Dogs are our best companions, giving us so much love and loyalty! You, like me, surely want the best for them, and if you are here, I guess you are interested in natural health or homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies for dogs are just as effective as for humans, but you may be new to homeopathy and have questions such as how to give a dog a homeopathic remedy?   

Let me help you to make things very simple for you. My methodology is simple to apply, and it is clearly explained here but if you would like to read a bit more about dosing, have a look at my free guide to help you feel more comfortable.

*Please note that I can not give individual advice about treatment for your dog on this blog. The blog is for self-help on general everyday issues and learning to use homeopathy for your pet, but as homeopaths, we are not allowed to treat animals (that is the law!).

The blog is not a substitute for consulting your vet and seeking help if your dog is not improving.

My Frenchie Nico is a very important part of our family, and as a homeopath, I treat Nico as any other member of my family with homeopathy.

They deserve the best treatment we can give them, and homeopathy is the perfect natural treatment for dogs as it is easy to administer, safe, and gentle but very effective. I will show you how to give a dog a homeopathic remedy!

Whether you are a total beginner or someone with a bit of knowledge of homeopathy, I am sure you will be able to help your dog in acute conditions by working with homeopathy.

You may not be aware that homeopathy is very rich in methodologies, and many ways of prescribing and dosing remedies exist. You may have read online quite a few different versions of how to work with homeopathic remedies, but I teach homeopathy in a much easier way if you follow my methodology.

Using homeopathic remedies for your dogs should not be daunting!

I use a combination of Banerji Protocols, Narayani Remedies and Single remedies. This is a more practical way of avoiding the guessing work of understanding why they got ill in the first place, which can be so difficult to achieve for obvious reasons!

The Banerji Protocols have been gathered through 4 generations of homeopaths that span 150 years through careful observation, analysis and experience in their practice of many diseases. These are remedies that work systematically in different body systems and are highly effective in most populations.

The Narayani combinations are tried and tested combinations that work extremely well. 

How would you ask your dog if they are angry or sad? If they feeling nauseous or have acidity? Have you tried to use that approach? You don’t need to, there is another easier way of doing it, and it is more diseased based, which is perfect for working with animals.

​Let’s start from the beginning, and I will show you how to start working with homeopathy for your dogs.


​Homeopathic remedies are completely different from traditional medicines, you do not need to worry about giving your dog the correct amount relative to body weight.

  • One pill = one dose regardless of the age, gender, weight or type of dog.

You may have read in several sources that some rules exist when taking homeopathic remedies. But let me make it simple here for you- I have been practising homeopathy for years with a busy practice and have never found those rules true. 

My dog takes remedies in this way, and the remedies work just as well. 

1- you can touch the remedy with your hands
2- you can put the remedy into their mouth with your fingers. Your dog may spit it out, don’t worry, just give it to him again
3- your dog can eat before or after taking the remedy
3- you can repeat the remedies as suggested every few hours with my methodology
4- you can make liquid remedies to administer in water if you prefer or find it easier. If you would like to learn how to convert dry dosing to liquid doses if your dog prefers, read the instructions here.

With my method of prescribing, you do not need to worry about how often to repeat, the repetition is set, avoiding any guesswork and making it ideal for a beginner or in situations where asking your patients is impossible!! 

These are some of the gentlest methods of prescribing in homeopathy.

So let’s start with some of the most common acute problems and how to manage them with homeopathy!


One of the most common problems with dogs is acute gastroenteritis.

Dogs have a fairly strong digestive system, but due to their scavenger nature, they can frequently suffer from inflammation or infection of their digestive tract.

One of the best remedies to soothe the stomach, if there is pain and acidity,

  • Arsenicum Album 3c is used in liquid, one dose every 3 hours if very bad or twice a day as general support for a longer period.
  • If the dog has a lot of flatulence, you can give Lycopodium 200 twice daily.
  • For bouts of vomiting Nux vomica 30 every 3 hours if there is a lot of cramping and vomiting.  
  • Ipecac 30 every 2-3 hours if nausea is more persistent.

