I can not tell you how life-saving homeopathy can be for menopause and perimenopause! And if you have heard about Sepia 200, this is one of the best uses you can give it!

Let’s face it if you are a woman, you should expect to have a long relationship with your hormones! From puberty to perimenopause, through menopause and beyond. 

Menopause is a transition period for women. During this time, the body is going through erratic hormonal changes where Estrogen and Progesterone levels frequently fluctuate, leading to mood swings, heavy bleeding, hot flushes, bloating and even constipation. Homeopathy has many useful remedies for perimenopause and beyond to alleviate these problems.

Did you know that Estrogen and Progesterone are the main hormones during menopause?

Many systems of the body are affected by these two hormones alone. During menopause and perimenopause, you may notice several body systems being out of balance, like your digestive system producing symptoms such as constipation, bloating or slow digestion. Another system that typically gets affected is your cardiovascular system giving rise to hot flashes and vascular changes, and urinary system. Learn how to deal with urinary problems at recurrent cystitis in another blog.

And to help you understand how this can be linked together, I may mention that hormones are metabolised in the liver. So yes! this organ is crucial during menopause and needs to be in good working order to help break down hormones after the body has used them. And guess what?  that is why homeopathic remedies for liver support during this time are often indicated. 

homeopathy for menopause

Estrogen and Progesterone are the main hormones relating to menopause, and these are some of the functions associated with them:


  • affects cognitive function and mood
  • improves sleep
  • affects energy
  • lubricated vaginal tissues
  • helps maintain healthy bones by preventing calcium loss
  • keeps cholesterol in control
  • protects against heart disease
  • estrogen appears to regulate corticotropin-releasing hormone gene expression ( CRH), resulting in elevated cortisol levels


  • contributes to the efficient use of fat as a source of energy
  • increases libido
  • it is a diuretic
  • enhances sensitivity to thyroid function
  • improves sensitivity to insulin
  • it builds bones
  • benefits the cardiovascular system by blocking plaque formation

Can you see how many of the symptoms experienced relate to hormonal fluctuations around this time? So when working with homeopathy during menopause, the aim is to work with homeopathic remedies that have an affinity to these systems of the body to help relieve symptoms and, at the same time, to help regulate hormones.

​And, of course, you may have heard of Sepia or Lachesis as some of the homeopathic remedies during menopause! Those are great remedies and top remedies when working with the Banerji Protocols.
I will show you some of the most indicated homeopathic remedies for perimenopause and menopause!



One of the body’s central systems affected during this transition time is the cardiovascular system.
Hot flushes and night sweats develop after decreasing oestrogen levels, causing the hypothalamus to become more sensitive or glitchy in how it senses temperature. As a result, your blood vessels near the skin widen to cool off, producing this sensation of heat and breaking into sweats. Some women can also experience palpitations with it.

Lachesis 200c
This is one of the most useful homeopathic remedies during menopause for hot flushes. This remedy has an affinity to the ovaries, circulation and the cutaneous and vasomotor nerves, two areas that are typically affected at this time. This is a remedy where affections are worse at the climacteric period ( menopausal) and for retarded discharges (missing your periods).
However, if you still have periods, your symptoms will improve as soon as the bleeding starts.

It is specially indicated for waking up with hot flashes at night, breaking out in sweats or hot flushes during the day, and cold flashes on retiring at night.

Hot flashes start in the body and travel up to the head. You can feel nauseous and dizzy with your hot flashes or palpitations.

Some women may experience heavy bleeding and prolonged periods as part of their picture.

This remedy is complementary to Lycopodium, often an indicated remedy during menopause.

Lachesis and Lycopodium are both complementary remedies, meaning one continues the work of the other.

Lycopodium is heavily a right-sided remedy, and Lachesis is a left-sided remedy. In practice, this will look something like this: everything used to be on my right side, and now, this problem is on my left side. You have a right-to-left movement on the case or Lycopodium moving into Lachesis.

Sulphur 200
This remedy helps with irregular distribution of circulation that causes congestion and flashes of heat. It helps with ascending sensations of heat that settle in the head’s top and burning heat in the hands and feet.
Again, this is a top remedy for affections at climaxis (menopause), and it is on the first line of the Banerji Protocols.

Like Lachesis, you may be waking up at night with heat and sweats, but you may become bright red on the face and feel very hot in your feet as well, needing to take them out of bed.

The menses may still happen but may be erratic or have stopped and created congestion in the body.

The genital area can become itchy and sore.

Aconite is an acute of Sulphur, and it is often indicated if you are experiencing palpitations. You can take this remedy ( Aconite 200) twice daily or SOS.

Sepia 200
One of the most indicated homeopathic remedies for Perimenopause and menopause.

