Learn the most valuable homeopathic remedies to add to your home kit, including Banerji Protocols! Of course, these are not the only ones, but these are good remedies to have in hand for acute conditions and to add to your kit.

Many people ask about homeopathic kits and nowadays, my advice is to build your own! You can make your homeopathic kit by adding the remedies to a homeopathic pouch for storing remedies or any homeopathic storage box you can find online.

You can build your kit at home with the remedies below as you need them, and I advise purchasing each remedy individually rather than in a combination, even if you are looking at Banerji Protocols combinations. If you buy each remedy separately, you can always make the combination at home-check here how to do it– and also you have the chance to use each remedy individually for other health issues. If you buy the combination already made, it is more convenient in the moment, but you will not be able to maximise its use!

For instance, in the combination Aconite200+Bryonia 30, buying it together would be only suitable for coughs, colds and chest complaints. But if you buy both remedies separately, you could use Aconite 200 also for anxiety, colds, fevers, panic attacks, palpitations, fear, etc

Remember that the size of the pellets is not important so the smaller the size, the more they can fit in the tube. In my practice one dose is one single pellet regardless of the size.

Many years ago, when I started using homeopathy, I wanted to have a set of remedies that I could rely on when my family was ill. I started building my own homeopathic first aid kit around my family’s remedies for acute problems. I bought a homeopathy kit with a few remedies in 30c potency. 

The problem with this type of kit is that I found them very limiting.

By experience, I have been in situations when you are running into a difficult acute, and to make matters worse, it is nighttime! You only have a few remedies until the morning, and the remedy you are thinking of is not in the kit! Everyone panics…

Things started to change when I started to work with the Banerji Protocols and build my own strategies. Suddenly, I realised that understanding this methodology helped me to cover many more acute issues with a smaller range of remedies, but I needed different potencies and combinations to make this work.

​If you look through my blogs, you will see that certain remedies pop over and over. I also use fixed potencies and combinations as I work with the Banerji Protocols. 

These remedies serve many uses because they cover the symptoms of the most common health problems. They are what you would call broad-spectrum remedies, and these remedies are the ones to have! They are scattered around my blogs, and you will see them repeatedly.

Different potencies work better for certain health issues; your kit should include different potencies.

Here, there are some remedies that I would not want to be without.

These are remedies and combinations for everyday use. Buy them as you need them and in this way, your homeopathic kit will be individualised to your own family needs.

I am sure it will be very helpful in your household!

Homeopathic remedies in a vial

1. ACONITE 200

This is one of my favourite remedies. I could definitely not do without it! It is a remedy that, once you get to know it will become your best friend! 

This is one of the BEST acute remedies you should put in your homeopathic first aid kit. 

​It covers shocks, fear and fright and is a remedy for first-stage inflammations and any ailments from cold, dry weather.

It is a remedy for:
-inflammations of the soft tissue of internal organs, especially the Larynx, Chest and Abdomen, are among the top remedies for colds. This is one of the reasons it is so helpful in the Banerji Protocol that you may all know for the respiratory system Aconite200+Bryonia 30 for coughs and colds.
– disturbances to the heart and arterial Circulation, but only functional! Not lesional. Those are sensations that may accompany feelings like palpitations, burning numbness or tingling sensations.
– it is one of the best acute remedies for shock or fright and an excellent remedy for anxiety or panic attacks.
-it is also a great remedy for acute fevers
-a, a great remedy for ailments from heat or cold ( a clue here: think ABOUT ACONITE AFFINITIES and what happens when we overheat -vasodilation- or it is too cold -vasoconstriction). This is why you will find it in the Banerji Protocol for DISORDERS DUE TO COLD OR HEAT

It covers: fevers, colds, croup, cough, flu, anxiety, palpitations, shocks, bad news, inflammation, pain,  conjunctivitis, earachesore throat, numbness and tingling in the extremities, nightmares, tonsillitis, otitis media, panic attacks, retention of urine for fright.


This is a super remedy for inflammation, swelling and pain in any part of the body. 

Belladonna is the best first option, whether there is inflammation from infection, wound or a medical procedure. Pain, redness, heat and swelling are the first symptoms of an inflammatory process, which is your body’s protective response to a pathogen or cell injury to initiate tissue repair.​

Belladonna has an affinity to the blood vessels and vascular system, especially the capillaries, one of the initial systems involved.

When inflammation happens, the cells release substances that dilate the blood vessels, allowing more blood to reach the damaged tissue. This is why the area becomes red and hot, and did you know that the main keynote of Belladonna is heat, redness, burning and throbbing?

One of the best remedies for fevers.

​Bright redness, heat to the area,  severe pain, throbbing, sharp, shooting and cutting sensations.

It covers: tonsillitis, sunburn, teething, headaches, sunstroke, sore throats, inflammation with swelling and burning heat, abdominal colic from inflammation, scarlet fever, airsickness, earache, abscess, high fevers, infections, throbbing pains, and boils.


​A great remedy for restlessness of the mind and anxiety. Also, a general remedy for sepsis, putrid processes and infections. 

​A great remedy for itching of the skin, and allergic processes affecting the skin, digestion, and respiratory tract.

Arsenicum album 30c is very helpful for asthmatic breathing, and it can be beneficial as a therapeutic remedy for Hay Fever with wheezing.

One of the best remedies for seasonal allergies or any other type of allergies affecting the respiratory tract. It is specially indicated for sneezing.

It covers: anxiety, fears, restlessness, asthma, diarrhoea, vomiting, gastritis, gastroenteritis, food poisoning, nausea, hay fever, dyspepsia, abscess, hay fever, colds, cold sores, sneezing, eczema, ulcers, and infected wounds.

 homeopathic  kit

Learn with my visual cards to recognise which remedies act better for certain conditions and some Banerji Protocols indicated for those complaints.

