Anyone can get a urinary tract infection, from adults to children, but as women, we are prone to UTIs. You can manage acute cystitis and UTI with a little knowledge of homeopathy.

The joy of being a woman! A shorter urethra than men means that bacteria can reach the bladder more easily. Also, the opening of the urethra is close to the anus, where bacteria thrive.

Furthermore, sexual activity increases the chances of bacteria for women as intercourse introduces bacteria into the woman’s urinary tract.

The term Honeymoon Cystitis is a term used for women who develop UTIs after having sexual intercourse.

But wait a minute. Is a UTI the same as CYSTITIS? 

The answer to that is all infections of the Urinary Tract are UTIs, but the infection can affect different parts of the urinary system and then it is given a different name:

Bladder- Cystitis
Kidneys- Kidney infection

Symptoms of a UTI can include: 

  • peeing more often
  • burning feeling when peeing
  • urine smells unpleasant
  • feeling nauseous
  • stomach pain 
  • pain in the lower abdomen
  • developing a fever
  • feeling tired

If your symptoms also include fever, have a look at this blog to tackle that symptom.

woman with abdominal pain from a UTI waiting to take homeopathic remedy cantharis


This is my #1 remedy for cystitis, including Honeymoon Cystitis. The symptoms of cantharis tend to match most cases of cystitis when first acquired.

Inflammation is very violent if left to develop, and pains are cutting, smarting or burning- very painful urination-. Burning raw feeling when urinating and when not.

The kidney region is very sensitive.

Intolerable urging to urinate from the smallest quantity in the bladder.

 Urine scalds and is passed drop by drop.

Pain is worse when urinating but also before and after.

You may pass a lot of blood when urinating, that it looks like you are bleeding, although this remedy will also help cystitis where there is no blood involved.

I love Staphysagria as it is such a woman’s remedy. No wonder why it is so often used for these types of complaints.

This is the #1 for Honeymoon Cystitis. This is the best remedy for people that develop cystitis after having sexual intercourse. 

This type of cystitis may also start after a disappointment or feeling let down or humiliated by someone.

It is also a great remedy for urinary problems during pregnancy or after pregnancy.

Feeling of pressure around the bladder, as if it did not fully empty.

Urging and pain after urination which is better by heat or getting warm.

Feeling as if a drop of urine were rolling continuously along the urethra.

Thuja is a very effective remedy for UTIs but is very little used in acute situations.

 It is one of the top ones used by the Banerjie’s for treating cystitis and UTIs with homeopathy and, I have also found it to be very valuable. 

If you need Thuja, you may:

Feel as if the bladder feels paralysed and must wait for urination. You may feel like urinating but it is like a tape was preventing it.

Have to urinate 5-6 times before the bladder is empty.

Notice that the urine foams and remains long in the water.

Have a swollen and inflamed urethra and a constant, painful desire to urinate.

This remedy is very useful for cystitis that comes after you have got your feet cold or wet. It is a specific remedy for that.

Taken soon after, you start to feel the need to urinate more often, and with pain in the lower abdomen, it can abort the process entirely!

You can take these remedies every 3 hours or 3 times per day, depending on the symptoms.


  • Cantharis 200 twice per day and Staphysagria 200 every 3rd day

Both remedies are first-line remedies for Genito Urinary Organs-Female and Urinary Systems.

*Cantharis- this is a top remedy for complaints of the lining of the Urinary tract—acute inflammations with burning and cutting pains.

*Staphysagria- apart from the affinity to the Genito Urinary System, Staphysagria has an affinity for the Sphinters, lacerated and stretched tissue and a very particular feature- ailments from sexual intercourse.

If you follow my posts, you will learn through remedy relationships that it complements Carcinosin. As we have discussed, Carcinosin runs on the axis of boundaries and identity, what belongs to you and what is foreign to you. Using this analogy ( and without giving more explicit details 😉 , we can understand why, on the bigger picture, Staphisagria fits this pathology on different levels.

 Homeopathy for Cystitis and UTIs


SEPIA 200 
Like a feeling that something is coming down and you would need to push it up.

Therefore, this is a good remedy for prolapse of the uterus or bladder causing recurrent UTIs. Also, a remedy to think of for menopausal women or problems that started after giving birth. Have a look at my blog on how to deal with menopausal symptoms.

Sepia often has uterine reflex in other organs; the liver a common one, but also the urinary system.

Hence we will see this remedy indicated for uterine disturbances such as UTIs that are associated with menses or disturbances of the Urinary tract, for instance, bedwetting, stones or gravel.

Hence you will find complementary remedies for Sepia:

-Cantharis and Sarsaparilla.

These remedies often act as therapeutic remedies for Sepia.

You may need to wear a pad as urine scapes easily when coughing,  sneezing, a shock, etc.

You may get the urge to urinate from pressure on the bladder.

You may need to urinate several times at night, and the urine is slow to come.

Take this remedy every 3rd day

This is for more established UTS affecting the whole system. Take this remedy twice daily.

If you need Medorrhinum, you may have:

A fishy, ammoniacal odour of the urine.

A feeling of bubbling in the right kidney and renal region. Renal colic and pain in the ureters as if you were passing a stone.

An urge to urinate every hour or so with a slow flow. 

Nocturnal enuresis.

Oedema due to malfunction of the urinary system.

Chronic or recurrent cystitis where there are also some hormonal changes or imbalance. 

For instance, cystitis may occur with the menstrual cycle or the problem may have started with puberty.
So this remedy is also useful for recurrent cystitis during pregnancy.

The person needing this remedy cries easily and is generally quite tearful. You will need a lot of reassurance and attention in general, feel better when in the company of others and you generally feel much better after a good cry.

You may also have:

Pains around the bladder region extend to the thighs and pelvis.

The need to urinate when lying on your back.

You may experience soreness and burning feeling around the meatus’s external side, which feels better by cold bathing in water.

Take this remedy every 3rd day


  • Medorrhinum 200 twice daily or Thuja 30 twice daily.

Start with one and move to the other if it is not helping. But remember that for chronic issues, you must give 8 weeks to be able to reassess.

Those of you who are keen users of the Banerji Protocols may have used at some point Medorrhinum 200 for an acute or chronic UTI. Have you ever wondered why this remedy is used? Why is this a broad remedy for the Banerjies from UTIs to Kidney disease? Here is your answer!

Medorrhinum targets the miasmatic susceptibility to ailments or conditions developing in this system. It also has a special affinity to the joints, making it a top remedy for rheumatism, and it is the 3rd line for the Bannerjies for that condition.

This is how clever the protocols are, different lines target different possibilities for healing in a patient. The beauty is that often, all of those lines are related and hold remedies that are complementary to each other.

Medorrhinum is complementary to Thuja and has a very close relationship with it. That is why Thuja is another remedy you will find on the different lines for Cystitis or UTIs in the Banerji Protocols. Although Medorrhinum is considered the nodose for that Miasm, in my experience, Thuja is just as important, and both go hand in hand often in a case.

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