Teething babies are one of the main reasons babies wake up at night. And let’s face it, if you are one of those parents who have a slow and painful teething baby,  you probably want to invest in having these remedies around to provide natural relief! Homeopathic teething remedies are completely safe and natural! Calcarea Phosphorica 6x for babies is one of the simplest natural solutions to aid teething, and I will teach you the best time to start giving this remedy.

The average baby cuts his first tooth around six months but, some babies may start earlier and, others can be late starters and may not get their first tooth until they are one year old!

I am very lucky, both of my girls did not have any problems with teething…well, actually, my first one was such a bad sleeper that I may not have even noticed any difference! 

She was walking before she got any teeth by the age of 1 year, that says something about her! 

However, some of the parents in my practice struggle with babies that are teething; some of these parents tell me that babies are in a lot of pain and, most of all, their sleeping pattern is broken.  Others tell me that they can not put the baby down.

Most children have their first set of teeth by age 3.

​Some children do not have any problems with teething, while others seem to suffer a lot with them. That depends on their constitution, and Calcarea and Silica babies are notorious for slow and difficult teething

So, if you have one of these babies, you are probably reading this!

Some of the symptoms that your baby will display can be

  • red swollen gums
  • red, flushed cheeks
  • irritable and upset
  • pulling the ear in the same place that the tooth is erupting
  • dribbling more than usual
  • rash around the mouth area

Remember that symptoms can start as early as 2-3 months before a tooth surface!

Here, I will mark two sections one for remedies that can help a baby teething (that is more for the long term) and another for remedies that can help your baby settle with the pain and discomfort.​

You can use both of them together to give you the maximum relief.



This is an excellent remedy for inflammation and no wonder this is one of the best pain remedies. If in doubt, use this remedy that for sure will help to reduce inflammation of the gums.

Children needing this remedy have deep red and inflamed gums with little vesicles.

​The cheeks will be glowing red and burning hot and even the lips can be red as well. 

The child will be very restless and may bite or kick if old enough.


The signature of this remedy is angry babies with teething.

Babies needing this remedy usually have one cheek red and hot and the other one pale and cold.

The baby is very irritable and distressed and wants to be carried around all the time and wants many things, which he refuses immediately, parents say ” he does not know what he wants”.

Children needing this remedy seem to be in a lot of pain, which they find unbearable, and sometimes they will have diarrhoea with green stools resembling chopped spinach.

This is a good remedy for teething children who are very clingy, cry a lot and need to be in close contact all the time.

These children need a lot of attention and may cry easily for any reason.

They are usually better when they are outside in the open air and worse in the evening and nighttime.

I advise administering these remedies for pain in liquid for convenience and starting with a dose every 15 minutes for the first hour. Afterwards, dose as per needed needed when the symptoms increase again.

​This remedy helps to soothe babies and children who are constantly waking up during the night due to trouble teething.

It also establishes a routine when there have been too many broken nights, and the child is waking up in a pattern.

A dose before bed and another dose if they wake up can be helpful.

If your child has ear discharge often when cutting a tooth, a few doses of the Bowel Nosode Gartner Bach 30c can be helpful. It can be taken daily for four weeks.

This nosode is related to Silica, and often, those two remedies follow each other.



This is a combination remedy that can help to soothe your baby if you are in the middle of the night, your baby has woken up for the 3rd time and you do not want to start looking at remedies at those hours!

This homeopathic teething remedies combination is fantastic to deal with pain and inflammation, and it will do so until you have enough time to look at your books. However, sometimes this may just do its job so well that you will feel no need to look any further.  

You can do this combination by putting the 3 remedies together in water as I will show you below and taking one teaspoon of the water as a dose.




This remedy can be taken twice per day for 4-6 weeks for babies that are late, slow and suffer a lot from teething.

It will help the baby make this process much easier for him. It can be combined with any other pain remedy.

Babies needing this remedy tend to sweat on the head during naps or sleep. They can have a sour odour from their dribble or sweat.

These babies are chubby, quite mellow, and reach late milestones. These are the classical chubby babies with very little hair, red cheeks, and easy sweating.

Imagine the picture of a Calcarea constitution and a 5-8 month-old baby. They go through this development stage, where they accumulate baby fat to have enough reserves to grow.

Calcarea Carbonica is, in its pure form, a salt of lime- Calcium Carbonate. For the homeopathic remedy, it is taken out of the middle layer of the Oyster Shell. Calcium Carbonate, in its pure form, contains around 40% of elemental calcium.

The calcium requirements of a baby are as high as a 7-10-year-old!
-Infants under one-year-old- 525 mgr of calcium per day
-Children 7-10 years old- 550 mgr of Calcium per day

Did you know that Calcium is important for the formation of bones and teeth, transmission of the nervous system, blood pressure, blood clotting, muscle contraction, and activating and regulating enzymes?

I am not surprised that it is in such high demand levels during the first year of human life, as this is a period of rapid growth and development for our bodies.


I like to prescribe this remedy for children that seem to have teeth forever. These children can dribble a lot and constantly put their fingers in their mouths.

Children with this constitution tend to be lean, with a very thin constitution (although they can have a protruding belly!) growing rapidly, and they tend to have fine hair and a light complexion.

Silica 200c twice per week for a few weeks will help these babies finally cut those teeth and move on to the next development step.


This remedy if a great support remedy for teething as well as for healthy teeth and bone development, which is why is so much indicated in the early stages of life.

This remedy will support another work you are doing with the other remedies and needs to be taken twice daily for a couple of months to see results.

Each child has a different timeline for teething, while some may start teething around 5 months, others will start teething at 12 months! So Calcarea Phosphorica 6x is best started when you see the signs that your baby’s teeth are starting to bud. You will need to give this remedy a couple of months to do its job!

You could alternate this remedy with any of the other remedies above.

Other blogs that can be helpful for early years and motherhood:


  • The Banerjies use Calcarea Phosphorica 3x for general support of bones and development. Two tables as a dose twice daily for several months.


Homeopathic teething remedies provide a safe and fast relief to both parents and babies.

​Remedies for babies can be turned into liquid remedies to be administered by drops. ​

To turn the remedy into liquid, just put 1 pill in 1/3 of a glass of water and stir. Give the baby a couple of drops (or a teaspoon if it is an older baby) with the spoon. 

In homeopathy, the quantity of a remedy is not relevant, it is repetition that counts. So do not worry about how much of the liquid remedy you are giving to him.

If you use tablets in trituration for very small children, you can crush them between two spoons to make them into powder.

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