Homeopathic remedies are extremely helpful in helping the body heal from trauma after surgery. Homeopathy is extremely helpful to help bring back to balance acute symptoms from drug toxicity, such as the acute post-surgery symptoms associated with anaesthesia detox. Homeopathic remedies anesthesia detox are a great support during recovery.

Most people nowadays think of homeopathy as a way to treat chronic complaints, and therefore, they look at remedies working long-term over a period of time.

Some homeopaths, especially in the later years, give the most importance to mental symptoms giving the impression that homeopathy is a kind of psychological healing approach.   

Not many people realise that homeopathy is just as effective in treating acute conditions or emergency acutes such as post-surgery complaints.

If homeopathy is a complete system of medicine, it should work in emergencies and chronic diseases; in fact, in India, it does! Some homeopathic hospitals cover acute emergencies.

Of course, these hospitals do have intensive care units and advanced medical equipment.

For instance, someone with a hemorrhagic shock with severe blood loss should receive a blood transfusion to save his life, and when they are stable, then they can select the appropriate homeopathic remedies and work along with conventional medicine.

Many people do not realise that homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medicine in these cases, complementing each other beautifully.

Homeopathic remedies for anesthesia detox

I have treated many patients after surgery; some of them requested my help because they had problems after surgical operations in the past and wanted to see if I could avoid some of the problems this time. 

​Others, having gone through the surgery, have found that although they were on medication, it did not cover all the pain or complications.

I have to say that in these cases, it is where you see amazing results in a very short time.

In those cases, the remedies selected must work in a very short period of time; we are talking about hours or a couple of days.

In these cases, therapeutic remedies are needed. It is important to have a few at your fingertips and feel comfortable prescribing in this situation where you must be in close contact with your patient to assess the progress.



For keloids after surgery, use Fluoricum Acid 200 every other day

Post-surgical adhesions most frequently develop after abdominal surgery. 
Staphysagria 200 every other day can be helpful to clean the adhesions.

Thiosinaminum in 6x is an excellent remedy for scar tissue that has become contracted and thickened. This remedy can dissolve thick scar tissue after surgical operations, and it should be used twice daily for several months.

Graphites 200 one dose every 3rd day for painful and hard scars.

Silica 30c twice per day for scars that break open and become painful.


Phosphorus 30 is the first remedy for post-operative vomiting to think of. 

Carbo veg 30 may be better suited if the patient is cold and sweaty and wants more air; he feels as if there is not enough air around (may want to be fanned).

​A few doses of 30c every hour or so until the patient feels better and thereafter, when needed, will be sufficient.

Nux-vomica 30c is a top remedy to help detox the liver and help to clear the anaesthesia. It also needs to be considered if there is much retching but it does not lead to vomiting. 

Nux vomica aids detoxification of the liver, and it helps process and clear the toxic load from medical drugs.

Ipecac 30c:  for a feeling of continuous nausea that is not better by vomiting. ​

Use every 2-3 hours to start with and bring down to two times per day until not needed.

Homeopathic remedies for anesthesia detox


For instance, I remember the case of an elderly lady who had surgery for knee replacement and while in the hospital, she developed a blood clot in her leg after a few days.

Her leg was hot and red, and the veins inflamed, but she was already taking a blood thinner, so the doctors offered only to monitor the condition.

I prescribed Arnica 200 in a few doses in water, her leg started to improve in a question of hours and in a couple of days, it was back to normal.

When she was back home, Ruta 200 and later 1M provided all relief she needed for the pain with only an occasional dose of the prescribed medication for pain relief.

In another case, the elderly patient was very concerned about having surgery as she had had sepsis in a previous operation and reacted badly to the anaesthetic post-surgery.

In that case, I prepared some remedies to take with her and to contact me straight few hours after the surgery to discuss which remedies she should need to take.

In fact, she developed a lot of nausea and discomfort from the general anaesthetic, which was quickly sorted with a few doses of Phosphorus 30. 

In a few days, she was home without any problems, but her vowels were not opening properly since the surgery, and she was given laxatives which were not helping much. Again, a few doses of Nux-vom30 did the job.

In a more serious case, the patient’s family called me, reporting that the patient had developed sepsis in the hospital but was not responding to conventional medication.

In this case, the response to the remedy was incredible, and a few doses of Pyrogen 30 and Bellis Perennis 30 managed to turn this patient around.

In only 24 hours, there was an improvement, and in 3 days, he was walking and eating!

​Homeopathy is a wonderful complete system of medicine that addresses chronic and acute diseases with the same results.

Learn more about the most useful remedies for pain and surgical wound healing if you are going to have a surgical procedure.

And in the unfortunate event, you develop MRSA after a stay in the hospital, and it is not healing properly, or it keeps coming back,  this protocol will help to combat the acute phase and after-effects.

All remedies here are safe to use alongside conventional medication.


Hepar Sulph 200 every other day

Arsenicum 200+Hypericum200 three times per day

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