The main affinity of Sepia is the venous circulation, Digestive tract, Portal System and Female Pelvic Organs. It creates congestion in those organs and irregularities in circulation, hence you can understand why this is a remedy for menopause and pelvic dysfunction.

It is the stasis of those organs that creates those symptoms and produces the characteristic feelings of the well keynotes that you may all recognize: a sense of a lump in the area, drag down feeling, bearing down, prolapsus with congestion, pain as if the part would burst, lassitude, etc.

From haemorrhoids, migraines, constipation to most menstrual irregularities.

As you can see, the Digestive tract and Pelvic organs are closely related to this remedy, and often you will find uterine reflex in other organs, the liver, a common one. Here you will find portal congestion associated with venous congestion.

It is important for you to see now that:

-Nux Vomica is an acute of Sepia and often indicated alongside.

-Sepia is also complementary to Carbo Veg, with a similar affinity to Sepia, Venous Circulation and the digestive tract and can work well together. Both have a state of stagnation.

A feeling of weakness and sweat can accompany the hot flashes of Sepia; you may feel more tired with all of your symptoms.

You may feel hot and cold all day.

This is a complementary remedy to Sulphur that can follow each other well.

These remedies can be taken one dose every 3rd day for several months.


Sepia 200 
People needing this remedy may suffer from constipation, like pressure in the rectum from a ball. Feeling like full in the rectum even after passing the stool.

There is a feeling of inactivity in the rectum in severe cases where you can go days without having the urge to go. 

Chronic and obstinate constipation.

Sepia is the chronic of Nux vomica and an acute of Alumina. 
When the Sepia constipation is so obstinate that there is no desire to go at all for many days, a few doses of Alumina 200 may be helpful.

Sepia is also helpful when Nux vomica helps with constipation but stops assisting. Often, the chronic relation between Nux vomica and Sepia will relieve constipation.

Take this remedy one dose every 3rd day.

Nux vomica 30
Constipation is felt with an urge to pass the stool, but straining produces only a few hard stools.

Cramping pains and sore bowels tend to accompany constipation, resulting from irregular peristalsis and a congested liver.

Haemorrhoids can also appear with constipation.

Take this remedy twice daily.

Have a look here at other remedies for constipation.

Lycopodium 200
Lycopodium has an affinity to the digestive system producing symptoms of weakness in digestion. It is excellent liver support much needed during the transition years and is aggravated by suppression of the menses.

For bloating and constipation, general discomfort of the digestive system. 
Feeling very bloated, especially after eating with slow digestion and lots of gas.

Take this remedy twice daily.

Nux vomica is an acute of Lycopodium.

Natrum Muritaticum 200c
This remedy’s constipation comes with bloating and gurgling of the bowels; there is a tendency to pass stools once every 3rd or every other day.

The stools resemble sheep’s dung and are very dry, in little pellets.

You may experience dryness of the skin and dryness in the genital area. Natrum Mur is a remedy for general dryness and GI tract disturbance.
Natrum Muriaticum is complementary and Chronic Sepia and can work well together. 


For constipation, this protocol can be very helpful. It combines some liver support and aids intestinal motility. This remedy can be used alongside any other general protocol or remedy during menopause.

  • Lycopodium200+Plumbum 200 twice daily


  • Sepia 200 one dose every 3rd day
  • Sanguinaria200+Belladonna3c SOS as needed

To look at more headache remedies, head towards my headache chart here!


  • Bromium 6c twice daily
  • Lycopodium 30 twice daily


Bone health starts to decrease after menopause due to the decrease of oestrogen. Oestrogen helps to prevent calcium loss, so as a supplement, it is a good idea to take: 

  • Calc Phos 3x twice daily for several months. Taking these tissue cell salts is a good idea only to supplement your calcium loss.

If you are told that bone density is low and diagnosed with osteoporosis after a bone scan, you can take the following protocol.

  • Calc Phos 3x twice daily ( two tablets as a dose)
  • Symphytum 200 twice daily
homeopathy for menoupause


As you approach menopause, sometimes the ovary’s egg is not released, but your ovary continues producing oestrogen. This means insufficient Progesterone to counteract oestrogen, giving rise to heavy periods. Your oestrogen levels become higher than your progesterone levels.
For the irregularities of bleeding, a few remedies can be helpful.
If your period has finished but you are still spotting, you can take

  • Arnica 3c one dose every 3 hours until it stops

If you are experiencing menorrhagia every month 

  • Ammonium Carbonicum 200c every ten days


  • Caulophyllum 200c twice daily

To help during the bleeding period

  • Sabina 6c every 3 hours
  • Sabina 6c+ Arnica 3c for heavy bleeding with clotting.

After months of heavy bleeding, you can experience decreased iron in your blood. You can add the following Banerji Protocol for anaemia.


  • Kali mur 3x + Ferrum Phos 3x twice daily ( two tablets of each as a dose)

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