Use these remedies according to the severity of the symptoms, it can be used hourly or every 3 hours and then twice daily as the symptoms improve until gone.

​This protocol is very useful for gastritis and acidity

  • Arsenicum Album 3c twice daily, preferably 15 minutes before food
  • Lycopodium 200 one dose every other day

​You should continue with remedies for 8 weeks and then reassess.

If your dog has eaten some spoiled food or has a gastric bug and is suffering from diarrhoea

  • Arsenicum Album 30c every 3 hours can help to form the stool, clear diarrhoea and the infection or inflammation of the bowels.

If the diarrhoea comes with mucus and undigested food

  • Ipecac30+ Mercurius Sol 6c every 3 hours can be more helpful.

​There is also a fantastic Narayani combination that you can use if any of the remedies above fail or simply want to start with it. It is called:

  •   Narayani Gastro Mix 80

and it is really helpful for any acute inflammation of the gastric tract regardless of the symptoms.

​You should dose every 15 minutes if very severe or every 3 hours if less severe. When the intensity has decreased, use it as a general tonic twice daily.



There are many reasons why your dog may be showing elevated liver markers, from an acute infection to a chronic health issue. Homeopathic remedies are excellent for helping support the liver of your dog. This remedy will aid liver support and help get those levels back down. 

  • Chelidonium 6x twice daily- or one dose every 3 hours if there is jaundice.

This remedy can also help stimulate bile, help bowel movement, and is also a great remedy for stimulating appetite.

These are some examples of where you can use this remedy for your dog:

– as a tonic for general liver diseases

-after vaccinations

-elevated liver enzymes

-high cholesterol

– high bilirubin

You can use this remedy alone or alongside any other remedies, medication or supplements you are using.

It needs to be taken for 2-3 months and retested. You will need to have bloodwork done in order to see changes in those markers.

For liver diseases, often this remedy goes well, alongside Lycopodium 30 twice daily, especially if there is ascites, bloating or vomiting of food.


Carduus Marianus mother tincture ( Milk Thistle)  is also a fantastic tool for supporting the liver as it aids detoxification, helps to maintain healthy function and helps to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract.

​It is useful for those with a compromised liver, such as those suffering from chronic or acute hepatitis.

The homeopathic dose of MT is 5 drops 2-3 times per day.


This is a complex disease involving liver infection and other organs and tissues.  Most adult healthy dogs will manage the infection with mild symptoms. However, in some cases, complications can arise.

These homeopathic remedies can help dogs with the viral load, pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, mucus congestion, cough and liver support. They can be taken alongside any medication if needed.

  • Chelidonium 6x in alternation with Cardus Marianus Mother tincture every 3 hours
  • Thuja 30 twice daily
  • Ceanotus Mother tincture 5 drops twice daily if the spleen is affected
  • Nux vomica 30 every 3 hours if there is vomiting
  • Hamamelis 200+ Arnica 3c every 3 hours or 3 times per day -according to the intensity of the symptoms- if blood clotting is involved


No matter how calm and easy-going your dog is, at some point, he will encounter some kind of stress in his life.

​Anxiety can greatly impact a dog’s health, and sometimes, this needs to be treated first or alongside any physical symptoms.

Grief and sadness is a very common emotion that your dog will experience at some point, and here are the most useful homeopathic remedies to keep at home if you own dogs.

Below are all situations that can produce sadness in dogs, and these are the best homeopathic remedies to meet that, depending on the triggers.

If your dog has changed behaviour after:

  • you have gone on holiday without him
  • another pet in the house has died
  • one of the owners is severally ill, and has left or passed away
  • you have introduced another pet or a newborn child into the household
  • if he is often left alone for long periods
  • Ignatia 200 twice daily until better is the best remedy to meet that. Ignatia is the best homeopathic everyday grief remedy.

