I love homeopathy, my work helping people and homeopathic remedies! I can only practice in the way that I do because I trust the remedies and prescribe them confidently. Here is an example of healing after dental treatment: a wisdom tooth extraction using homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy dosage is something that many find confusing as there are many ways of prescribing and so many different methodologies.

I feel very confident in my work because I have a bag full of tools that serve my patients. I trust my approach, and I am confident in my prescriptions. 

I know what homeopathy can do!

That is why I wanted to talk about something that is really bothering me.

The myths in homeopathy!

You will hear it over and over again –
homoeopathy is about  USING THE RIGHT REMEDY- choosing ONE SINGLE REMEDY to clear the symptoms.

Well, let me tell you that as a practitioner, I would not have a single patient if this was the case! I work with clients that present with multiple chronic pathologies, which are often under medical care. Trying to cover all of their physical symptoms with one remedy is not possible!

homeopathic courses cristina villacorta

Learn to dispel the myths you have been taught in homeopathy and confidently prescribe more than one remedy! Myths cover a whole Unit in my course; that is, how important this is if you want to succeed in your prescriptions, and I cover it from logic and homeopathic history over time.

​In homeopathy, we have over 3000 remedies alone! Choosing between those remedies makes it difficult to find the perfect one with a one-hour consultation!

Or if you are self-prescribing in a severe acute where pain or distress has overtaken your senses!

Realistically, do you really think this is possible?

I have a secret to share with you; there is no such thing! I can confidently say this because I have received training in classical homeopathy and I am also skilled and flexible in homeopathy. I am able to apply both practical and classical approaches, allowing me to determine the most effective method for each situation, whether it be one approach, the other, or a combination of both.

I speak by experience, not by dogma. 

Homeopathy cristina villacorta


​Let me tell you what has happened recently. 

I had a tooth extraction, and a second one on the same year. Both with infection at the base and one with an abscess.

After my first extraction, I went home and took some Arnica 200, Arsenicum+Hypericum 200 and Ruta 200 every 2-3 hours and that was it! No painkillers or antibiotics were needed. Only that.

My second extraction was a bit more challenging in terms of remedies.

I initially tried the same remedies, which provided some relief, but I still experienced pain, soreness, and swelling in two specific areas. The other remedies were only partially helping until I realized that these symptoms were related to the anaesthetic injection site. I added Ledum 200 for a few doses, and I started to notice improvement.

Let me tell you what a relief it was! I slept all night without waking up.

In the morning, I woke up feeling great without any pain, which was surprising! However, as I became more active around the house, I started to feel the pain intensify. Even after taking Arsenicum+Hypericum 200, the pain persisted and even worsened- and for those wondering minds, this was not an “aggravation”, simply the remedies were not covering and something else was going on. It became very uncomfortable, and I considered taking a painkiller as a reasonable option at that point.

But let me tell you that I did not have a single painkiller in the house! And I was by myself at home that day.

Can you imagine?

Time went by, and I started to feel a buildup. I felt it was “unbearable” and that I needed to take anything for the pain. 

Do you recognise something here? This is my friend Chamomilla 200- ” feels as if they can not bear the pain”. So I headed to my remedies and took a few doses every 1/2 hour until it was manageable. What a relief! And now I felt again in control of the pain.

At that point, I understood that this time, for some reason, what was happening on the second day it was due to inflammation of the area; the pain this time was not coming from the bone or the nerve. So I used Belladonna 200 as often as needed and Chamomilla 200 for the pain until the inflammation was down, and THAT WAS IT!

I was on those remedies for the second and third days. I moved to Calendula 30 three times per day to help to heal the wound, and that was all. If you would like to read more about the remedies I have used for this problem, you can do so by reading my blog on dental problems.

So do you think that ONE REMEDY would have covered all that?

How about waiting instead of my approach of repeating the homeopathic remedy every 2-3 hours to avoid infection? Would that have been wise?

In this case, all remedies and fast repetition were needed, and I would not have been able to manage without any of them!

Had I been scared to repeat, change or alternate remedies, I would have probably not managed to stay away from pain or infection, and I would have ended up with painkillers and antibiotics. FOR SURE.

 dental treatment and healing with homeopathic remedies

Being flexible and confident in the remedies and not fearful of repetition made the difference between having to use painkillers and antibiotics. 

This is only a small example of how important it is to be flexible and how some circulating myths are not helpful in practice.

Those myths are used as dogmas and blind faith in the practitioner, but they do not represent the true nature of homeopathy.

I hope that I have shown you that certain myths about homeopathy do not hold a place in practice.

I hope I have shown you the true power of our remedies, I want you to be empowered to use homeopathy without fear and self-prescribe for acute conditions.

If you would like to read more about the remedies I have used for this problem, you can do so by reading my blog on dental problems.

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