I love to teach in a way that is easy and accessible for anyone, regardless of the amount of knowledge they hold. My teaching style is simple and straight to the point! Learn homeopathy confidently with a methodology grounded in homeopathic theory and philosophy backed up by 150 years of clinical practice by the Banerjies.

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4. ARNICA 3c, 200c

A traumatic remedy, the best there is! Physical and mental trauma and its effects, either recent or remote.

It has an affinity to the blood vessels and injuries. It helps stop bleeding and reabsorbs clots, making it a #1remedy for injuries with bruising.

Conditions that result from injuries, falls, blows and contusions, accidents, surgery, dental work, and trauma victims.  Sore, a bruised feeling of the parts.

It is the best friend of sports people as it helps to recover faster from muscle strain.

It covers: bloodshot, aching pains, contusions, sprains, strains, black eye, injuries, labour pains, over-lifting, over-working, head injuriessurgical operations, dental work, insect stings, thrombosis, ecchymosis, blue and black spots.

5.HEPAR SULPHURIS 6c, 30c,200c

This remedy acts as a natural antibiotic where there is infection with inflammation and pus and is excellent for helping the lymphatic system, which is why it is essential in a homeopathic first aid kit.

​This remedy is also excellent for coughs and any respiratory system problems and is one of the remedies in the croup trio. 

It covers: boils, hangnails, abscess, mercury detoxing, skin problems, sore throat, tonsillitis, swollen lymph glands, croup, coughs, skin infections, chronic catarrhs, mastoiditis, ear infections, blepharitis, tooth abscess, herpes, skin problems, laryngitis.

6. NUX VOMICA 30c, 200c

A detoxifier remedy for its action on the liver and digestive tract makes it essential for everyday problems.

​It is essential for viral infections, food or alcohol excess and the effects of too many medicines. It affects the nerves and is good for spasmodic problems of the digestive tract, so it is excellent for cramps and vomiting pain.

It covers: hangovers, spastic colon, constipation, stomach ulcers, tummy bugs, dyspepsia, indigestion, nausea, stomach disorders, vomiting, IBS, colic, morning sickness, hepatitis, motion sickness, and belching.

7. LYCOPODIUM 30c,200c

Another great remedy for any problems of the digestive tract. It soothes our digestive tract and is an excellent remedy for that!

​A great remedy for indigestion or any stomach, bowels and digestive organ-related problems.

This remedy is the top first line in all the Banerji Protocols for the digestive system.

It covers: bloating, constipation, tiredness after eating, belching, acidity, colitis, haemorrhoids, indigestion, liver troubles, flatulence, jaundice, pylorus disorders, food allergies, hepatitis, viral infections, and detox.

8. IGNATIA 200c

A remedy for GRIEF.–Nobody should do without this remedy in their homeopathic starter kit–
​This is a remedy for grief or suppressed grief. 

​ A remedy for worry or upsets with insomnia, ailments from grief, emotional shocks or upsets, the kind that feel as if a lump on the throat or makes us sight. 

It covers: homesickness, nostalgia, grief,  emotional shocks, depression, disappointments, worry, insomnia, effects of fright, anxiety, and anguish.


This is a top pain relief remedy and anti-inflammatory remedy.
It is one of the best remedies for acute children infections where the child is very irritable with the pain.

This pain is when you feel” you can not bear it”.

Adults or children cannot be appeased when in pain. This is also a great remedy for colic pain or feeling “as if you can not bear the pain” after any surgical procedure or during an illness.

It covers: earaches, teething in childrenwisdom teeth pain, afterpains, labour, severe pains, neuralgias, tooth pain, colic, unbearable pain after any surgical procedure, otitis media, and pain.

10.APIS 6c, 30c,200c

A great remedy for allergic reactions like urticaria, hives or wheels. Swellings or any type and oedema.

​Any swelling with oedema due to an allergic reaction or an infection.

All rashes tend to be less itchy for cold applications.

​This is the #1 remedy for bee or wasp stings.

It covers: bee stings, allergic reactions, itching, hives, oedema, nettle rash, stinging pains, swellings, urticaria, and swelling or puffing up areas of the skin.


This is a very much loved Dr Banerji combination to tackle pain in the chest from any catarrhal inflammation and taken at the first stages of any acute viral infection affecting the respiratory tract.

This is one of my favourite combinations that you will use over and over if you have it ready in your homeopathic first aid kit.

It covers: coughs, flupneumonia

12. CANTHARIS 200C, 6C

This remedy strongly affines the mucus membranes, bladder and skin.

This is the #1 remedy for burns and blisters and one of the main remedies in the Banerji Protocols for any bladder problems.
The main symptom is burning pains arising from acute violent inflammations.

​It covers:  cystitis, sore throat,  inflammation of the bowelburns, blisters, and urinary infections.

Homeopathic remedies


This is a fantastic combination to help with constipation.

​It covers: IBSliver detox


One of my favourite combinations to aid wound healing, prevent infection and help with the pain. This is one of the best combinations targeting pain and wound healing, and I feel it is one of the most important remedies to put in your homeopathic starter kit.

It covers: tooth extractions, cuts,  abrasions, wound inflammation and infection, abscesssurgery

15. LACHESIS 200

Lachesis’s main affinity is the circulatory system and blood. It is also a very good remedy for grief and depression, and female conditions.

It covers: septic infectionsmenopauseasthma, and depression

16. LEDUM 200

A remedy for ailments from puncture wounds and bites. This remedy is also very helpful after surgery or any procedure involving an injection. It follows and complements Arnica really well.

It covers: dental work, pain after surgery or medical treatment involving puncture wounds, rheumatic complaints, insect bites or animal bites

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