​If you are here because you are expecting, CONGRATULATIONS! I wish you a wonderful delivery, and I want you to enjoy the process; it only happens a few times in your life. Enjoy it-I have put this guide -homeopathy for pregnancy- just for you!

Pregnancy and birth are often the most rewarding thing a woman can do: create a little person, the glowing skin and the joy of being a mother. Homeopathy is one of the best aids for pregnancy if you are looking for a natural approach to pregnancy and delivery.

Equally, however, pregnancy can be the most vulnerable time in a woman’s life, and she may need a helping hand.

homeopathy for pregnancy


There are a few tips for some remedies that are helpful during pregnancy. One of my favourites is Pulsatilla 200c for turning a breech baby or posterior presentation.

A few doses of this remedy can work wonders, and I have seen very happy parents as a result!

Sepia 200, is another wonderful remedy during pregnancy time. It helps to balance the hormones and can alleviate fatigue, nausea and constipation symptoms.

Sepia 200 twice per week until symptoms improve.

You may be reading this and feeling confused. I have had a lot of people asking me if it is ok to take Sepia during pregnancy as they have read or been told by other homeopaths- Don’t take Sepia during pregnancy.

This is something that I often read online, and I am perplexed to understand where this may be coming from. SEPIA is one of THE MOST indicated remedies during pregnancy.

Let me give you an example, have you been pregnant and experienced:
brown saddle mark pigmentation around the nose
feeling drained and apathetic
bladder weakness
morning sickness, worse at the thought or smell of food
extreme irritability
poor circulation on the legs
bearing-down pain


Do you see why it is a top remedy frequently indicated during pregnancy and even after birth! a top hormonal remedy even indicated in a history of miscarriages during the 3-rd or 4th month where hormones are out of balance.

I have prescribed more Sepia during pregnancy than any other remedy.

Kali Carb 200c will be useful to soothe back pain either before or after delivery. The back pain feels as if the lower back is going to break. A few doses of this remedy taken twice daily can be very helpful.

But if you are suffering from SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction ), then Bellis Perennis 200c twice a day will be your friend! Take for as long as it is needed.

You can also have a look at these Cell Salt Programme during Pregnancy

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A remedy that can be very useful during labour is Caulophyllum 200. It helps produce effective contractions and can start or enhance labour. It will make contractions more efficient and can establish labour.

Sometimes, a few doses of this remedy taken 2-3 times per day for a couple of days is what is needed to go into labour if you are having weak contractions.

This remedy will not work if the person is not ready to go into labour, in that case, it will tone up the uterus ready for that process.

Aconite 200 is one of my favourite remedies for first-time mums where the dates are overdue or contractions are very weak to start with. There is a strong sense of fear and anxiety about giving birth. Take this remedy twice per day for a few days. 

Gelsemium 200 is a fantastic remedy for rigidity of os during labour. The pains are normal, but dilation is very slow, and eventually, contractions lose their force and dilation come to a standstill. 
Consequently, it produces exhaustion, and the person feels very weak.
Gelsemium is a great remedy to help with performance anxiety, therefore very indicated in first-time mums going into labour! 

Chamomilla 200 is a great remedy to help with the transition or any other time when the mum feels that she can not “endure the pain any longer”. Feeling very angry with everyone in the room and asking them to leave.  

Belladonna 200 is very useful during labour for a spasmodically contracted os. The amniotic fluid may be gone, but contractions are inefficient due to the spasmodic contractions producing constriction.

For a healthy and glowing pregnancy, have a look at my Cell Salts Protocol.​The cell salts programme is designed to balance certain mineral salts in our bodies during pregnancy.

New born baby in a hat


Once the baby is here, you will forget all the ups and downs of pregnancy. Your only focus will be on looking after your little one. 

Even though the birth may have gone totally fine, your body has been put through a lot of strain, and you will feel it! Your uterus needs to go back to normal, your hormones will be all over the place, and you will feel sore in different places.

One of the best remedies for afterbirth is Arnica 200c. This remedy will help you heal the bruised parts after labour and help with soreness and lameness of parts after delivery, especially after an assisted delivery.

Arnica 200c will also help with afterpains, especially when the baby is at the breast.

