IBS is a chronic disorder of the large intestine that causes belly pain, cramping, bloating, inflammation, diarrhoea or constipation. Treatment with homeopathic remedies for IBS looks at both the emotional and physical symptoms of this problem. In my practice, I have found a strong emotional element in most cases of IBS, together with gut dysfunction.

In general, the term IBS tends to be wrongly associated with diarrhoea.

But in reality, many people are suffering from this syndrome who rarely have diarrhoea but instead are unable to fully evacuate their bowels and suffer from severe constipation.

​In some people, there can be an alternation of both diarrhoea and constipation.

In people with diarrhoea predominant IBS, colon contractions are too fast, while in those who suffer constipation-predominant IBS, colon contractions are too sluggish; peristalsis is responsible for the symptoms associated with this syndrome.

Peristalsis refers to a process of involuntary movements that creates a wave-like movement through the digestive system to help propel the food along the tract, this tells us that the nervous system plays a very important part in developing IBS.

It is not surprising to find that many people with this problem tend to find emotional triggers or stress the main source of flare-ups and many of those people suffer from depression or anxiety.

In people suffering from Irritable bowel syndrome, the colon can be overly responsive to even slight conflict or stress.

These other articles can help deal with stress and helping your IBS symptoms.

Although diet can help to alleviate some of the symptoms caused by this painful condition, it is not a long-term solution as the root of the problem is not addressed.

​Diet provides relief for the symptoms, but it is not a cure for IBS sufferers.  

These are some of the homeopathic remedies that I have found helpful for irritable bowel syndrome, although the treatment of IBS requires a consultation to find out remedies that will target the source of the problems, together with remedies to alleviate the symptoms as the case moves along.

​This list is more directed toward managing the symptoms and remedies and can change from one week to another if symptoms change.



Carbo veg 30: very slow digestion; everything turns into gas. Eructations and excessive flatulence.

The flatulence is sometimes obstructed, especially on the upper part.

​Putrid smell of flatulence and stools.

​Take this remedy twice per day.

Lycopodium 200: eating ever so little creates fullness. Feeling hungry but feeling really full after small amounts of food.

Much noisy flatulence. Feeling as if a band around the waist and distension. Feeling of pressure above the belly button.

Flatulence is worst by eating farinaceous and vegetables.

Take this remedy every other day.

Natrum Mur 200: sudden distension of the abdomen, tense abdomen. Abdomen swollen and trapped gass with gurgling of the bowels. Constipation every 2-3 days.

Burning in the intestines.

Rigidity on the left side. Colic and flatulence.

Symptoms are worse by going without regular meals.

Take this remedy twice per week.

Look at my remedies for liver support to help you understand a bit more about the connection between your symptoms and the remedies.


Alumina 200: constipation from inactive rectum.

​No desire for stool and no ability to pass the stool.

Severe constipation must assist with fingers to remove the stool, even soft stool is passed with difficulty.

​A sensation of weakness in the sphincter ani.

This is a very slow remedy to act so take twice per day for a few days only until you pass stool, then wait and see.

Natrum-mur 200: constipation on alternate days from inactivity.

Stool dry and crumbling, tears the anus and burns as it is coming out, may produce fissures and bleeding.

The person needing this remedy will feel sad and want to be alone.
Take this remedy twice per week.

Nux-vomica 30: as if part of the faeces remains inside.

​Constipation and frequent ineffectual urging to go.

Irregular peristaltic action, hence the frequent ineffectual desire or passing of small quantities at each attempt.

​Feeling very irritable and angry.

Take this remedy twice per day.


Tuberculinum 200 every other day and Nux vomica 30 twice daily

For constipation, they also use Lycopodium200+Plumbum 200 twice daily


Nux-vom 30: feelings of movements in the abdomen as if something is alive.

Crampy, remittent pain in the bowels and soreness, feeling of rawness. Twitching in the bowels.

Feeling of spasmodic contractions of the intestines. Symptoms are worse by coffee and alcoholic drinks.

Take this remedy twice per day

Colocynthis 200: violent colicky pains that come in waves and feel better when doubling up and they feel better by hard pressing.

Intestines feel squeezed between stones.

Dioscorea 30: unbearably sharp, twisting and cutting pains in the bowels. Colic which is better by stretching and walking.

​Feels worse if bending double.

Take this remedy twice per day.



Cantharis 6c: violent burning in the whole intestinal tract.

Like scraping of intestines on the rectum as food moves along.

Take this remedy twice per day.

Mercurious Sol 200c: intestines feel bruised, and the person feels worse if laying on the right side.

The stools are very painful to pass, and at the same time, the person may experience constipation.

​Feeling of soreness and rawness in the intestines.

Take this remedy twice per day.


Aloe 200: a sense of insecurity in the rectum and gushing watery stools with gurgling and rumbling in the bowels and sudden urge. Unsure if gas or stools are going to pass.

A sensation of weakness in the sphincter of the anus.

Rectum feels fool as if is full of fluid and feels heavy.

Take this remedy twice per day.

Sulphur 200: burning and pressure in the anus during the stool.

​Painless diarrhoea with a bad strong smell. Feeling as if the bowels were too weak to retain the contents.

​ Diarrhoea produces redness around the anus.

​Take this remedy twice per day.

Pulsatilla 200: rich, fatty foods, dairy and ice cream aggravate the symptoms.

No two stools are the same, this remedy is considered for the changeability of symptoms.

​Constipation and diarrhoea can change from one hour to the other.

Take this remedy twice per week.

Note that the homeopathic remedies for IBS mentioned on this blog will support the physical symptoms but there would be other remedies needed alongside, as IBS tends to have a big emotional component attached to it.

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