If the low mood is caused after having a litter and the mum feels overwhelmed and distant from the puppies,

  • Sepia 200 twice daily for a couple of weeks will be helpful to bring back some balance to her hormones and improve her mood.

When bringing a new puppy home, separation anxiety or sadness tends to respond well to Pulsatilla. 

  • Pulsatilla 200c twice weekly for a couple of months or 30c 3 times per day for a week to settle the puppy.

This emotion can stem from situations such as 

  • fireworks
  • a fight with another dog
  • a visit to the vet or groomer
  • a stressful event
  • an unfamiliar sound​
  • overwhelming of the senses in a new environment

If your dog has been in one of these situations and has become quite fearful in the next few days, you can give him: 

  • Aconite 200c or 1M depending on what you have available. 

You can dose the remedy 3-4 times a day and twice daily if you are using the 1M. Use for 2-3 days only and assess. Repeat if needed.

If your dog is expecting an anxious event, like a visit to the vet, for instance, entering the shop and realising what is going to happen

  • Argentum Nitriticum 200c twice per day can be helpful. 

You can dose in the morning of the day and 1/2 hour before the appointment.

If your dog has been in a fight and, after using Aconite, still feeling anxious and displays fear aggression 

  • Stramonium 200 twice daily for a couple of weeks should help reduce the intensity while you retrain with this issue.

For another alternative, or if you are unsure which remedy to choose, you can use this Narayani Combination. 

  • Shock Mix 26 3 times per day and then once daily when improvement sets in until not needed. 

This remedy is for any condition resulting from fear or shock. It has all of the remedies frequently indicated in this situation, and they work beautifully in harmony.

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homeopathic remedies for dogs

In the unfortunate event that your dog needs surgery, homeopathic remedies can greatly help recovery. Not only this, but they can help with pain and discomfort and can be used along with any other conventional medications. After any other operation, if there is not much bleeding, a few doses or 

Arnica 30 or 200 will help with the trauma and pain and helps to avoid infection.

Arnica can be prescribed alongside any other remedy needed and is one of the best remedies to start with.


  • Hypericum 200c is one of the most important remedies for nerve injury and is most likely needed with incisive wounds that reach nerves. An important remedy to consider in limb amputations and spinal operations as well. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PAIN REMEDY AFTER SURGERY.
  • Magnesium Phosphoricum 200c is a great antispasmodic remedy, for neuralgic pains and colic; therefore, a good remedy after abdominal surgery.
  • Colocynthis 200c+ Nux vomica 30:  is very helpful for any abdominal pain after an operation on the digestive system and is colicky in nature. Colocynthis follows Staphysagria very nicely in abdominal operations.
  • ​Staphysagria 200c: specially indicated in abdominal operations. This remedy, given twice daily for a week or two, helps with the incision’s pain and helps avoid adhesions.
  •  Bellis Perennis 200  acts within deeper tissue, better than Arnica after major abdominal surgical work, and can be helpful if Arnica has not been very effective or if there is still a lump in the incision area.
  • Ruta 200c is very helpful for any operation involving cartilage or periosteum, and this remedy is likely to be needed at some stage. This is a great remedy to consider for operations of the extremities and in any orthopaedic surgery or even tooth extractions.
  • Symphytum 200c+Hypericum 200 twice daily is indicated for wounds penetrating the bone, so it is also a good pain remedy for any orthopaedic surgery.



For inflammation, use

  • Belladonna 30c use every 2-3 hours until much better and decreases the frequency as it improves. 

if the wound is red and angry, it will help with swelling and inflammation.

For discomfort after the anaesthesia, especially with nausea or if your dog refuses to eat, two remedies are important to keep in mind: 

  • Phosphorus 30 and
  • Nux vomica 30

Try each remedy individually 3 times a day for 3 days.

Wound healing is greatly helped by this Banerji Protocol combination of 

  • Arsenicum200+Hypericum200 targets pain and avoids infection.

