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Babies crying, ohhhh that is the most worrying thing for first-time parents or those with a newborn baby. We all want them to be happy and content, and although we all have an inbuilt tolerance to some baby crying sounds, the colic cry is something else! Thank goodness we have so many good homeopathic remedies for colic. 

To see a baby with colic is heartbreaking for the parents! And no matter what you do to soothe your baby, it does not seem to be working. The good news is that homeopathic remedies can relieve colic babies, and I have seen very happy mothers and babies in my practice after taking the remedies.

Colic is not a disease or a diagnosis but a combination of behaviours that point to colic. It is more like a catch-all word for crying babies that are otherwise healthy, and no reason can be found for it.

​But even though nobody understands colic, there are two things that can be observed:

  • The Baby’s tummy is hurting
  • The baby is very unsettled and crying

However, in homeopathy we say there is ALWAYS a reason for everything and if the baby has colic, there must be a reason for that!

Although nobody knows what causes colic, my observation is that

  • mums and babies that have taken medical drugs during pregnancy or after birth 
  • or mums or babies that have suffered some sort of serious upset during or after birth

 they are more likely to come and see me because of baby colic.

Read here how to convert dry doses of remedies into liquid drops ready to dose for your baby.


I have seen this in my practice several times. The babies will be really fussy and start with a colic cry soon after a bottle feed. Babies fed a cow’s milk-based formula may become colicky if they’re allergic to the protein or can’t tolerate the lactose in cow’s milk.

​Switching those babies to a goat’s milk-based formula can really help as goat’s milk is less allergenic and easier to digest.

This can also be true for breastfed babies if the mum drinks milk in her diet. That’s because a potentially allergenic protein called beta-lactoglobulin in cow’s milk is transferred to the baby through breast milk. 


For food and dairy intolerances the Banerjies use:

For milk or dairy- Aethusa 200 every 3rd day

For food sensitivities Bobista 200 every 3rd day

And I know this one too well!! Both my daughters were breastfed, but only after a few weeks after my second daughter was born, I realise that every time I had some strong coffee, she would start to cry, and it would last a long time.

Breastfeeding mothers are savvy at connecting what they eat and how it affects their baby. Common offenders are coffee,  cruciferous (gassy) vegetables, spicy food and wheat.

I wish that at that point, I would have known about homeopathy and these colic remedies to help to get you through that time. Luckily for us, as soon as I removed coffee from my diet things changed for her and she never complained of tummy pain!

​However, she remains a sensitive person in the digestive system area.

If your baby is suffering from teething, here are the best homeopathic remedies to help!



This is one of the top remedies for VERY angry and upset colicky babies.

Chamomilla babies complain a lot, nothing makes them happy, and nothing soothes them. Babies can develop red cheeks during colic bouts and constantly want to be carried about and petted.

There is an oversensitive to abuse of coffee or medical drugs, so this remedy can be indicated if the baby or mother is taking or HAS TAKEN ANY MEDICINES. The stool may be more runny than usual after a colic bout.


This is another very good remedy for colic. The baby needing this remedy is affected by you taking any kind of stimulant, let it be spicy food, coffee or any medicine.

If the mother’s diet is rich and stimulating and the baby is breastfeeding, this can be a good match.

The baby may be a bit constipated and quite windy and do not want to be touched on the tummy, the colic is more likely to start after feeding. 


This is a great anti-spasmodic remedy for cramping pains.

Babies needing this remedy are quite flatulent and tend to draw their legs up when they are crying. This is because babies needing this remedy are relieved by pressure on that area, and you may well find yourself drawing the legs up to his tummy to expel some wind and then the baby gets a bit of relief from that.

These babies, also feel better from rubbing the tummy and warm applications to the area.


Nux Vomica 30+ Colocynthis 200 is their main remedy for the colicky type of pain in the abdomen, and this has become my favourite. It combines liver detox and cramping pain.

I tend to prescribe this twice daily and SOS in water for an acute attack.

Nux vomica is the acute of Lycopodium and Colothynthis is complementary to Lycopodium. It is telling you that there are some issues around the digestive tract, and most likely, Lycopodium can be helpful as liver support.

homeopathic remedies for colic


This remedy is an excellent remedy for colic in the abdomen.

The neuralgic pains are usually relieved by pressure. Agonizing pains cause the baby to bend their legs. The baby may feel better by rubbing his tummy and lying on the tummy.

The pain tends to come in waves, and the baby passes wind with it, providing some relief. Colic pains tend to be worst at night in bed.


This remedy is suited to babies that have colic and are extremely gassy.

Immediately after a meal, the abdomen is full and bloated. If babies are breastfed, any fermentable food such as cabbage or beans in the mother’s diet will produce a colic bout.

The babies can be very hungry but refuse to eat after a few sips because they swallow a lot of wind. These babies tend to burp as well as pass wind. Colic tends to be worst from 4-8 pm


A few doses of this remedy can be very helpful for babies that have developed colic and the mum has suffered some serious upset during pregnancy.

This is a grief remedy, and it has been very helpful in my practice.

This remedy can be alternated with any of the above remedies.

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