YOU ARE NOT ALONE; many fear the prospect of having dental work done for fear of pain and having to resolve to painkillers or antibiotics. I have to admit I am one of those people! We all experience tooth problems at some point in our lives, and homeopathy is the best natural help for tooth abscesses and tooth extractions or infections. You can heal faster and naturally; this is your homeopathic guide to dental problems.


The prospect of having dental work is not something that many people like.

Anxiety and pain are among the first thoughts that come to mind when thinking of the dentist. Therefore, it is quite clear why not many people like having to go to the dentist.

Who likes go to sit at the dentist’s chair waiting for a filling or an extraction? I need a remedy just by thinking about it alone!

​From tooth extractions to loose teeth, tooth problems and gums, pain from wisdom teeth or abscesses,  these are all common problems that drive us to sit at the dentist’s office, but with a few homeopathic medicines, we will soon be on the road to recovery!

​Homeopathic medicines can be of tremendous help to those that want a more natural approach to dealing with these two problems associated with dentistry work.

​They are safe and very effective, and often, the only thing required after the treatment, as some of my patients can testify!

​Also, this is a very safe approach for children who fear having dental procedures done.


Aconite 30-200c is the most commonly indicated remedy for anxiety and fear of going to the dentist.

Use 30c three times per day, one day before going to the dentist and once every hour for the previous 2 hours before the appointment.

​However, you may need 200c if it is extreme fear. Some people may even need to repeat it every 15 minutes while in the waiting room.

Aconite is for the general fear that most of us experience when thinking about the dentist with:

  • anxiety with palpitations,
  • sweaty hands 
  • numbness feeling in the extremities 
  • feeling very fearful.

Argentum Nitriticum 30c or 200c for anticipatory anxiety:

  • fearing the worst and anticipating what may happen.
  • ​you may have loose stools before going to the appointment.

Have a look at other remedies for anxiety!

homeopathy for tooth abscess and tooth extractions


Chamomilla 30 or 200 unbearable pain, the person feels really irritable and feels like “I can not bear the pain”.
Unendurable pain and numbness.

Hypericum 200 for decay that affects the dental nerves.  Severe pain.

Belladonna 30c, 200c throbbing pain with heat and burning, redness and inflammation of the gum.
The face or certain parts of it may become red. 

Coffea 200c severe pains of toothache that make the person frantic. Extreme sensibility and excitability, overactive.

The toothache is better if drinking something cold but returns as soon as it is warm up in the mouth, the pain comes in waves and by eating or drinking warm things.

​Symptoms are worse by noise, emotions or touch and better by rest.

​The pain keeps you awake at night.

Staphysagria 200c for decayed or tooth problems such as pain after having a filling.

Hollow tooth that feels very sensitive to sightless touch where the pain extends to the roots and gums become sore.

This is a great remedy for pain in the teeth after an emotional upset with feelings of anger and indignation. There may not be teeth decay, but they become sensitive and painful.

 Staphysagria is also used in dentistry for the decay of teeth :

  • during pregnancy 
  • for teeth that decay in very small children soon after they come out.

These remedies can be dosed as often as needed regarding pain and urgency. You can dose every 15 minutes for an hour and then stretch at longer intervals when the pain decreases.

If there is not much urgency, then 3 times per day is a good pace.

Read my pregnancy blog here.


Traumeel is the best for general all-around healing aspects of dentistry work and tooth problems.

However, it is a bit expensive to buy but can be used for any tissue inflammation, such as sprains, mouth ulcers, bangs, etc. In general, any injury that produces inflammation.

​Take 10 drops or 1 tablet every 15 minutes for two hours and then 3 times a day for 3 or 4 days.

Arnica – if the patient does not have Traumeel, he can take Arnica 200 3 times per day for a couple of days or longer after the treatment.
Hypericum 200 as needed for nerve-shooting pain.

Calendula 30c scraping and bruising and also if tissue is damaged with cuts or wounds. A 6c potency 3-4 times per day for a week works very well as well.
Calendula can be used for any wounds that are not healing well after extraction or any dental work.

Phosphorus 30c if there is much bleeding. Take in 30c 3 times per day or more often if the bleeding is severe.

Ledum 200 for pain or discomfort from the needle if anaesthetic was needed for numbing the area, take it twice daily for a couple of days.


Hypericum 200c depending on the severity of pain.  3 times per day or as often as needed until the pain subsides ( it can be every 15 minutes).

