Since we are born, we are in constant movement! No wonder our body’s osteoarticular system is subject to gradual degeneration and needs looking after from time to time. Homeopathy is the best compliment for supporting your joints and helps to decrease joint pain, easing conditions like osteoarthritis.

As we enter through different life stages, the strains on this system change as we age, and diseases like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are typical of older age.

But even in our lifetime, we can encounter a few acute problems that can make us stop daily life for a short period of time! it is not only at older age that our joints need loving care!

Who has not had a sprain or strain over the years?

We can encounter some problems and the best homeopathic remedies to tackle them!


This is for arthritis where the joints are red, hot and swollen.

The condition may be painful with bursting, stitching or soreness.

Even the slightest movement brings on the pain, and the complete rest of the part makes it better.

This is also the #1 remedy for arthritis of the knee and Bursitis.

Bryonia’s affinities make this remedy a very important one for any joint inflammation of the mucus membranes.

-it has an affinity to the serous membranes of the joints
-it is indicated for joints that are red, hot and swollen
-swelling of the elbow

Serous membranes are tissue layers that wrap around an organ or body cavity to protect them. The Synovial membranes line the cavities of the free-moving joints, and they secrete synovial fluid into the joint, which in turn lubricates the cartilage on the end of the bone so they can move without friction.

Bursitis is an inflammation of the synovial membrane, and it often tends to be found in the shoulder, elbow, hip, or knee, although it can also happen in other joints. Here, it is easy to see why BRYONIA would be a top remedy for this condition

TIP: Bryonia and Rhus-tox are complementary remedies that work well in alternating or following each other. You can take both Bryonia and Rhus tox together!

This is an excellent rheumatic remedy affecting the joints. Very painful joints and the small joints tend to be very affected, such as fingers, toes, wrists and ankles.

So you may find painful nodosities on the small joints.

Joints feel so hot at night that you may feel like throwing off the covers in bed.

TIP: This remedy has a particular affinity to the left shoulder and right hip and tends to begin in the feet and move upward.

This is an excellent top remedy for rheumatic pains; therefore, it is one of the first-line remedies for the Banerji Protocols.

You will feel very stiff on your joints as if the skin was too tight. Stitching and tearing pains.

Rheumatic gnawing and desire to move the limbs frequently. At night, you can not rest in any position.

You may feel very restless with the pain.

The joints can feel hot and painful and may crack when you move them.

A very characteristic feature is that you may feel stiffness and more pain on first moving after resting,  like after sitting for a while or getting up in the morning, and it feels better after a little bit of you moving around.

Rheumatic pains that come with the cold, wet weather and damp conditions. So the pain may increase or start when it starts to rain or get worse during autumn.

A good general bone pain remedy when the periosteum is affected.

Pains in the bones.

There is a sensation as if you can feel the rough ends of the bones jagging into the flesh.

Use this remedy twice daily for:
-injuries to the bones
– bone degradation like arthritis
– broken bones, fractures for pain and also to promote healing
– any procedure that involves touching an area enclosed in a bone, such as a tooth extraction
-tooth implants
-bone surgery or bone replacement
-a fall causing pain in an area that does not respond to soft tissue remedies

Remember that is also complementary to Calcarea Phosphorica, which you can use alongside if needed in low potency like cell salts.


  • Sympythum 200+ Rhus tox 30 twice daily

For Rheumatoid Arthritis, you can use the protocol above or Bryonia200+Rhus tox 30 twice daily


For osteoporosis, I love this Banerji Protocol, which protects and strengthens the bones at the same time.

Calcarea Phosphorica 3x twice per day

Symphytum 200 twice per day

Take for a few months or until you have your next Dexa Scan.

 JOINT PAIN AND OSTEOARTHITIS, banerji protocol for osteoarthritis


This is the first remedy to give

RHUS-TOX 30 OR 200 
Parts feel stiff and dislocated, affecting the fibrous tissue, ligaments, and joints. Tearing in ligaments, tendons, and fasciae.  

Pain is worst at the beginning of the movement after rest, but after a while, it gets better.

The injury may feel better by hot applications or stretching the affected part.

RUTA 200 
Complaints from straining flexor tendons especially.  A good remedy for Trigger Finger.
Lameness after sprains. 

Affects cartilage, periosteum, and tendons. Nodules in the tendons after sprains.

The pain feels as if bruised, sore and aching.

Affects the fibrous tissue, especially small joints ( such ankles) but is also great for shoulders or any other joint.

​The skin may look purple,  painful and puffy joints.

Discolouration of the skin remains after pain and inflammation subside. 

Shoulder pain as if rheumatic pain.

TIPin my experience ( where I have treated injuries in professional futsal players), I have found that in an injury, several different parts are involved, and either an alternation of two remedies or a succession of several remedies is often needed.

For instance, in a sprained ankle, you may find that Arnica is needed for the initial trauma and bruising, but the person still experiencing pain and stiffness a week after. Rhus-tox removes the stiffness and swelling, but the person still complains of pain.

The periosteum or bone is probably slightly damaged, and Ruta or Symphytum complete the process.

Here are some more blogs for different problems with the musculoskeletal system:

homeopathic remedies for ganglion cysts, homeopathy for joint pain and osteoarthitis


RUTA 200
This is the most indicated remedy for ganglion cysts, especially if they are located on the wrist. This remedy covers well node deposits in the periosteum, joints or tendons.
Take twice per week for a few weeks until better.

This remedy is also valuable if Ruta fails.


For sciatic pain that is shooting, like lightning down the whole limb. It can feel band-like.

The pain can be felt like screwing, which is better by pressure, so you may feel like someone doing a hard massage in the area. Also, hot applications can relieve the pain.

The pain can be felt worse at night in bed, and you may find that you can not find a comfortable position in bed.

This is a neuralgic remedy similar to hypericum, but it has an affinity to the spinal nerves, especially the sciatic.

-Pressure and heat make the pain feel better ( but not always)
-Pinching and numbing sensations and or boring pain
-Pain from the hip to the knee
-Pain in the hip joint, throbbing
-Burning pain along the sciatic nerve towards the leg

Remember that not all symptoms need to be displayed to fit the remedy. Look for the general characteristics: sciatic pain with numbing sensations. Of course, the remedy is a given if someone displays all of the other symptoms.

But the remedy will still work even if prescribed on the general characteristics or affinities.

This is a great general remedy for nerve pain. Shooting and lancinating pains.

The area may feel sore, and you can feel tingling and burning sensations.

For sciatica, pain along the nerve where is associated with numbness in the area.

Sciatica and lumbago with numbness and pain

You may feel that sitting makes it better.

Take these remedies every 3 hours for an acute attack or twice daily if this is more chronic


For Sciatica, the Banerjies use:

  • Rhus Tox 30+Hypericum 200 twice daily or 3 times per day for an acute attack

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