I prescribe it every 3 hours until the wound is dry, then reduce it to twice daily until completely healed.

Useful Narayani Combinations for Surgery:

Narayani Combination for pain: Injury mix 20. To help muscles, nerves, ligaments, cartilage and wounds after surgery or injury. Use acutely every 3 hours or, for more chronic cases, twice per day.

Narayani Combination for infection: War Mix 35. This is a fantastic combination for infection and inflammation anywhere in the body. Use 3 times daily for active infection and decrease gradually as improvement sets in.

All NARAYANI COMBINATIONS can be purchased from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy. They hold them in stock, although they are not listed on their website.


homeopathic remedies for dogs

External ear infections are one of the most common problems in dogs and are of the most common visits to the vet, you can help your dog with these homeopathic remedies and most probably avoid antibiotics.

Trying to find a homeopathic remedy individually that suits your dog for pain can be difficult for obvious reasons.

But there is no reason why you cannot use this combination that covers pain and inflammation from all angles, 

  •  Aconite200+Belladona200+Chamomilla200.

Use every hour for intense pain and discomfort for the first 3 doses and then decrease frequency to every 3 hours and continue until not needed.
This combination is especially good for the first stages of inflammation.

If you feel that the problem is more in the inner ear, I suggest you also use

  • Hepar Sulph 200 in alternation with Belladonna 30  every 3 hours. 

This Banerji Protocol is most helpful in combating inflammation, pain and infection.​

​If your dog is fighting an infection with ear discharge, I would advise adding the following combination mix, and once the pain is gone, discontinue the first combination and continue with Hepar Sulph 200 and Belladonna 30.

Alternatively or if the previous combination is not working well, use

  • Narayani Combination for infection: War Mix 35. 

This is a fantastic combination for infection and inflammation anywhere in the body. Use 3 times daily for active infection and decrease gradually as improvement continues.


Zymox Ear drops this is not a homeopathic remedy but one that has helped many dogs with ear problems, and it uses natural enzymes. You have a choice with Hydrocortisone to provide some relief while it starts to work or without. There are two types, the blue and red one; both cover different types of infections. You can follow it up with their ear cleaner once weekly or as needed after the infection.

Sometimes, your dog will scratch so hard that it can create an Aural haematoma. If this is the case, use

  • Hamamelis200+ Arnica 3c twice daily until gone.



This is one of the most common upper respiratory infections in dogs. Even vaccinated dogs can get it and here are a few homeopathic remedies to help you and your dog sail through it!

  • Ipecac 30 every 3 hours for the acute cough decreasing to 3 times per day when you reach 50% improvement of the cough. This is great for breaking the phlegm and helps to reduce the cough. If the cough persists, add Cuprum Met 6c with the Ipecac 30. It will help to reduce the spasm of the cough.
  •  Kennel Cough Nosode 30c twice daily, along with any other remedy you are prescribing

If the phlegm has gone down, there is a lot of congestion of mucus on the chest, and breathing is laborious, change to these remedies:

  • Ipecac 30 3 times per day
  • Chelidonium 6x in alternation with Hepar 6c every 3 hours 
  • Kali Iod 6c in liquid SOS- as often as needed or every 10-15 minutes to help with airways and oxygenation
  • Continue with the Kennel Cough Nosode 30 along with these remedies


​Allergies are the most common reason for itchy skin in dogs. However, there can be hundreds of other reasons why your dog has itchy skin.

Homeopathy can be very helpful for dogs’ allergies.

For any form of atopic dermatitis, these two remedies can be very helpful in clearing the problem.

  • Hepar Sulph 200 every other day and Arsenicum album 6c twice daily am/pm. 

Assess for 2 months and continue if the condition has improved.

This is another option if the first one fails.

  • Antimonium crudum 6c twice daily for two months

This is especially helpful if there is a discharge, but it can be helpful even when there is no discharge.
This remedy is also very helpful for allergic itching.

