You may have been looking online and have read about taking homeopathic remedies in liquid form and you are wondering how to convert dry remedies into liquid remedies.

Due to the nature of homeopathy, it is very difficult to understand how homeopathic remedies work, however, by clinical observation,  we can see that liquid doses tend to work faster and more gentle, which is why it is often recommended when a faster repetition is needed such in acute conditions.

The Banerjies use some remedies in liquid for some of their protocols, indicating that they have seen better action than with dry doses.

So when to use homeopathic liquid remedies?

Sometimes you will be running an acute condition and may only have a few remedies. In that case, I advise turning the remedies into a liquid solution to ensure they have enough to finish the prescriptions.

Other times, you simply want them to take the remedy in liquid form, or the methodology calls for a liquid dose.

This is how I ask my patients to make liquid remedies!

Here are the instructions on how to make them.


1)Put 1 pill into a glass filled with 1/3 of water.​

2) You do not need for a remedy to dissolve to use it. It can be used straight away.

3) Take a teaspoon as a dose when needed.

4) For babies, a drop or a few drops from the spoon will be enough, don’t worry about the quantity, the amount of liquid is not important in homeopathy.

5) Store the remedy in a cool place or the fridge covered. It will keep like this for a couple of days.

6) This liquid can also be put in an empty plastic bottle to take away on the day.​

7) You can use the same bottle for making the same remedy with the same potency, but if you are changing the potency, let’s say you are taking Chamomilla 30 and wish to make Chamomilla 200, you will need to use a totally different glass or bottle. But if you use a combination remedy with two different potencies, that is ok.


1) Find a 20-30ml bottle dropper bottle in the chemist or any online shop.

2) Put a couple of pills (1 pill only if having only a couple left) in the bottle.

3) If this is for an adult or older child, please put 1/3 of the volume of brandy in the bottle and the rest of the water. The brandy acts as a preservative to avoid the growth of mould and bacteria, and the liquid can last for months if kept outside the fridge and much longer if kept inside the fridge.

4) The remedy is ready to be used.

5) Take 2-3 drops as a dose when needed. The quantity of drops is not relevant.

​6) Please use a different dropper bottle for a different potency even if using the same remedy; for instance, if you are using Chamomilla 30 but you want to go up to Chamomilla 200, a different bottle dropper must be used. But if you use a combination remedy with two different potencies, that is ok.

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