Homeopathic remedies can be very helpful for sleep, and Coffea Cruda is one that you may have heard of. We will look at how to use Coffea Cruda for sleep, which can help give you a good night’s sleep.

If you are going through a life transition or simply you are stressed or anxious about something, you may experience insomnia.  You may be going to bed and taking a really long to fall asleep, waking up at a certain time at night and unable to settle again, or continuously waking up during the night.

This can leave you exhausted and feel as if you have not had a good night’s rest on waking. This, in turn, will have an impact on your everyday life and your mood.

To choose the appropriate remedy to help us go back to sleep, we first need to understand where the problem comes from, as insomnia can be due to different causes.

The workflow below can help you to streamline remedies according to different scenarios.

Homeopathic  remedies for sleep. How to use coffea cruda for sleep


I like to prescribe these remedies 1/2 hour before going to bed for a couple of doses for acute situations, and I ask patients to take them again if they awake at night.

For an established problem, take twice daily, or if using a Banerji Protocol, stick to their potency and suggested frequency.

Let’s look at different remedies and methodologies to help you get back to sleep and stay asleep during the night!


The Banerjies use:

  • Coffea 200 for general nervous anxiety when falling asleep
  • Ignatia 200 for sleeplessness after upsets or grief twice per day


This is my favourite #1 nighttime remedy! it is most helpful for adults and children. This is one of the first remedy to consider among all homeopathic remedies for sleep. Let’s look at how to use Coffea Cruda for sleep!

This remedy is great when the nervous system is overactivity and overexcitability.

Clue: you may feel like you had too many espresso coffees!

You may need this remedy if you are suffering from the effects of either 

  • good news or
  • you are worried and anxious about something. 

This is a remedy to help you relax if you are feeling over-excited with joy and you are experiencing an increase in activity thinking about it, making you unable to settle at night. This is also a remedy for ailments from excessive laughing and playing in children, and as a result, they can not settle down at night.

But this remedy will also help you resettle if you suffer from the bad effects of sudden negative emotions (such as love, disappointment or worry) and you keep thinking about them. Either way, this remedy will help you get back to sleep! 

Sleepless on account of mental activity, the flow of ideas and nervous excitability.  You will find it difficult to fall asleep because some ideas will force themselves into your thoughts.

Restless sleep and frequent sudden waking up. Awake until midnight.

Nervous palpitation may accompany insomnia. Stars up easily when sleeping and consequently waking up.

You may awake at every sound and find it impossible to sleep if any light is on.

Finally, this is also a great remedy to resettle a sleep cycle that has been disturbed, either by looking after an ill person, by overstudying at night or by slight disturbances such as a baby teething. 

This remedy is very useful for the effect of fear, fright, shock or anxiety and fear of the future that is preventing you from falling asleep.

You may wake up after midnight and sleep very light afterwards; in the morning, you can feel as if you have not slept at all.

You may prefer to sleep with the light on or slightly open door.

Palpitations on waking.

You may be suffering from remote effects of fright that are still playing in your mind. Fear of the fright remains.

Sleeplessness can accompany nightmares about things that occurred during the day and have distressed you.

This is also a good remedy for Insomnia of the aged.

Insomnia stems from grief, worries and personal loss. Persons suffering from long concentrated grief.

This is another one of the very frequently indicated homeopathic remedies for sleep issues.

Have a look at my grief and depression blog for grief remedies.

-Very light sleep
-constant yawning
-sleepless from grief and sadness
-grinding of teeth at night and pain in the jaws
-troubling dreams
– inability to fall asleep from thinking about what is upsetting to them or waking up at night and thinking about it.

You may also suffer from chewing mouth motions during sleep.

Waking up at night from 2-5 am, with very light sleep all night.

Dreams are repetitive of the same thing all night with reflections and deliberations.

homeopathic remedies for sleep
 homeopathic remedies for sleep

You may find that this remedy is helpful to you if you are suffering from sleeping problems as a result of too much work and a rush of ideas. 

This is a remedy for sleeplessness from mental strain produced by either office work or over-studying for exams.

You may be waking up at 3-4 am and a rush of ideas may crowd your mind preventing you from getting back to sleep.

Anxious dreams about work and things that need to be done during the day.

Arnica is a great remedy for sleeplessness from being overtired from physical overexertion.

This is because one of the affinities of Arnica is the muscles and injuries. So anything that can produce this state can respond well to Arnica.

And probably you may be thinking that you know this situation well, but it is so easy to overlook simplicity! So many new remedies look fascinating; why look at an old, basic remedy? This is a common scenario that I sometimes see in my practice when a patient books an acute. They overlook the obvious because it looks too simple, or they have taken a couple of doses of Arnica, and not much has happened.

Then they start to look for a “specific remedy for them”. Often, a couple of doses of Arnica here and there is much less than the intensity of the injury and, as a result, cannot produce much change. Physical symptoms intensify, and we now think something else must be going on! By the end of the week, you are suffering from sleeplessness, and you have forgotten about Arnica here.

Let’s see some of the situations that could produce sleeplessness at night from overexertion:
– you have gone on a hike, and your muscles are sore and achy. You keep waking up at night for the week after.
– You have gone to the gym and have done a few more lifts than you should
-you have run a marathon or played a 24 hours tournament, and your body is recovering. You wake up at night with aching limbs and feel as if ” the bed is too hard.”
– you have worked so hard on your garden, planting flowers or vegetables, and you feel overtired
– have been swimming for an extended period of time during your holidays
-if you have been with your grandchildren all day and they have worn you out!
-if you have been spring cleaning your house
-after a house move
– after weeding around your home

Remember Arnica, if you have done any of these activities and have problems waking up at night, often feeling restless after a few days.

So if you have been doing too much gardening, going for a long run or doing too much physical exercise and you are suffering from sore muscles at night in bed that are preventing you from sleeping, Arnica will help you to get a good night’s rest!

Compare this with Arsenicum, which is also indicated for muscular exertion.

Arsenicum sleeplessness is indicated in cases that stem from fear, anxiety and worry. 

There is a tremendous fear of death, making it a suitable remedy for those that have been diagnosed with a chronic disease. 

I have written more about homeopathic remedies for anxiety on this blog.

Also for someone who is a really anxious person in general and gets quite fearful about most things preventing them from sleeping.

You may feel like electric shocks during your sleep and wake up during the night, especially at 3:00 am in the morning, experiencing a hot feeling and nausea. However, you can wake up from midnight onwards as well.

You may feel worse by being alone, and children may often want someone to sleep with them at night.

You may be having dreams of death and full of worries and anxiety.

If you are needing this remedy to settle you at night, you may dread going to sleep and feel very restless. On waking up, it may be difficult to get out of bed, feeling really tired, and you may feel sleepy and tired during the day as well.

This is also a good remedy if you mount climbing, overexerting your muscles and body.


This is a great remedy for those that are suffering from sleep issues that stem from taking care of a sick person and suffering from anxiety about their sick health.

This is a good remedy for sleeplessness from night watching.

This is also a good remedy for overstrain of mental or physical symptoms, a good remedy for sleeplessness from stress leading to over-exhaustion.

On falling asleep, a frightful sensation comes upon the person, waking them over the night and having to resettle again.

This is a grief remedy related to Ignatia and Gelsemium.

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