Phosphorus30 if there is much bleeding.

Ruta 200c if there is pain from tooth problems with damage to the periosteum.

Hepar Sulph 6c 3 times per day to prevent infection for a week after the treatment.


Arnica 200 is the standard for working with braces.

Ruta 200 If braces damage the root: 2-3 times per day for a few days.

Calendula for wounds that happen after the braces are inserted. Very painful wounds may suppurate. It prevents infection. Try  Calendula 6C 3 times per day.

Hypericum 200 if nerve pain is involved.

Staphysagria 30 if there are cuts on the gums from the wires.

How To Dose Remedies Such As Hepar Sulph Or Silica For Tooth Abscess Or Belladonna For Tooth Pain.


If you have surgery to remove your wisdom teeth, look at my blog for remedies after surgery.

If you use Arnica 200 dose 3 times daily or more if needed. It will help with injury to the tissue and help to prevent infection. Use this and any other remedy you choose for pain and inflammation.

If there has been much trauma to the soft tissue from the tooth extraction, and after taking Arnica, it does not seem to improve, Bellis- Perennis 200 is the remedy that follows Arnica well for deeper trauma tissue. 

Although all of these remedies may be needed, bear in mind that they are not needed at the same time!

Wound healing has a process; different remedies will be needed as the process changes. For instance, Bell and Hypericum+ Ruta are the most indicated remedies on the first two days as there will be pain from the nerve and periosteum and lots of swelling. 

Chamomilla 200 will also be useful the first couple of days after the tooth extraction as the pain may be severe but less likely to be indicated on the 5th day. However, it can be used alternating with other indicated pain relief remedies.

Calendula30c (3 times per day) or 6c( 4 times per day) to assist wound healing ongoing after the pain and inflammation remedies are not needed any longer.

But if you don’t mind taking several remedies, you can take Calendula right from the first day!

Belladonna 30 or 200c for the day after extraction reduces inflammation and swelling. If it is very severe, it may need to be repeated hourly for 30c or every 2-3 hours for a 200c.

Hypericum 200  for tooth problems when there is nerve pain involved. Use 30c  3 times per day or as often as needed initially- every 15 minutes for the first 3 doses. This is great for nerve pain.

Phosphorus if there is much bleeding. Use 30c every 15 minutes for an hour and them 3 times per day for a day. Millefollium 30 can be used if Phos is not helping to stop the bleeding.

Ruta 200c if there is damage to the socket and pain from that, use 3 times per day for a few days. 

Symphytum 200 3 times per day can be used instead of Ruta if it is not helping enough.

Chamomilla 200c pain after dental work where the pain is “unbearable” and the person feels really irritable with it as if it is too much to bear it. Very cross with it, becomes mad with the pain.

It can also go up to a 1M potency ( for pain only) and be used as needed for lingering pain if the previous potency is helping but not holding or it has helped by no longer does.

If you want an example of how to manage a tooth extraction with homeopathic remedies, read this blog.


Hypericum200+Arsen200 ( mixed together) 3 times daily to avoid infection and calm the pain. This is a Banerji Protocol that I have used so much and I love.


For pain, throbbing and heat- the symptoms of inflammation- give Belladonna 30c or 3c every hour or 2 hours and alternate it with Ruta 200c for the extraction pain.

Symphytum 200 may also be a good remedy for pain after the extraction if Ruta is not helping enough.

Pyrogen 200 twice per day if there is an infection with a fever.


Chamomilla 200c #1 for ailments from eruptions of wisdom teeth.

The pain makes the person irritable, and they feel they can not cope with the pain.

Belladonna 200 if Chamomilla is not helping, this remedy tends to be the second-best.

You may feel the area hot and swollen, and the pain can feel like throbbing. This is due to the inflammation; Belladonna is great for bringing it down.  

Use every few hours or when the pain comes back.

Hypericum 200c if there is nerve pain.

See tooth extraction above and also abscess below if there is an infection.

For wisdom teeth that require surgery and hospital stay, the following post-surgery remedies will be very helpful.


Belladonna only at the first signs of inflammation, red, very hot and throbbing. Use in 30 or 200c.

Hepar Sulph 6c ( number 1 remedy for established abscess):  Sticking pains like sharp splinters, hypersensitive to touch and cold, and pus is established.

Hepar is closely related to Silica but has a much faster and more intense picture when the infection is involved.

