Winter is the season of colds!!! Some of you can suffer from cold sensitivity, making you go around in circles during the winter. Homeopathy can help you recover faster from colds, sore throats and blocked nose.

During this time of the year, all of us are susceptible to acute viral conditions affecting the upper respiratory tract, shaking up our organisms for several days.

This makes us feel unwell, and often we lose a few days of work or school.  

Homeopathy is a very safe, gentle and effective medicine that can help us recover faster from winter colds.

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It works extremely well at the first site of developing a cold. Try it, and you will never look back to taking anything else!!

Aconite200+Bryonia30, both remedies are taken together simultaneously as a dose every 3 hours.


Calcarea Carbonica 1M once per week for 4-6 weeks


ACONITE 200c: use for a cold that comes on suddenly from being chilled by cold dry weather or sweating and then getting cold.

For instance, you start with the cold symptoms when coming back from a walk in the countryside on a very cold morning and feeling chilled. Or maybe feeling cold after sweating in the gym. 

This remedy is useful primarily during the first few days.

Symptoms may include restlessness, red hot cheeks, intense thirst, clear watery discharge and high fever.

​ALLIUM CEPA 30c: A streaming cold with much sneezing and watery eyes.

A clue: your face may look as if you have been chopping an onion!

Eyes may look red, they feel burning and smarting and are sensitive to light. There is also a raw feeling in the nose and a tingling sensation with violent sneezing.

There is a profuse watery discharge from the nose that is burning and can make the upper lip and nose raw.  

All symptoms are better in the open air and the person feels worse in the evening and in a warm room.

EUPHRASIA 30c: This remedy has opposite symptoms to Allium Cepa.

The profuse eye watery discharge is acrid, and the nasal discharge is bland.

The white of the eyes and the chicks may become reddened by the acrid tears, and the lids feel like burning and are swollen.

There is a frequent inclination to blink. The nasal discharge is worse at night and while lying down.

ARSENICUM 30c: very restless and anxious, thin watery discharge that burns.

Nose is blocked, sneezing without relief.

Intense thirst little and often.

Feels better with hot applications, hot food and drink. Worse at night and in cold air. If you are having a sore throat, it may be relieved by sipping hot drinks.

The head is hot , but the body is cold.

Maybe feeling a bit breathless from a dry or wheezing cough.

NUX-VOMICA 30c: the nose feels blocked but is running at one side.

 It may alternate between a watery discharge and being blocked.

The discharges tend to flow during the day and in open-air but are obstructed at night, and it feels very stuffed up. There is a lot of abortive sneezing, and the person feels cold.

The person may be very irritable with the cold.

HEPAR SULPH 200C: for general sore throat pain

If you are experiencing a sore throat with tonsil inflammation, look at more remedies in this blog.


MERCURIUS SOL 30c: cold with alternating sweats and chills worse at night.
Colds that travel upward and attack the eyes.

Thick yellow-green discharge of either nose or ear with the cold. These discharges can be quite bad smelling and the skin around them can be sore.

PULSATILLA 30c: this is for colds with a lot of congestion and a thick discharge that can be green-yellow.  

This remedy tends to be more indicated in ripe colds.

The nasal congestion tends to be on alternate sides of the nose and is worse inside the house but better in the fresh air.
So you may find that your nose starts running as soon as you come home.

Loss of smell with the cold. Thirstlessness.

You may feel miserable and wants sympathy and comfort. Feeling “sorry for yourself”.

The congestion can extend to the ear, and they may feel blocked or if they are about to pop.

Pulsatilla and Kali Bich are complementary remedies and follow each other well.

Have you been the child that has always suffered from a stuffy nose with thick yellow-green discharge? Maybe you had a few decongestants or even antibiotics for acute ear or throat infections that always end up with congestion in the ears, nose and throat. And as an adult, as an adult, you are suffering from recurrent bouts of sinus infections? This is your connection! Kali Bich is worse by suppressed catarrh.

NATRUM-MUR 30cInfallible for stopping a cold commencing with sneezing.

Violent fluent discharge of thin, watery like raw white of egg or cold with discharge only in the morning.

Violent sneezing and dryness of the throat and nose producing scabs.

The cold symptoms may start with an emotional upset of some kind, for instance, grief such as a divorce, loss of a pet, argument with a friend or family member, etc


For blocked nose and sinus pressure during a head cold the Banerjies suggest:

Sanguinaria 200 twice daily

homeopathy for colds

KALI-BICH 30c: this is for thick, stringy, lumpy discharges and congestion at the root of the nose. Tough and elastic plugs. 

Complete obstruction of the nose.

Sneezing worse in the morning. Tickling in the larynx with a cough worse when eating.

Sinus complaints.

GELSEMIUM 200c: great weakness,  symptoms are slow to appear, drowsy and lethargic, the eyelids feel heavy.

There is aching, soreness and heaviness of the limbs too.

The person wants to lie down and may have a heavy head. The discharge is very watery.

This remedy is indicated for a heavy cold or the flu.

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