behavioural problems.

​In most cases, tackling the bowel alone will clear 50% of the skin and make the rest of the case more manageable.

Most of those children, at some point, will benefit from liver support remedies and Chelidonium 6x and Lycopodium 30c are one of my favourites. They seem to do wonders to tone up this special organ that helps clear our body’s toxicity.


The Banerjies use for ADHD:

Aethusa200 every 3rd day

Stramonium 6c two doses daily

Clue: Banerjies also use Aethusa 200 for dairy intolerance, and many of these children suffer from dairy allergies. The Banerjies are onto something good here!

Stramonium is a remedy that has an affinity to the brain and spinal nerves and, in this particular potency is an excellent toning remedy.

The road to recovery for this patient can be long or short; that depends on many factors, such as the length that the child has been ill, if he has been vaccinated again and how full the case feels at the first appointment.

Only after taking the whole case and how the patient reacts to the first prescriptions indicates their vitality.


This is a very simple strategy for helping minimize any symptoms that could arise after vaccinations. This may not help in all cases, especially if reactions were severe previously, but it is a good first port of call for self-prescribing.

The day before the vaccination, give the potentised vaccine in 200c and also repeat after vaccination on the same day. For instance, if your child received the DTP vaccine, then give DTP potentised remedy.

If there are acute symptoms immediately, give the remedy in a 30c or 200c dissolved in 1/3 of a glass of water. Take a teaspoon as a dose every 3 hours.

If your child has received several vaccines at once, use Poli Vax from a good homeopathic remedy.

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