  • It will also help to reabsorb any blood clots
  • It will also protect against infection in puerperal fever
  • It will help to reduce the inflammation of the genitalia after delivery
  • It will help to maintain healthy coagulation of the blood after delivery 

In cases where there is heavy bleeding after labour, I prefer to use Arnica3c every 3 hours to help decrease the blood loss and after, I sometimes prescribe a dose of higher potency. 

Sabina 6c is often repeated and can be used if there are heavy clots with the bleeding. 

If the birth has been complicated and you are suffering from a 1st, 2nd or 3rd-degree tear, independently of how deep it is, the combination of Arsenicum200+Hypericum 200 every 3 hours will be invaluable to control pain and avoid infection. For more healing, have a look at these homeopathic remedies for healing after surgery.

If you have had a C-section, Staphysagria 200 twice daily can be very helpful for the pain generated by the incision.

If you have had a C- Section or had a tear and are having trouble with the scar after healing, this blog will help you heal with scar tissue.

To help balance your hormones and alleviate postnatal depression, taking Sepia 200 every third day for a couple of months can be beneficial for many new mothers.


For any open wound or soft tissue infection, use

  • Arsenicum200+Hypericum200 every 3rd day

Alternate the above with

  • Hepar 6c every 3 hours if there is an active infection or pus.

Calendula 6c twice daily will help heal wounds or small cuts. It is especially indicated for ruptures of the cervix and perineum during childbirth. This can be taken for several weeks until not needed.

For mastitis during lactation or weaning, Bryonia 30c is one of the first remedies to think of. Streaks of red may be seen, and the breast would feel hard, painful, hot and heavy.

Belladonna 30 is another useful remedy to think of if the mastitis has started suddenly. The breast would feel very hot, and you may feel painful throbbing. You may have red streaks running from the nipple upward, and you may be running a fever.

Phytolacca 200  is a super remedy for more established mastitis or when you have missed the first inflammatory part of the process. The breast will feel very hard and will have hard lumps. Lymph glands may be swollen and will produce shooting pains. You will feel exhausted with mastitis.

For the remedies in 30c, you may take them every hour if needed and less often as improvement sets in, and if taking Phytolacca 200, you can dose them every 3 hours. Both remedies should be taken for days until the symptoms are gone.

​​Finally, if you are breastfeeding your baby, cracked nipples may become a nuisance at some point in the first few weeks. Castor Equi 12c or the remedy Graphites 30 can help your nipples heal.

homeopathy for pregnancy


The increased amount of blood in your body and the pressure from the growing womb onto the inferior vena cava put a lot of pressure on your circulatory system. Some women may develop varicose veins on the legs. These tend to go away within 6-12 weeks of delivery, but some may remain. 

  • Pulsatilla 200c can be indicated during pregnancy when the venous system is under strain.


As a general tonic, this protocol can help your circulatory system and soothe any discomfort from the varicose veins.

Hamamelis200+Arnica 3c twice daily


 Nausea and Vomiting are common during the first trimester of pregnancy. 
​These are my favourite remedies for those sad weeks when we feel nauseous most of the day: 

  • Sepia 200c twice per week can often regulate the hormones and bring down the excessive nausea feeling
  • Tabacum 200c is a good remedy for sickness. Incessant nausea is worst for the smell of tobacco. Nausea-like seasickness and vomiting, worse in the morning. Nausea and much spitting and acidity.
  • Ipecac 30, constant nausea and vomiting with paleness. Vomiting good and bile. Nausea is not better by vomiting and is accompanied by much salivation. You may feel inclined to sleep after vomiting. Gagging with nausea, and you may not even be able to retain a drop of water. The sickness is worst after vomiting.
  • Nux-vomica 30c. Nausea and vomiting every morning and wants to vomit but can’t. You may be retching a lot but do not vomit in the end. Cramping pain in the stomach before vomiting and very sensitive in the stomach region. Sickness is worse after eating.
  • Pulsatilla 30c. Nausea and weight are from a stone, especially in the early morning. Feeling as if you have eaten too much food and you would vomit. Waking up at 2-3 am with pain and nausea in the stomach during pregnancy, and you feel like rising and walking about.  Persistent nausea during the day.  Nausea is worse with eating and in the evening.   Nausea and colic that is better after vomiting.  Stomach and abdomen bloated.  ​​

These remedies can be taken 3 times daily or more often if needed.

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