Look at my blog for skin conditions and urticaria, and seasonal allergies. Those remedies are equally indicated for humans or animals; dose them just the same.

For insect bites such as bee stings that are swollen, itchy and painful:

  • Apis 200 one dose every 15 minutes for an hour and then when required, can work wonders.

You can watch the swelling decrease, and your dog will seem more comfortable.

Ringworm tends to respond well to these Banerji Protocol remedies:

  • Graphities 200 one dose every 3rd day and Kali Sulph 6x twice daily for a couple of months or longer. 


For some reason, it seems that anal glands are becoming more of a problem with our dogs. I suspect the type of food that we give them has a direct impact on their digestive tract and in terms of the consistency of the stool they produce.

If your dog has developed anal gland inflammation,

  • Hepar 6c and Belladona 30c in alternation every 2-3 hours can be one of the best first remedies to consider.

If the gland has burst and is suppurating, you will need to add

  • Hypericum 200+ Arsenicum 200 for pain and infection 3 times per day.

These remedies are most useful to dry the infection and subside the inflammation and pain.

Alternatively, you could also use:

Narayani Combination for infection:

  • War Mix 35. 

This is a fantastic combination for infection and inflammation anywhere in the body. Use 3 times daily for active infection and decrease gradually as improvement continues.

homeopathic remedies for dogs


These homeopathic remedies are a great asset in your dogs’ first aid kit. They can be purchased from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in the UK.

IMMUNE MIX 26 (NARAYANI)– use alongside any other remedy when getting a bug. It can be a gastric bug or a respiratory virus, and it will enhance her immunity to fight the virus. Use twice per day until better.

WAR MIX 35-INFECTION (NARAYANI)– use at the site of any infection, in the skin, teeth, or even a chest infection. It can be used three times per day if the problem develops slowly. But it can be used every 3 hours if the infection develops quickly and is severe.

GASTRIC MIX 80 (NARAYANI)– use this remedy for any gastric bug or upset after eating rubbish or drinking from puddles, especially if diarrhoea develops. It works very well for vomiting.

Take three times per day if not very severe, but in extreme cases of non-stop vomiting or diarrhoea, use every 15 minutes for an hour until relief and then spread the doses out as it improves. Judge how long the remedy last and repeat when needed or at a baseline of 3 times per day.

HYPERICUM200+ARSEN200– this is an excellent remedy for healing skin injuries and wounds. It acts as an antiseptic, pain relief and wound healing.

Use for hot spots, cuts, wounds, after any surgery to heal the skin, for any soft tissue infection ( use Hepar 6c every 3 hours if there is a bit of bacterial infection or you see pus-forming). You can add Bell 200 every 3 hours if redness and heat to the wound indicate inflammation).

LEDUM 200– use for any puncture wounds- after injections, biopsies, or anything involving needles. Also, for stepping into nails or stings from insects. Use three times per day for procedures but more often if this is acute and strong, like an insect sting.

APIS 200– this is an excellent remedy for bee stings or any other sting that produces oedema around (it will look like a bee sting). The feeling is burning and stinging, so it must be painful to them, and you may start seeing swelling.

This is a great remedy for any allergic reaction that produces swelling, making it a good remedy for anaphylaxis-type reactions. Urticaria with swelling and burning that feels better by cold applications. Dose one pill every 15 minutes to start with and then as needed.

This is also a very good remedy for hives.

URTICA URENS 30, 200– used for urticaria (looking as if fallen into the nettles) and for very itchy stings. This can also be urticaria from eating a particular food.

Use for PRICKLY HEAT AND HIVES. Use often as this is a low potency, can be used every hour or less if very intense to start with, and then as it improves, spread the dosing until gone.

I hope this gives you a taste of what you can do by having a bit of knowledge about homeopathic remedies and the confidence to use different methodologies in homeopathy.

 If you want to treat your dog naturally, try these remedies and combinations to help your dog improve his health naturally. You will not look back!

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