Whenever I hear “tonsils are not very important, right? So if they give you problems, it is better to have them removed”, it makes me very uneasy. In homeopathy, we search for the root of the problem and treat it before suggesting such a drastic decision for tonsillitis or repeated strep throat. A homeopathic remedy can help with acute tonsillitis or strep throat and can work deeply to help reduce susceptibility to these conditions.

The tonsils are a collection of lymphatic tissue located at the back of the throat. The tonsils play a very important role in the body’s defence against diseases, and not many people know that!

Together with the adenoids, they are OUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENCE, filtering and fighting viruses and bacteria and stimulating immunity.  

When they become overwhelmed by infection, they may swell up and cause discomfort causing what we will call tonsillitis.

Many people tend to think that tonsils are not as important as you can live without them, but in reality, your immune system is compromised if you lack this important part of your lymphatic system.

There is no need to have them removed; yes we can live without them, but! You are lowering your immunity by doing that. As your tonsils are not guarding against infections, you become more prone to developing chest complaints or other ailments. Read here about recurrent tonsillitis in children and why this happens in some cases.

Homeopathy is very effective in reducing acute tonsillitis, and deeper treatment can help ensure we get fewer recurrent infections with time.


One of the common problems affecting our tonsils is Strep Throat.

Strep Throat is a bacterial infection that affects your throat. Symptoms include:

  • very painful throat
  • fever
  • headache
  • swollen tonsils with white patches of pus
  • swollen tender lymph nodes on your neck
  • painful swallowing
  • a rash

The symptoms of Strep Throat can be very similar to tonsillitis, and only a test can determine if it is one or the other.



homeopathic remedy for strep throat

BELLADONNA 200c: this is the first remedy in homeopathy to think of in acute tonsillitis or strep throat and at the very beginning of the infection.

It may develop with a high-grade fever, and you may be very hot to touch, but at the same time, your body may feel cold. To learn more about my favourite remedies for fever have a look at this blog.

The face looks flushed, and you may have glassy eyes.

The pain feels like scraping in the throat, and the throat feels hot and dry. 

Use this remedy every 2-3 hours for a couple of days to decrease inflammation.

 HEPAR SULPH 200c: this is a more established remedy for tonsillitis.

There is a sensation of a plug and a splinter in the throat and much hawking up of mucus. The pain is stitching and extends to the ear when swallowing.

The pain makes you very irritable and became hypersensitive to the pain. You may feel quite chilly.

This remedy follows Belladonna well. In fact, Hepar sulph 200 in alternation with Belladonna 30 every 2 hours is one of the best options for acute tonsillitis.

​Here you are combining an anti-inflammatory remedy+ and an infection remedy covering any throat infection very nicely.


The Banerjies use

  • Hepar Sulph 200 every 3 hours or twice daily


  • Mercurius Cyanatus 200+Belladonna3c every 3 hours.

The second protocol is best for pus-infected tonsils.

MERCURIUS SOL 200c: this remedy in homeopathy is helpful in an advanced stage of tonsillitis and strep throat and may well follow Hepar-sulph.

You may complain of a sweet metallic taste in the mouth, and there is an excess of saliva with a constant desire to swallow and bad breath. Stitches in the ear when swallowing.

The pain is sore, raw and smarting, and there may be a loss of voice. You may feel a burning pain in the throat as from a hot vapour ascending.

The tonsils may be covered with white patches indicating pus formation, and the tongue is usually coated in white. 

You may have night sweats and swollen lymph nodes on the neck.

LYCOPODIUM 30c: the person needing this remedy has stitching pain in the throat on swallowing, but it is better by having warm drinks.

Swelling and suppuration of the tonsils and ulceration may be present. The pain usually starts on the right side or maybe worst on the right side. Your symptoms may feel worse between 4-8 pm.

LACHESIS 30c: the pain usually starts on the left side and may spread to the right side. 

The pain is worst on swallowing saliva and liquids, especially warm drinks, and by the sightless pressure, even by touch. The pains are eased by swallowing food.

The person cannot bear anything around the neck, and the pain can extend to the ear.

​There is the feeling that something is swollen and must be swallowed. The tonsils may look purplish.

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