Would You Like To Learn Which Homeopathic Remedy Is Best For Toenail Fungus? Or Which Homeopathic Remedies Work For Athlete’s Foot?

​Fungal nail infections, also known as “onychomycosis” or tinea unguium are very common. For those of us who paint our toenails, summer is a blessing because we can disguise the ugly site!

They are caused by the overgrowth of fungi that live in our skin. The infection causes:

  • thickened nails
  • yellow discolouration of the nail
  • crumbling nails
  • unsightly and painful nails
  •  On rare occasions, they may become infected.

A topical application of apple cider vinegar is one of the best treatments to support the action of homeopathic remedies.

A cotton wool bud dipped in apple cider vinegar taped to the nail and left overnight will help to kill the fungus and stop it from spreading to other nails, if repeated for a few weeks.

Homeopathic treatment with a remedy for toenail fungus infections can be lengthy as the nail growth is very slow, it can take a year and a half for a toenail to regrow completely! So the homeopathic remedies and any natural applications must be done for a few months.

One of the best treatments for this problem is the Banerji protocol for fungal nail infections.

Relax and enjoy great healthy-looking nails again!!!


For fungal toenail infections, the Banerjies use Graphites 200 one dose every 3rd day for several months.


ATHLETE’S FOOT also called  “Tinea Pedis”, is a fungal infection that affects mainly the skin between the toes. It can spread to the sole of the feet and the toenails.

The itchy and sore skin is the most bothering symptom and can really be a nuisance. Athletes’ foot is contagious; if left untreated, they will infect other parts of the foot and the nail.

Symptoms include

  • red, itchy and sore skin
  • skin that peels
  • raw and cracked patches.
Feet on the beach clear of toenail fungus infections and athlete's foot after using a homeopathic remedy.


GRAPHITES 200 used two times per week is a very good start for any fungal skin infection according to the Banerjies.

SILICA 200 twice weekly for a few months is one of the top remedies for people who tend to develop skin fungal infections on the foot due to excessive sweating. These people tend to have quite sweaty and smelly feet by nature and the sweat tends to favour the wet and humid environment for the fungus to grow and reproduce. The area affected, tends to be very itchy.

THUJA 30C has a specific antibacterial action twice daily and sometimes can help combat the fungal infection. The skin is very itchy but it gets worse after scratching. Cold bathing of the foot makes the skin itch more. The itching may be associated with a burning sensation.

Remember! apple cider vinegar topical applications to the affected area are very good for complementing the action of the remedies and stop the infection from spreading.

Also, essential oils such as Tea tree with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties can be applied to the affected area diluted on a 1:1 ratio to contain the infection.

For other skin issues, have a look at my skin blog! Lost of homeopathic remedies for everyday skin problems.

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