For abscess at the root of a filled tooth. Throbbing as if blood was entering the tooth. Establishes suppuration. Worse by cold air and drinks and better in the warmth. 

Use Hep 6c every 3 hours until it is gone and continue a few days after but repeat 2 times per day only.

In most cases, inflammation and suppuration come together. I often like to alternate Belladonna 30c and Hepar Sulph 6c every hour or 2-3 hours, depending on the severity of the situation. In most cases, this is what is needed to reduce the abscess, no antibiotics are needed. These two remedies are ones to consider having in your kit for tooth problems.

Silica 30c for abscess to the root of the teeth. Boils on gums. Worse by cold air and cold drinks and better by warmth.

Silica is useful if the abscess has been lingering for a long time (less intense than Hep Sulph) and hasn’t come to a head.

Alternatively, Silica is also indicated after the pus has discharged; it hastens the resolution of the abscess.

It is also useful after Hepar Sulph if the process is not completely finished. Silica is not a fast-acting remedy, so steady repetition over a period of time is expected.

Merc Sol 30c If you’re feverish with some swelling extending to the ear or the cheek side affected and the mouth is tasting and smelling offensive (sweetish, metallic taste), use Merc sol 30 three times a day for 3-7 days.

The saliva is often increased, with dribbling on the pillow at night. It can also help a dental abscess in a tooth with a root filling – often a long-standing low-grade infection that suddenly flares up.

Merc Sol works very nicely alternately with Belladonna to reduce pain and inflammation. It is a good second option if Hepar is not producing good results.

In cases of fever with the abscess, give Pyrogen200 every 3 hours or 3 times per day.


For tooth abscesses, the Banerjies recommend taking Hepar 6c for infection.

You can add Hypericum200+Arsenicum200 for pain and soft tissue infection.

For gum recession with bone loss around the socket or if the bone structure is affected in some way, they recommend adding:

Symphytum 200 twice daily and Calc Phos 3x twice per day

homeopathy for tooth abscess and tooth extractions


Use a few doses of Arnica 200 if there is discomfort after the treatment and Bell30 3 times per day if there is a bit of gum inflammation.


Use Ledum 200 in a few doses to help with pain coming from the area where the anaesthetic needle went in.


If you or your child are suffering from tooth problems, these tissue cell salts can assist in strengthening the enamel of teeth and building strong support for the cavity in the bone and ligaments attached.

They are also great for supporting you or your toddler if you are experiencing tooth decay or you would like to prevent it.

In my clinical experience, once when there is a cavity it would need to be fixed, and these remedies cannot fix it. So use these remedies to reinforce the enamel of the teeth and surrounding tissue or if you are susceptible to getting them but have the dental work needed to fix the tooth.

This is a great combination for children, pregnancy or old age or anybody with a chronic health problem that is affecting their teeth and need extra support.

These remedies need to be taken 2 times per day for a few months to benefit from them. 

  • Calc-phos 6x-it gives solidity to the bone structure around teeth. It is a nutritive cell that promotes cell growth.
  • Calc-fluor 6x– excellent for strengthening the enamel of the teeth.
  • Silica 6x- building healthy and strong connective tissue.

You can take the 3 remedies together or order a combination made with these remedies.


Dental implants are permanent tooth replacements. The implant itself is a titanium screw fixed to the jawbone and fuse with the bone over a few months.

Arnica 200 every 3 hours to deal with injury and trauma to the area.
Arsenicum200+Hypericum200 every 3 hours. This remedy will help with pain, discomfort, wound healing, and infection prevention.

Symphytum 200 every 3 hours. This is a specific remedy for bone pain and bone healing.

Belladonna 30 or 200c for a few days after the surgery brings down inflammation and swelling. If it is very severe, it may need to be repeated hourly for 30c or every 2-3 hours for a 200c.
If other work is needed on the gum and stitches are needed,  Ledum 200 twice daily should be added.

The frequency of the remedies should be reduced after 3-4 days when pain and inflammation start to decrease. 2-3 times per day until not needed is a good pace afterwards.


Cavitation is a new term for ischemic bone disease resulting in a low-grade active bone infection. This can be caused by poor healing of dental extractions, tooth infections or periodontal disease.

  • Symphytum200 twice daily
  • Calc Phos 3x twice daily ( two tablets as a dose)
  • Hamamelis200+Arnica 3c twice daily

Take these remedies for a few months and reassess with an X-ray or Dental Cone Beam Scan CT- whichever method they have used to diagnose in the first place.

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